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Green Cat Eye

Today I will show you some earrings with Green Cat Eye

All the eye gemstones support us to see, what we might not have been able to see before. Then green belongs to the Heart Chakra. It helps us to look inside to find our own personal treasure, which we are so talented to hide for ourselves

What do you think about these earrings? Please tell me, thank you 🙂

Green Cat Eye Earrings

Handmade Gold Stud Earrings with Green Cat Eye. Dangle length: 4/5 inch, 20 mm. Delivered in a nice gift bag. Postage is included in the price.


What kind of closure do you prefer in your earrings?

Wish you an amazing day


Comments on: "Green Cat Eye" (4)

  1. Absolutely stunning!!

  2. Dear Irene, your earrings are very beautiful and elegant. I love the little golden details and I adore the green cat eye beads. I also love the shape of these beads. Have a beautiful and blissful day!

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