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Gemstones & their Energies

Here I will introduce you for my personal experience through many years with the gemstones. I use them for healing, both self-healing, healing of others and healing by distance, fx to my kids, as live in Denmark and Germany.


Image sourced from the artist Katana Leigh, as you can find at:

Many years ago I found the interest in gemstones. I find them really beautiful, each in their way. I like to look at them, feel them in my hand and exchange energy with them. Yes, maybe you find this difficult to understand, but try to be open-minded and feel their energy too. They can help us, if we give them the possibility.

All in our world are energy, and I believe that what we send out of energy will return to us again. If you imagine that you are in a very good mood, take a walk outside, see how many will smile to you. The positive energy you send out, come directly back to you again. Another time, when you feel bad or are in a bad mood, no matter how beautiful you just tried to look before living your home, you will not see anyone smile to you, because of the negative energy, you send out.

Love is energy, try to imagine what is going on in other people, when you kiss them or give them a hug. You are spreading love this way, when you give with an open heart. The love will come back to you again. Maybe not in the way, you wish for, but it will come back. How do you feel, when other people give you a kiss or a hug?

Gemstones spread their energy in my house. I have gemstones in all rooms and many people have through the years told me, that there is a special atmosphere in my home, when they visit or stay for a time.

I believe that we can exchange our energies in a positive way and be better to get the right knowledge about ourselves, when we use the gemstones in our healing.

The picture here shows, where our chakras are placed in the body, which makes it much more easy to find out, which gemstones we will have joy of here and now. The colors are here helping to find out, which colors to go for, if you want to work specific at one chakra. I do that myself.

In the coming time I will post new gemstones here, to tell how I have had and still have joy of my work with the gemstones. I will show a photo and write about the qualities, as I mean they have.

Please note, that the gemstones can not replace a visit with your medical department. If you feel sick or bad, please consult your doctor, before working with the gemstones.

As you might know, I love to use the gemstones in my jewelry creations, which is one way to use them. Another could be to walk with this jewelry to give the gemstone time to work and exchange their energy with your energy. Other again prefer to have a gemstone in the pocket, where they can feel it many times a day, and have the attention to, what they wish to work with of personal development right now.

There are many ways to use the gemstones, and I will write more about this in the coming time.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask and I will answer after my best experience.

Wish all of you peace, love & light





Rhodochrosite is perfect for Integration. Integration of our life experiences. It is a heart warming gemstone, as support its help to heal old wounds, so we can integrate our past with our life now, without needing to live in this past

Rhodochrosite belongs to the Heart Chakra, but works very well at other chakras too. I use to place it at my Solar Plexus Chakra, when I feel the need for this. After a while I notice thoughts long forgotten, but the body doesn’t forget, so these are in need to be worked through and Rhodochrosite is helping here in a very kind way

It is not important, how we wear the gemstones, they will support us with their help anyway. Only when I feel the need, I use it in meditation and healing, otherwise I like it in jewelry. As a long necklace, where it is close to the heart, it will work in same way, just in another time spectrum


Herkimer Diamond


Herkimer Diamond is very good for attunement, to connect to Mother Earth or to connect in fx a healing situation

Herkimer Diamond belongs to the Crown Chakra

Herkimer Diamond works with very high frequency and when I feel a need for a mentally kick, I use it, sometimes alone and sometimes together with other gemstones. Herkimer Diamond’s frequency is very easy to feel. When I sit with this gemstone, I can feel like a pulse in the stone, because of this high frequency

Herkimer Diamond live down New York and just like the pulse in NY, the Herkimer Diamond react. I use it often, when I give directly healing or send healing to other souls, it helps me to get through the barricades, as many have, when I try to get through to them




Amazonite is great to help us to set personal limits. It supports to create inner balance. Amazonite belongs to the Heart Chakra

Amazonite teach us about our bad habits and also how to get rid of them. It supports our personal growth in all ways. Amazonite do also teach us to say “NO”, when fair, even we never before felt the courage to do so and it continues to help us finding our own way in life

If I feel blocked in one or another way, I use Amazonite to find out, what to do. Pretty fast I get an idea, how and where to look, which use to help me to go on and find my maybe new direction in life, at least a direction as seems to be more healthy for me and by that also to manifest, that I am right here, where I should be in this life




Charoite is a healer’s gemstone. It belongs to the Third Eye Chakra and also to our Root Chakra because of the black inside the gemstone.

