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Frosted Green Vein Agate

Today I will show you a bracelet with Frosted Green Vein Agate.

Agate belongs to the Root Chakra and while these are green, also to the Heart Chakra. I use Agate for grounding and in this case to bring my heart into this grounding

Would you like to wear this bracelet? Please tell me, thank you 🙂

Frosted Green Vein Agate Bracelet

Handmade Silver Bracelet with Frosted Green Vein Agate. Length: 7 1/10 inch, 18 cm. I do change the length to fit into your size, just tell me the size of your wrist. Delivered in a nice gift bag. Postage is included in the price.


For you to know, the postage do also cover postage to US and I do always send the jewelry recommended for you to sign to receive. Security for both parts and the packets rarely disappear in this way

By experience, I do know, it is much more expensive to send from US

Wish you a beautiful day


Comments on: "Frosted Green Vein Agate" (6)

  1. I have not seen frosted green agate before Irene. It is really pretty.

  2. I really love this one too. I love to wear bracelets. Do you live in the US? I’ve never asked you that before. I noticed you use the sign for Euro. ❤

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