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If you live inside US and buy for more than USD 35, shipping will be free

If you live outside US and buy for more than Euro 35, I will add an extra surprise for you

It might be a good idea to start thinking into holiday gifts to avoid being too late for posting in right time


Smile every day – You could be the one to make another ones day



Comments on: "Inspiration from my Etsy Shop" (19)

  1. Beautiful! πŸ™‚

  2. Irene, what a lovely quote of yours and I can assure you that your creations already made me smile again. I know, I repeat myself, but it feels so good to see your jewelry posts againπŸ’–

  3. If any of my friends are looking for jewelry I will give them this site Irene! (I don’t wear any but my wedding and Ireland ring).

  4. Stunning creations Irene! Beautiful!

  5. Irene these are so beautiful! Happy to see them here ❀

  6. Oh it’s all so lovely, Irene! xo

  7. Beautiful craftsmanship, Irene.

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