I use Charoite to energize my energy levels, when needed. It helps me to be inspired to see solutions, when I use it for healing. It is great for Transformation, because it is so strong and are able to break down all blocking of our chakras. We get help to see, where we need to work and Charoite is not a gemstone for all yet. You need to be ready to look deeply inside yourself and be willing to change, what you will get help to see.

Charoite is also called Light workers gemstone, because it helps the energy to connect to the Divine source. Charoite is highly protective and works through all chakras, when we are ready to be empowered by the highest energy.



Green Fluorite


Green Fluorite is one of the best gemstones to stabilize our inner balance. It is a very powerful gemstone and belong to the Heart Chakra

I use Green Fluorite, when I feel, that I need to find myself and my emotions are out swimming somewhere. It helps so good to find the emotional balance, when I feel, that I have given all away to help others and then stand and don’t know, where to start, to find myself again

By expanding the consciousness, it advances the mind to greater mental and spiritual  awareness. I find it to be a booster, when I feel out of balance




Girasol are able to enhance and mirror our feelings, why it is great to use with Visualization. It belongs in the Throat Chakra and the Crown Chakra

Girasol helps us to find our inner light. If I’m in a bad mood and can’t find the reason, I sit with my Girasol and just look at it and listen to, what ever may come up. One thing is sure, my mood will be lifted after short time. Girasol is a very strong and kind gemstone

Girasol do also enhance all kind of creativity and if I need inspiration, I just look short at it and then the ideas come up, which I feel very grateful for


Dragon Septarian


Dragon Septarian is a very grounding gemstone. It belongs both in the Root Chakra and in the Solar Plexus Chakra. It helps us with Confidence in many ways

Years ago, when I didn’t feel so calm, when I should talk to many people, I would carry the Dragon Septarian in my pocket or in my bag to keep it very close. This would help me to feel Confident and deliver, what I wished to

It is great to support emotional flexibility, when needed. I have also used it, when I needed more patience and to be more tolerant than usual




Sodalite help us to express ourselves in ways, where we can have challenges. I have used Sodalite to exceed my own limits, when I have felt myself locked in situations, where I was not able to react appropriate. Then I place the Sodalite either at my throat or at my third eye (between the eyebrows) and lay and try to concentrate and listen to, what ever comes up with help from the Sodalite

Sodalite belongs to the Throat Chakra and are also used at the Third Eye Chakra. It help us to release feelings like fx. fear and guilt or other feelings, as we can wish to get rid of

When I feel unbalanced and need help to be able to express my feelings, I use Sodalite as a help. Either I sit and hold it or keep it in my handbag, if I’m going out to speak in public and feel nervous etc. It helps me to do this without any fear

Sodalite is also good, if we feel pain in our throat, let it lay at your throat or down your pillow in the night and it use to help me to feel better next day

Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s Eye are great for protection. It helps us to integrate our chakras in such a way,

so we will get grounding in both body and soul

Tiger’s Eye belongs to three chakras. The golden color belongs to the Crown Chakra, the yellow to Solar Plexus Chakra and the brown to the Root Chakra

When I feel in doubt, what to do or how to do things correct and ethical, I use Tiger’s Eye, because it gives me with astuteness, which again help to get good overview and a clearly mind

When I learn new people to know, I often use to wear Tiger’s Eye either in my jewelry or in my pocket to help me to see clearly, if these people are good for me or not. I get a clear understanding and feel, that I’m able to go behind their mask

