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Tourmaline Quartz

Today I will show you a bracelet with Tourmaline Quartz. I use Tourmaline Quartz, when I need to see things from a different angle, which it supports. It helps with clearance and transformation and gives the needed strength

Would you like to wear this bracelet? Please tell me 🙂

Tourmaline Quartz Bracelet

Handmade Silver Bracelet with Tourmaline Quartz. Length: 8 4/5 inch, 22,5 cm. I do change the length to fit into your size, just tell me the size of your wrist. Delivered in a nice gift bag. Postage is included in the price.


If you have any questions for my jewelry, just ask


Comments on: "Tourmaline Quartz" (14)

  1. I studied this bracelet for a while, looking for a repeating pattern and found none. How creative of you to arrange the tourmaline quartz in a different pattern of “3’s” all the way around the bracelet. Beautiful job, Irene!! xo

  2. I love the energy coming from this stone.

  3. Elegant, stylish with a lot of charisma. The difference in the color makes it vivid but still with a calming touch. The whole composition is of total harmony.

  4. […] few weeks ago, Irene of IreneDesign2011, posted a pair of Apatite earrings which immediately attracted my attention. The color of those […]

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