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Dear Reader

To the new bloggers

First of all, welcome to my new followers. If you are a new blogger, I will ask you to be patient with growing your blogs, as this demands time and engagement from you

I have been blogging in soon 7 years and do follow many blogs, which already are more than I’m able to read all posts by. When you are new and wish to get new readers and followers, it can be difficult to find the way to get those. One of the best ways is to both like and comment others blog posts. If you are a new follower at my blog and you only like and never comment at my posts, I will rarely visit your blog at all. You need to present yourself by commenting at my posts to expect a visit at your blog

To all my Readers

I have been working to get my new shop here at WordPress to function best possible and changed a lot to make it most useful for all of us. Instead of having one page with all my jewelry for sale, I made different pages at my blog to make it more manageable to use. As I didn’t buy the big packet from WordPress, I’m not able to create a totally separated shop with subclauses etc., why I made these pages instead:

Earrings for sale

Bracelets for sale

Necklaces for sale

Jewelry Set for sale

By time I will expand with more pages for different kind of sales

I do still sell my jewelry at both Etsy and Amazon too. I will close my Etsy shop this year by different reasons. I will keep my Amazon Shop for those, who wish to buy from there

If you have any special wishes for jewelry, you are always welcome to contact me and I promise to do my best

Wish all of you a happy day


Comments on: "Dear Reader" (20)

  1. WOW! … eye point, hit point! 🙂

  2. Good advice Irene. It is difficult to get started, to stay with it and feel good. Like you, I follow so many blogs it is difficult to read and comment on them all. I try. But often times I am lucky to be able to read and leave a ‘like’ to let them know I was there. It does take a time commitment.

  3. Thank you, Irene. We cannot follow each and every blog that likes or comments on one of our post. Yes, we need to be active as far as commenting on posts of bloggers we follow, some of the interactions are uplifting and we develop blogger friendly connections. Thank you for expressing your thoughts and I hope your jewelry shop continues to grow in a direction that is beneficial for you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sylvester.
      I see many new followers at my blog and they are very welcome, I just don’t understand, why they only follow and then do nothing else. Some are after short time unfollowing again, as I did not give them a follow, I think.
      That is why, I tried to explain a little about blogging, as it is difficult to be new in here.
      No, we can’t follow all back or visit and comment all places, not at all, I agree. By time we learn each other to know and learn to comment, when we have something to ad or just give a like and maybe a share.
      I hope so with my jewelry.

  4. Good advice Irene and your shop looks amazing.. hugsx

  5. I fully agree and handle it the same way. Those who visit AND leaver comments I will always make an effort to visit too. Those are also the bloggers we are bonding the most. Time is rare for most of us and therefore we need to find ways to handle everything.
    Regarding amazon: Are you selling there the same items as on WordPress or is it a different collection?

    • Thank you, Erika. I just wish to make it clear, what might help the new bloggers, as I do remember it was difficult in the beginning and by that also let them know, why they don’t get new followers in same way.
      About Amazon, I have other jewelry there and do upload new there sometimes too. You are welcome to look both places.

  6. Looking good Irene!! I forwarded your link to a former employee of mine that designs jewelry in Texas. I used you as an example for her to get ideas how to use the blog….

    • Thank you very much, Kirt.
      It isn’t possible to sell at WP without buying one of their packets, but I bought the little one, as I was not sure, if the idea was so good, as I hoped for.

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