For many years I have had challenges about remembering good. When I need a boost for my concentration, I use Tiger’s Eye in the rooms, where I stay in, because the energies are spreading all over. It helps me to go on, until I end my projects, instead of giving up halfway


Blue Opalite


Blue Opalite is a very powerful gemstone.It is shiny as pearls or shells and help us with its energy to find our way and purpose in life

Blue Opalite is Blue-Green and belong to both the Heart- & Throat Chakra

I use it, when I feel a need a little down and need a push to get up again. I know, that some people find it to heavy to work with, it works quite directly. Again will I say, that the gemstone’s energy, as we need here and now, we will feel attracted to. Some gemstones seems to catch our attention for a long while and others only for short time, it is about listening to our intuition




Fuchsite helps us to find inspiration to be creative, no matter what kind of creativity, as we wish to do

Fuchsite belongs to the Heart Chakra

If I have had something in mind as an idea and don’t know, how to begin, I take my Fuchsite in front of me, hold it, look closely at it and close my eyes. Then my creativity takes over and I know exactly where to start and what to do

If I have muscle tensions, I lay down and place the Fuchsite, where I have pain. After short time it helps me to feel released. I do also use it, if I feel nervous in my stomach


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz 2

I use the rose quartz to create an open energy room, both physical and mental. The energies are pure love and protection, a real heart gemstone. It can teach us to forgive and give us the feeling of safety. Kindness all the way. I use a great rose quartz beside my pc to avoid radiation. I know it might break one day, but until then, I avoid the radiation, when I work by my pc.
If one of my kids are sad, I used to give them a rose quartz in their hands, it calmed them down, and their mood went up, so they became happy again. Sometimes they told me, after sitting with the rose quartz, that they did have a problem with a friend, but just now they found a solution, which did make me happy, of course. Today, my kids are adults and live in other countries, than I do. If I feel, they are in need, I use the rose quartz too for distance healing. I send them love and hope.



Amethyst light

Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz gemstone. It belongs to the third eye and crown chakra.

I have used the amethyst to find trust and self-confidence, when needed and to avoid stress and nightmares. When my kids or I did sleep badly, I placed an amethyst under the pillow, which helped to get a good night of sleep. Amethyst are a cleaning gemstone, which means when we have had problems with fx fever or the stomach, I placed an amethyst in water over the night, and served the water for drinking.

The amethyst is also very good to work with, if I need to see life more clearly, to be able to look through the daily life and find the right solutions. I use it to meditations, it helps me avoid bad energies.

Sensitive people or animals can also have a lot of joy of the amethyst. Just to have one in the pocket, will help to avoid all the noise from other people. It helps me to see more clearly, when I’m out among new people. If I’m nervous I will choose to use jewelry with amethyst to wear, they came me down, so I don’t feel so unsafe among other people.

I love to create jewelry with the amethyst, as can have several colors and forms. The purple color is my favorite, why I often use amethyst.



Amber tree

Amber is a beautiful natural piece from our nature, even it is not a gemstone. It is old resin stored in the ocean for many years.

In Denmark, where I come from, we can walk by the beach and pick resin up in the morning. This is a very nice kind of exploring our nature, and I have tried many times. Sometimes with good luck and sometimes no luck.

Amber is very soft material, the colors goes from yellow to brown in many combinations. When I think at amber, I think at feeling safe and avoid negative vibrations. If I feel sad or have pain in my stomach, maybe nervous pain, I either hold a piece of amber or lay down and place the amber, where I have pain. I feel, it gives warm and helps me to get rid of pain.

Amber belongs to hara chakra, solar plexus. Amber use to be clearly and easy to look through. I have a tree with amber, as I show you here, just to look at these makes me feel good.

I often use amber in my personal jewelry, I find it beautiful, warming and helping me feel safe among other people.

