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Dear Reader

I will not be much online for a while, so please forgive me for not visiting your blogs so much.

The road, where I live, lost our electricity yesterday morning. There had an explosion in the cables and much needed to be changed for new parts. 

I live in a rented house and the others are living here do own their houses. In this case, all the owners needed to agree to buy and pay for the repair of our electricity, before the electricians began their work. 

We ended up having electricity in the middle of the evening, after more workers were called in because of mistakes at the public cables too.

Unfortunately my PC screen went up in smoke, while the repair went on and my router died in same time, so I do only have my mobile for now.

Wish all of you a beautiful day, Irene

Amazing Bracelet

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Yellow/Black Turquoise & Black Onyx by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Silver Bracelet with Yellow/Black Turquoise and Black Onyx


What do you think? I would like to know, thanks 😀

You can find this and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop


What color has your life today? Mine is a little like a rainbow.


Nice Thursday

Welcome to Irene Design

Today I will show you some different jewelry, I created over a while. I like to create new mostly of the time, and try new ways and materials. Enjoy !

You are welcome to visit my Etsy Shop:

and my Facebook: 

ImageCopper Earrings with Blue Opal & White Pearl


ImageSilver Earrings with Facetted Black Onyx


ImageSilver Earrings with Lovebirds


I will show you a flower from our area, here is very beautiful in Spain



Have a nice day





Mixed Jewelry Day

I have had a busy day today. I love to create jewelry, and now I try to do my best to update my Etsy Shop. It would be very nice, if I could get a good start and sell my jewelry there too. I receive questions for creating personal jewelry, and I really enjoy creating these. You can vist my Etsy Shop at:

Today I will show you some of my jewelry:ImageSterling 925 Silver Bracelet with Glass Beads and Silver


ImageCopper Earrings with Watermelon Tourmaline & Yellow Jade


ImageBarbells, different available in my Etsy Shop


ImageSilver Earrings with Hearts


ImageLeather Bracelet with Glass Beads and Silver



Short time ago I created a new Facebook Page, Irene Design, to see if there were an interest among friends etc. I feel, it is going a little slowly, but maybe I’m not patient enough, even I created a competition, so one will have the change to win a beautiful jewelry, when my page reach Like no. 100. You are welcome to visit my Facebook at:

Does any one of you know, how long time it takes to build up a Facebook Page to get it a little known?


I will show you a flower, I found, when I was out walking with Odin today:Image


Wish all of you a good day and evening




Today I will show you some earrings of different kind:

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Picasso Jasper


ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Facetted Ruby & White Pearl


ImageSilver hook Earrings with Yellow Turquoise


We have really warm Summer here now, which I love very much. In the most warm hours, I create jewelry and have a windy room, very nice.


Wish all of you a nice day





Pearls Day

Today has been Pearls Day. I created several jewelry with Pearls today and I will show you some of them here:

ImageSilver Jewelry Set, Bracelet & Earrings, with Purple Pearls


ImageGoldplated Earrings with White Pearls



Goldplated Bracelet with Pink Pearls


ImageGoldplated Earrings with Blue Pearls


ImageSilver Bracelet with Snowflake Obsidian


ImageSilver Earrings with Pink Pearls


ImageGoldplated Bracelet with Rose Quartz



Silver Earrings with Rose Quartz Hearts

All the Jewelry, you see today, are all available in my Etsy Shop, as you can find here:

Please visit my Facebook and Like the site, then you also join my competition about a beautiful Jewelry:



Yesterday evening we were out walking in a new place close to our area. I took some very nice photos, here you have one of them:



I hope you enjoy the weekend too. I have been together with my boyfriend. Both of us love to walk in the nature. A really nice weekend, I feel ready for the coming week now.







Green Hearts Day

It has been a very warm day in Spain today, we have had 34 degrees C, 93,2 degrees F.

I’m happy to be able to sit in the shadow and create my jewelry.

I was asked to make a pair of Earrings with Green Aventurine Hearts, and after creating those, I was inspired to create much more with these beautiful Aventurine Hearts.

Today I will show you a Set with Green Aventurine Hearts and a pair of Earrings:


ImageGoldplated Jewelry Set, Bracelet & Earrings, with Green Aventurine Hearts


ImageSilver Earrings with Green Aventurine Hearts

All available in my Etsy Shop:

At one of the walks outside, I found this beautiful flower, as I will show you here:



You are welcome to visit my Facebook too at:

If you Like the page, you will join the competition about a beautiful jewelry too.


Wish all of you a wonderful day




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