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Faceted Carnelian Earrings

Today I will show you a pair of new earrings

Would you like to wear these earrings? Please tell me 🙂

Faceted Carnelian Earrings

Handmade Silver Earrings with Faceted Carnelian and Roses. Dangle length: 1 2/5 inch, 35 mm. Delivered in a nice gift bag. Postage is included in the price.


If you have any special wishes for jewelry, you are welcome to contact me. I promise to do my best and still for fair prices

Wish all of you a new and beautiful week


Comments on: "Faceted Carnelian Earrings" (21)

  1. These are gorgeous, so pretty for the Christmas season Irene. ❤

  2. Oh, if only I could still wear earrings! They are lovely, Irene. And it is so good to see you back here even if I’m not here very often now. You must be feeling much better and that makes me happy. 😇❤

    • Thank you Angie and yes, I do feel much better now.
      My life has changed in many ways and I’m working to go on with my new life.
      Good to see you in here too, dear friend ❤

      • It seems we are both trying to go on with our lives. Each little step is a huge step in the right direction even as I get older than the dirt outside my window! ❤

        • We need to be happy for each day, as we get, dear friend. To become old is not a right for everybody, many are leaving years before us. Already now I’m older than my father became in his life and I’m not that old yet.

          • I am almost the same age as my dad when he passed away He was one week past his 77th birthday, and I will be 77 in a few short weeks. I prefer to think of my mom though, leaving us at the young age of 96. But at the same time I have two babies in heaven, so age is meaningless when it comes to a person’s time to go. And I am thankful each day that I wake up and can get out there and take even one step. It can all be taken away so quickly, as I have experienced in the past when I had some small strokes and couldn’t move or speak for weeks at a time.

            • This is so right Angie, we do really need to appreciate every day, as we get.
              My Dad passed away few weeks after he went 54 years old, so much too young, I feel.
              We have both been lucky to get back after hard illness Angie, so we must be strong in some ways.

              • I think we are both very strong Irene. Not that many people are able to pull themselves out of problems like we each have. I have HAD to be strong for myself because no one has ever done that much to help me out. But then, I seldom ask for help and that is not good either. I have a feeling you are the same way, but then I could be wrong in that. It is something I seem to have inherited from my mom.

                • You are right Angie. I have learned to ask for help, even if I don’t like to. Sometimes it is needed.

                  • I think most of my reluctance has come about in the last few years when I have needed help and asked the wrong people for it. There is nothing worse than having someone who has told me sll I have to do is ask and they would help me then turn around and tell me when I do ask for help that they are already in bed, or that they don’t want to go out at the moment but if I still need something tomorrow or next week to let them know. I’ve asked three people for help and all three have used those excuses to not do anything at all. So now I just do it myself because I’m the only person I can count on in this building. Really sad,, but they all still ask me and I always try to help anyone who needs it. I don’t want anyone to ever have to feel the way these experiences made me feel.

                    • I hear you, Angie.
                      It is not a nice way of them to act, but difficult to change other peoples mind.
                      You are doing your best and serve your own karma.
                      They will need to deal with theirs.
                      I have been lucky to get help, when I have asked, which I’m not very good to do.

  3. Awh, so beautiful! I like red stones.

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