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PC Help

Dear Reader,

I have had many challenges by the years with my computer, but not as hard challenges as the last month had given me. I have been close to think, that my PC was dying this time…

The challenges started, when I searched at the web, where “someone” wrote strange signs in the search place, while I tried to write, which website I would visit. First I thought it was me making some mistakes, but by time it developed to interrupt everything, I tried to do at my PC, no matter I was online or offline.

My Windows Search opened constantly and wrote strange things to search for in my PC.

I tried my best to clean out in the PC to see, if this would help me, but no, nothing helped.

By the years I have used different Antivirus Programs, some better than others, but no matter which trusted place, as I tested my PC at online, they found nothing wrong.

I thought a lot about, what to do now. My economy was not in for a new PC, just moved to a new house and have had more than enough of expenses with this. Then I searched online for a credible company to help me with my PC.

I contacted the company after downloading their program and scanned my PC for Anti-Malware, because this program didn’t find anything wrong either.

Short time after I received an email with questions and suggestions about, what to do. This went on for many days and I received an excellent good service. They helped me through to the end, so I now can use my PC again without bad interruptions.

I was also told, which browser they would recommend me to use plus much more of very helpful suggestions to avoid such bad challenges another time.

I will really recommend this company to all of you, because I have never before received such an excellent good service, when I have had problems with my PC, for what I’m very, very grateful.

If you wish to get same good service and help, when you get digital challenges, you should really use them too

You can find the company here, their name is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware



Update at my move

Bourgonvilla 2

Dear Reader

I’m now in my next move to a new house, after having painted, repaired and cleaned the house. My posts are scheduled these days and I will be very busy with the move

I will try my best to visit your blogs, but I know it is not possible to do so much as usual. There will be a time for unpacking og placing and the Summer is also here in Spain now and it is very hot to move at this time. The last days we have had up to around 35 C. – 95 F. and some days even more warm. It is a little tough, I will say

I’m looking forward to enjoy my coffee at the veranda in the shadow and the pets will be so happy to be able to get out in a garden again, I think ❤

Wish all of you a great coming weekend and I’m looking forward to read and see your next posts in here


Anniversary & News

3 Year Anniversary Achievement

Yesterday, I received a message from WordPress, that it was 3 years ago, I started up with my blogging. These 3 years have been great. I have learned so much from you and met so many wonderful souls from all over our world. Thank you for being a part of my life, you are all much appreciated 😀

Iris 01

I found this purple Iris, while I were out walking with Odin and i really love Iris

Much new are going on in my life at the moment. I found a new house for living only few minutes walk from where I live now. Now it is time for preparing the house for the move with paint, cleaning etc. This will take away much of my time for blogging, but I promise to do my best to follow up at your blogs as soon as possible. If you are commenting, I will be there more soon, as I do my best to follow up at my regular visitors. I do follow, maybe to many, blogs and it would be wonderful, if I were able to visit all of you more often, but it is not possible to do more than my best.

We will get a garden again in our new house and Odin seems to be very happy and enjoy his stay there, while I do what is needed there. I’m sure, that my 2 lovely old cats will enjoy to be able to go outdoor again and enjoy the veranda and garden in the sun. For the time I have stayed in this apartment, they have only been out at the balcony, which they accepted, but I can feel, they miss their outdoor life too. They have been used to stay ourdoor in daytime, when I’m home for all their life, so this I do understand.

Wish all of you a wonderful weekend


Dear Reader


Sunset in Spain

Dear Reader

Because of serious illness in my family, I need to set my shops in vacation mode for a while, where I will be away and not able to manage my shops.

I don’t know for how long time, so if you have any wishes og ideas about buying jewelry or accessories from me in near future, please order before Wednesday, so I have a chance to create and send for you.

I will post my jewelry and accessories until Tuesday evening. After that time I will try to create some photo posts, when I have the possibility.

I will do my best to read, comment and share your posts, when I can. Please be patient, my time will be very limited at the blog for a while.

Until then, enjoy your blogging and take good care of yourself


New move in Spain – 2 Photos


Sunsets seen against south in Spain

Dear Reader

I’m going to move house in the coming week, so I will not be able to either post or read so many blog posts in the coming week. There will come some posts with my jewelry, as I need to schedule to get time enough for the move

I will follow up best possible, when I keep breaks in the move

I’m looking forward to photograph the sunrise, as I will be able to see from my balcony in the new house and hope that you will enjoy too. The photos today I took over the Mediterranean Sea and I just love the colorful sky


Remember to live and enjoy your life every day


2015 in review

Thank you to all my Visitors, Readers & Commentors for a wonderful blogging year. I feel very grateful for learning so many beautiful souls to know. I have found new friends in here even new soul friends, which I did not even dream about was possible to do online. Thank you 😀


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog and you are welcome to see the results 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Advent & Cultural Differences

In many countries people have used Advent Calendars for many years. Where I come from in Denmark, those are mostly used for kids or small kids. It is usually very expensive to buy so many gifts for each kid or adult through the month before the Christmas. At least if you wish to give them more than only a pencil etc.

For some years another kind of Advent Calender has become more common. Instead of buying a lot of small gifts, as often break down or so in short time, people started to give an Advent Calendar for the 4 last Sundays before the Christmas, both for older kids and adults. These have been very popular, because the gifts are larger than usual and much more usable.

I have been thinking a lot about creating some Advent Calendars with jewelry, but I think this will be much too expensive for many families to buy. This is why I have decided to create Advent Calendars with 4 gifts (Jewelry) for several kind of values. Here I will select 4 different kind of jewelry for the 4 Sunday in this packets and for different kind of economy.

My idea for those Calendars will be 4 different kind of Jewelry for respectively:

25 Euro – about 26,80 USD – about 17,65 GBP

50 Euro – about 53,61 USD – about 35,29 GBP

75 Euro – about 80,41 USD – about 52,94 GBP

100 Euro – about 107,22 USD – about 70,59 GBP

+ postage, where I will calculate exactly price for each packet, so no one will pay more than it costs. I post your gifts, as soon as I can see your payment and I always send for you to sign, which give both of us security and usually you will recieve the gifts much more fast.

All payments go through Paypal, where you don’t need to be a member, just to use your credit card, which give security for both buyer and seller.

This gifts will be wrapped in gift paper with the numbers 1, 2 ,3 & 4 for the 4 Sundays and the last gift will be a little larger than the others.

What do you think about this idea? Please tell me, thank you 😉

If you are interested in buying one of the packets, please tell me and we will write by email to keep the privacy for the gifts.

If you have any special wishes, I would love to hear about these and I promis to do my best.


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