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Update at August 2020

After living the last 8 years in Spain, I decided to move to Germany, where my daughter and her family live. I have been working on this for about the last year and now it was time to live out my next dream of life 😀

By my daughter Claire’s help, I found a nice place to live and close to, where Claire is living, for which I feel very grateful. Claire is doing all she can to help me feel welcome and wished for in my new house and area.

Now I see my both my daughter and my granddaughters almost every day, which are luxury compared to the last 8 years in Spain. I have missed my family so very much in this time, but that was also a dream, as I decided to live out.

Remember to dream and to live out your dreams, then there are less to regret later in life ❤



Dear New Readers & Followers

Please read this post:


My name is Irene and I come from Denmark. After meeting my Spanish boyfriend, I decided to live out a dream of mine and move to Spain. In  august 2012 I took the big step, and now I’m seeing more sunshine than ever before 🙂

I brought my 2 lovely cats, Bølle and Hvide, with me – and we also got ourselves a wonderful puppy named Odin here.





camera 110513 148Odin2



Always loved to work with my hands – being creative makes me happy.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. If you do, then please leave a message or a smile in here and tell me, what you like about it!


I do sell my Jewelry & Accessories at both Handmade at Amazon & at Etsy

I do also have a Zazzle Shop, where I sell many kind of accessories

You are very welcome to visit my shops


You can find me at:

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If you are interested in cooperation, you are also welcome to contact me.

Contact:  irenedesign [a]


Please respect, that all my photos and text belong to IreneDesign2011, if you wish to use parts, send me a request and wait for the permission, thank you.


Comments on: "About" (224)

  1. Your cats are adorable, and your jewelry is gorgeous!

  2. Your cats are so adorable😍 Absolutely creative and beautiful jewelleries! Looking forward to exploring more of your works😊 Have a happy day!!

  3. […] Finally some beautiful jewelry from Irene Skov Hansen who has been part of my Christmas gift series for the last four years. This year is no exception and here are just two of her designs.  You will find the link to buy in the posts on her blog : […]

  4. […] also had IreneDesign2011 make a replica of the calcite pendant that Abby wears in the book. The images of the necklace and […]

  5. You have a beautiful site and Hand made Jewelry…. I will explore more, thank you for sharing all this…. just gorgeous.

  6. Hello Irene, I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Bloggers Award

    • Thank you for the nomination Gary, I appreciate your kind thought. I don’t do awards any longer, they are very time demanding and I’m behind with much else in here 🙂

  7. Hello Irene 🙂 I was wondering if I could use one or two pictures of your jewels in The Cove? I linked your Etsy store in one of my posts ( and I think it could help if people could see an example of your work 🙂

  8. HI

    Just to let you know I have given you a shout out here
    Have a good week

  9. Hi Irene,
    It’s been great touching base with you so I decided to pop over and check out your blog. I checked out your jewelry designs and you have some great stuff. I’m very into writing and photography and my daughter is immersed in the world of dance and has taken me with her. I really love going through opportunity shops and looking and feeling all the different fabrics and designs more from a sensory stimulation point of view than being into fashion in a big way. It is also cheers me up, being around all that colour.
    We are dog people here and I volunteer for a pet rescue service. Last year, our Border Collie, Bilbo passed away. He was 11 and we’d had him since our children were babies and he’d been through all of our ups and downs and had a deep sense of compassion, as well as being very protective and a bit over the top as a watchdog. Three years ago when he wasn’t doing so well, we adopted Lady, a border collie x cavalier who turned out to be more cavalier than BC and doesn’t fetch etc. When Bilbo passed away, we were shattered and Lady was being stretched across the four of us and it soon became clear we needed another dog. A friend of mine has been doing the puppy rescuing for awhile and she told me some border collie x kelpies were coming in and we could foster a couple and see if we wanted to adopt one. Well, we kept two and then went on to foster two kelpie pups who have a similar colouring to your Odin. What type of dog is he? You can see the foster pups here:
    They were 4 weeks old when they came and I bottle fed them for a week and they rolly polled more than actually walking. It was an amazing experience.
    I gather from our discussions that you’ve been quite unwell and I’m about to read more of your posts and catch up with your journey.
    Best wishes,

    • I’m sorry for you, that you lost your Border Collie, Rowena. They are some of the most intelligent dogs at all.
      I got my Odin, when he was about 6 weeks and the mother didn’t want the babies any longer. I visited the family and was allowed to talk to the mother and father, before walking away with one of their puppies. I wished to know, if the humans told me the truth and to find out about the temper of both, so I knew, what to expect from my puppy, when he grew up. The mother is a German Shephard and they said, that the father was a labrador, but no, I have never seen a black labrador with white feet and white markings around the body, so I knew, they were hiding something.
      By time, I’m sure, that the fater could be a mix of labrador and rottweiler and Odin has the physical power of the rottweiler, but looks most of all like his mother in colors.
      Your new puppies are very cute 🙂

  10. […] you to Sam, Jon, Caz, Irene, Ellen, Robbie, Bella and Ritu, who took up my challenge in last week’s Sunday Still post and […]

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