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Sodalite help us to express ourselves in ways, where we can have challenges. I have used Sodalite to exceed my own limits, when I have felt myself locked in situations, where I was not able to react appropriate. Then I place the Sodalite either at my throat or at my third eye (between the eyebrows) and lay and try to concentrate and listen to, what ever comes up with help from the Sodalite

Sodalite belongs to the Throat Chakra and are also used at the Third Eye Chakra. It help us to release feelings like fx. fear and guilt or other feelings, as we can wish to get rid of

When I feel unbalanced and need help to be able to express my feelings, I use Sodalite as a help. Either I sit and hold it or keep it in my handbag, if I’m going out to speak in public and feel nervous etc. It helps me to do this without any fear

Sodalite is also good, if we feel pain in our throat, let it lay at your throat or down your pillow in the night and it use to help me to feel better next day

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Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s Eye are great for protection. It helps us to integrate our chakras in such a way, so we will get grounding in both body and soul

Tiger’s Eye belongs to three chakras. The golden color belongs to the Crown Chakra, the yellow to Solar Plexus Chakra and the brown to the Root Chakra

When I feel in doubt, what to do or how to do things correct and ethical, I use Tiger’s Eye, because it gives me with astuteness, which again help to get good overview and a clearly mind

When I learn new people to know, I often use to wear Tiger’s Eye either in my jewelry or in my pocket to help me to see clearly, if these people are good for me or not. I get a clear understanding and feel, that I’m able to go behind their mask

For many years I have had challenges about remembering good. When I need a boost for my concentration, I use Tiger’s Eye in the rooms, where I stay in, because the energies are spreading all over. It helps me to go on, until I end my projects, instead of giving up halfway

Smile every day


Blue Opalite


Blue Opalite is a very powerful gemstone.It is shiny as pearls or shells and help us with its energy to find our way and purpose in life

Blue Opalite is Blue-Green and belong to both the Heart- & Throat Chakra

I use it, when I feel a need a little down and need a push to get up again. I know, that some people find it to heavy to work with, it works quite directly. Again will I say, that the gemstone’s energy, as we need here and now, we will feel attracted to. Some gemstones seems to catch our attention for a long while and others only for short time, it is about listening to our intuition


When we don’t need a gemstone any longer, we will more or less forget it for a time. Earlier in my life I was very attracted to Black Onyx, as I felt was the perfect for me, why I bought a necklace filled with Black Onyx. After having used it for some time, daily use, I forgot it one day on the way out of the door. I felt so bad and went back to pick it up and place it around my neck. It was very difficult to place it that day, but I continued, because I loved its energy. Few hours later at my job, it broke totally and I could crawl around to find all the gemstones

Since that time I haven’t been wearing so much Black Onyx in one time

Smile every day





Fuchsite helps us to find inspiration to be creative, no matter what kind of creativity, as we wish to do

Fuchsite belongs to the Heart Chakra

If I have had something in mind as an idea and don’t know, how to begin, I take my Fuchsite in front of me, hold it, look closely at it and close my eyes. Then my creativity takes over and I know exactly where to start and what to do

If I have muscle tensions, I lay down and place the Fuchsite, where I have pain. After short time it helps me to feel released. I do also use it, if I feel nervous in my stomach

I hope, that you will find my page for Gemstones & their Energies helpful. If you have further questions to the gemstones, contact me and I will do my best to help you

Enjoy your life – every day


Amazing Silver Chakra Necklace

Amazing Silver Chakra Necklace with 7 Gemstones

Amazing Silver Chakra Necklace

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