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Apatite Earrings

Today I will show you some earrings with Apatite, as are amazing gemstones to work with for self-development. Apatite help us to learn about unconditional love and accept in all conditions

Would you like to wear these earrings? Please tell me

The earrings are SOLD

Wish you a beautiful Friday


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  1. The daughter said:

    These are the hooks you used on the pair you sent me, right? ❤

    I want you to know that they are so comfortable to wear. With two kids under the age of two, I sometimes am so tired that forget to take off my earrings before going to bed. With these hooks it has been no issue at all, I don't even feel them when laying on my pillow. And when I take up yoga again, I think they will be perfect, as they will never fall out regardless how I move.

    • Yes, I sent some earrings with these hooks ❤
      I'm happy to know, that they are useful, even you fall asleep with them 😀
      You are right, they are good to use with yoga too. Thank you.

  2. Never heard of that stone. The color is awesome! It looks like the color of the ocean. Wow!

    • Apatite can be found in several nuances of color, but the most known of them are in the blue. It does look like the ocean, I agree. Apatite works very deeply and do the needed job until end.
      Thank you Erika ❤

      • Not only beautiful but also a powerful stone! It feels very present.

      • I found it short time ago and ordered it immediately, as I felt it important and haven’t seen it for years as beads. While we wear them in jewelry, they can do their work for hours, which are different than using them for meditation. Effective in several ways. Apatite are very powerful and not for beginners.

      • Can you tell me more abou Apatite? What do you mean with very powerful and not for beginners. Is the energy that strong or the effect? What are they influencing or supporting? You made me very curious 😄

      • Apatite works very deeply and don’t stop, before you fully understand about unconditional love and accept. Accept of yourself, mistakes, acts etc. The world isn’t perfect, but we strive to be and why. For some people it might work to deeply, for others just perfect.

      • That’s a wonderful stone and actually one everybody should consider to work with. I have to admit that the picture of those earrings attracted me immediatly. Such a depth and at the same time fullness I felt in and coming from that stone. And of course, I loved the color. So you think wearing those earrings can have this effect? Or was it better to wear a necklace in order to have the stone closer to the heart chacra?

      • The gemstone will work, no matter how you wear it. What is important, that you don’t throw it away, when you feel it as too much. Then take it of, let some days go and wear it again.
        I thought to create earrings in both copper and gold with Apatite and a necklace, when I get the idea of, how it should look. I will look into buying more of the Apatite, if possible.
        Apatite contains lots of ocean blue and some green too, so it will work directly at both the throat and heart chakras.

      • An awesome stone and I will definitely keep my eyes open for your creations in gold, Irene. The color speaks a lot to me and of course, how it works even more. The combination of both is stunning to me. It is definitely a stone for me to work with. Unconditional love is the ultimate liberation and it would so support my work. Thank you for the information, dear 💖

      • You are welcome, Erika ❤
        If you have a special wish for a jewelry with Apatite, then tell me.
        I do have a larger piece for medication etc., but to wear it as jewelry let both you get the energy and protect you against others, who are not aware of this.

      • I love the idea of wearing it as jewelry. I also like the earrings. They are not too long. You know what, I just order them 😄

      • Ordered 😄 And I will still look out for more Apatite jewelry you’ll create in the future!

      • Thanks so much Erika 💖

      • I am excited 😃

      • I will send it to you at Monday and then you will receive the tracking no.

      • Ah, thank you so much, Irene 🤗💖

      • You are so welcome ❤

      • 😊💖

  3. Beautiful ❤️

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