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Strawberry Quartz

Today I will show you some earrings with Strawberry Quartz, as belong to the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra

All Quartz are supporting clarity, just like we can look through them. I use Strawberry Quartz to look inside with kindness without judging myself too hard. This wont help anyone anyway. Strawberry Quartz show us, how to find our inner happiness and joy. It works to connect the spiritual and physical in one time with pure love

I chose to use both Faceted and Round Strawberry Quartz, as they support us in each their way with love

Strawberry Quartz Earrings

Handmade Silver Earrings with Strawberry Quartz. Dangle length: 1 1/4 inch, 32 mm. Delivered in a nice gift bag. Postage is included in the price.


What do you think about these earrings? Please tell me 🙂

Smile from your soul – and you will receive much joy


Comments on: "Strawberry Quartz" (18)

  1. Sure wish this site would let us “LOVE” a post. The earrings make me wish I still wore them! And strawberry quartz is so pretty! All quartz is lovely though, and I love that you are giving the meaning of each stone. That takes a lot of time to research. So glad you are back and hope you continue to feel better! Love you, dear friend. ❤

    • Thank you very much, Angie 😀
      My health are still improving and I feel more energy day by day, which I really missed for the last years, so much appreciated.
      Strawberry Quartz is so beautiful and caring, so I do understand your thoughts here.
      Take care of yourself, Angie ❤

      • I sure do understand about how your health is improving. Mine does that also, especially since I started walking in the hall. It gets scary at times but as my balance equalizes my strength improves. We are a couple of winners, my friend!

        • You are right, Angie. It might be, because of our positivity, that we are able to move forward in a good direction.
          I ended the strong medications in November, when I did hit my hands and finger not hard at a table or so 3 times in one day and the skin broke all 3 times. Those medications were tough for the body and for my skin too. After I ended those, my health has improved day by day.

          • I sometimes wonder if the strong medicines are good for us. I was on too many a few years ago, mainly because the doctors didn’t know about the MS yet and treated each symptom separately. Now I only take one mild one to control the muscle spasms in my legs.
            My biggest problem when my fingers are numb are that I drop so many things. Not too had if it isn’t breakable but a real problem if I happen to have the jar of pickles in hand! Gets a little bit sticky then. I also drop most of the pins then and have found most of them with my feet .And there are always the ones that escape in my chair and are found when I sit on them.

  2. Love the color and what the stone represents.

  3. They are very pretty and I like the clarity and love! Beautiful

  4. As always…beautiful earrings. I especially like the information shared about Strawberry Quartz! Another beautiful creation!

  5. So lovely. You are right about that. I’ve never heard this name Strawberry Quartz. So beautiful ❤

    • Thank you, MichelleMarie 😀
      I like to look through this quartz. It is possible to find black quartz needles inside these, which give a special expression.

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