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Rainbow Pearls

Today I will show you some earrings with Natural Rainbow/Black Pearls

These Natural Shaped Pearls are called Black, but I see a clearly Rainbow in them. What do you see?

The Earrings are SOLD

Do you like Pearls? I prefer the Natural Shaped Pearls, but we are all different and have each our own taste in jewelry

Wish you a beautiful weekend


Comments on: "Rainbow Pearls" (32)

  1. Gorgeous!! I see a rainbow in them as well. I wore earrings that you made for me the other day, white pearls, and I thought of you all day long, sending you a lot of love. (smile)

    • Thank you for telling me this, Amy. I hope, that your pearls support you, as they work very gentle.

      • I LOVE pearls, Irene. I feel so alive, so calm and so sexy when I wear them. Pearls “glow” on me and even my husband has noticed. The two “gems and stones” I am very pulled towards are pearls and diamonds. The pearls you made dangle and with movement as I move, they look so alluring. I love them!

  2. Just beautiful Irene..
    Have a wonderful New Year with your Jewellery shop my friend sending love and well wishes for a wonderfully happy and healthy new year.. ❤

  3. Dear Irene, is postage to USA also included or is it extra? I love these earrings, and I also see rainbow in them.

  4. They truly have these rainbow colors in them. Interesting stones!

  5. Very elegant and instant sophistication

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