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Rainbow Bridge

This year has been tough in many ways, worst of all, both of my pensioner brother cats passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Bølle passed yesterday and became 16 1/2 years old and Hvide passed in June just before he became 16 years old. Both got help from the vet for passing, as they were old and sick, even if we have been through crisis several times inside the last years, it was time and both gave me sign for that. No matter the signs, it was hurting a lot and still does, to let them leave in front and I wish them all the best ❤

Now we are Odin and I left and we need to find our way into a new future together and hopefully, we will find a way to move to South Germany in the coming year. As you might know, I have my daughter and her family there and wish to get closer to them

Rest in peace and thank you for sharing your life with me, little Hvide ❤
Rest in peace Bølle ❤ and thank you for sharing your life with me

I’m not in mood for much blogging at the moment, but will try my best to get back into the routine again


Cat Collars with Amber

Cat collars Amber 1 gif

Many years ago, I was asked if my pets used jewelry too? I said no, absolutely not, because pets are not dolls and I really don’t like, when I see them treated as dolls

I see animals as wonderful family members, without any wishes to make them as either dolls or humans

After talking with a dear friend in here, I was inspired to create a kind of jewelry to cats and dogs too, because this kind of jewelry can help our pets in their daily life

Cat collars Amber 4 gif

I decided to create these collars with Amber, because Amber belongs to the Solar Plexus Chakra and to the Heart Chakra. Amber help to calm our soul and is amazing to give the feeling of safety to the wearer. Many pets are feeling unsafe by many reasons and here I know, that Amber do help them to feel much better and calm. As you can see, I have used small pieces of Amber inserted in small cages, as will not give our pets problems to wear, if they are used to wear a collar of course

Cat collars Amber 5 gif

I do only use collars with elastic by safety reasons for our cats. I do never use bells in their collar, because these are really disturbing the cats and make them much frustrated and go totally against their nature. Cats don’t use to like noise, so such a bell alone destroy their inner peace

Cat collars Amber 2

These collars are produced in Spain and I have found the best of them, I think 😀

Cat collars Amber 3

If you are interested to buy one or more of these collars, please tell me and I will contact you private for prices etc. I don’t sell these in my shops and for now, I only have these 11 collars, so please tell me, which you could be interested in

If you wish to buy more than one, I will reduce the price

If you are interested in these collars for dogs, keep an eye with my blog, the ones for dogs will be posted in one of the coming days. For now I only have collars for small dogs, so if you wish one for a bigger dog, please tell me

Enjoy a beautiful day


My life in Spain – 6 Photos


As you might know, I love to stay close to the beach no matter the weather and the autumn is also coming to Spain now. We have had rain, thunder and lightning for some days now with few moments of sunshine.


The Mediterranean Sea show more big waves now, as you can see in these photos


The sky use to be so wonderful blue, but not at the moment


Bølle in my garden, he is very difficult to photograph, why the photo is not perfect


Hvide is keeping an eye with the area from the tree, Bølle & Hvide are brothers and now more than 13 years old


Odin would love to play with Hvide, but Hvide is the king here, which Odin knows and also respect. Hvide does never let Odin forget his status 🙂

I use a lot of time in the nature walking with Odin. We are walking all around our area and now, where the tourist season is ended, we have more space to visit the beach too, which both of us enjoy a lot

Bølle & Hvide are mostly staying either in the garden or in the house in daytime, as they wish to, when I’m at home. Otherwise they are indoor. They are also indoor in the night together with Odin and I.

Since Hvide’s last visit in a neighbor garden, where he came to fight with a younger and strong male cat, where he was damaged too, he had stayed in our own garden. I just hope, he will continue to do that. More safe for all of us.

Wish you a smiling day


Hvide – One of my Beauties


My beautiful Hvide (White) few days ago in the garden

We visited the vet yesterday, because Hvide had something in front of his teeth down, as I was not sure what was. I tried to help him, and I was able to move it in his mouth, but he started to cry, why I decided to bring him to the vet. The vet looked short at him, brought him to more light and came back and showed me, what he found in Hvide’s mouth.

It was a tooth, as together with hair had made a hole in his mouth. He then got penicillin, came home and I kept him indoor for the rest of the day to avoid any soil bacterias to infect his mouth. I knew, that holes or so in our mouth or nose are healing very fast after cleaning, so I allowed him to come outside in the garden in the morning, for what he was very satisfied. He has been sleeping a lot today, whick is good for his healing.

As you might know, I have 2 brother cats at 12 years old as I brought with me to Spain 3 years ago. They love the more warm weather here, which is also better for their health that the cold and wet weather in Denmark, where we came from.


It is very rare, that he poses like this, when I wish to photograph him ❤



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