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Hawk’s Eye Earrings

Today I will show you some earrings with Hawk’s Eye, which is a highly spiritual gemstone

Many people know the gemstone Tiger’s Eye, which give strength to the wearer. Few know the gemstone Hawk’s Eye, as support our overview of life with sharp senses. It belongs to both the Root Chakra and The Third Eye Chakra. They help us to view life from another angle. Our perceptiveness become more strong, clearly thinking in a way, that help us with viewing life both from the physical and spiritual angle.

Can you see the Eye in this gemstone?


Do you prefer Gold, Silver or Stainless Steel Jewelry? Please let me know

Remember to appreciate your loved once, while you still are able to


Comments on: "Hawk’s Eye Earrings" (4)

  1. Dear Irene, I love your Hawk’s Eye earrings. I did not know this gemstone, I only knew Tiger’s eye. I also love the explanations related to this gemstone. And now that you mentioned it, I can see the eye in the Hawk’s Eye bead:)
    Have a beautiful and creative day!

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