Earlier when my kids were younger, I put amber down their pillow in the night, and they woke up in a great mood. If they were worried, it helped too.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli belongs to the Throat chakra, and help The Third Eye, also called the Pineal Chakra and Crone chakra to cooperate with each other.

I use Lapis Lazuli for meditation too. It is a very beautiful blue gemstone with several nuances with small gold pieces inside. It helps me to be better to concentrate and see everything more clearly. If I’m in doubt about an important decision, I take my Lapis Lazuli in the hands, close them and my eyes and try to feel and find the right answer with help from the gemstone. For me it has been a great help many times.

It seems like I see a kind of mirror, when I sit with Lapis Lazuli in my hands. Maybe I can’t find my own inner wishes, see only the others wishes, then I need help to find my way and use the Lapis Lazuli. It is not always easy to work with Lapis Lazuli, a lot of old stuff come up and out, when I work with it. But again, the gemstone seems like a mirror, so I will be able to see my own old mistakes of a kind, get them up in the light, think a lot, and then get rid of these old stuff, as don’t do me any good any longer.

A really experience to work with. Give yourself a lot of time, when you start with this amazing gemstone.




Citrine is an anti-stress gemstone. Good for let me came down, when I need to.

Citrine is a very used gemstone to exam situations. It helps us to take away the nervous feelings and be better to center us selves. The feelings of satisfaction and confidence will arrive more easy, which is optimal in many situations in our lives.

One thing, we need to have in mind, when we buy a citrine, is that many of them are fakes. They are amethysts, as have been warmed up to get the yellow color. Hold it up in the light, then you will see, if there are any kind of purple color inside, then you know, it is a fake citrine. It needs to be yellow and clearly.

I use the citrine, when I need to see the good in my life, and it is working fast for me. I take the citrine in my hand, close the hand to feel the citrine, open again and look at it, then I hold it up to the daylight and see through it. After a while I feel so much better inside.

Citrine helps me to get the overview and helps me to see more realistic at the life, which is not one of my best skills, but I work on it…..

Someone I know, use to call the citrine: New beginnings, and I will give her the right here.




Rhodonite is a wonderful gemstone. It is pink with black stripes. It belongs to the heart chakra.
I use to say, that the black stripes are, what we need to heal inside us selves, and the pink symbolize, what already is function well.

When I feel a little down, can be anger, nervous minding or traumas want to come out, I use to mind in Rhodonite. It helps me with affirmations and other people with mantras. I feel, it helps me to forgive, then release and letting go more easy, than with other gemstones.

I use to take 2 Rhodonite, one in each hand. After sitting in 10 minutes, I can feel the warm in my hands. Then it feels easy to work with my heart chakra. The heart is opening up, so I better can learn both to give and receive the energies.

Rhodonite is known to be able to help with problems as skin, nails, hair, hearing and bones.




Chrysocolla is a very beautiful gemstone. Either turquoise or green-blue. It is symbolizing beauty, love and balance. Chrysocolla is also called lovestone.

Even the colors, Chrysocolla works best at the Heart-, Solar Plexus- and Crown Chakras. It is helping us to open our Heart Chakra and clean bad things out, a very strong healer.

If I need my intuition to be better, I use Chrysocolla, very good for the feminine qualities.
Chrysocolla absorbs everything, use only one in the beginning, caused the energies are so strong. After a while if you feel good with the gemstone, you can use two.

I also use it as Anti-stress for my Solar Plexus Chakra. I lay Chrysocolla at my solar plexus for maybe 15 minutes, and I can feel the warm from the gemstone.

If you are working with spiritual development it is a perfect support.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an amazing gemstone. It belongs the the Heart Chakra and it is really a heart helping gemstone.

Aventurine is an adventure gemstone. It shows us, nothing is impossible, all is possible. It helps us open up for unknown possibilities.

Abundance is the keyword. When we are open and show our confidence for the aventurine, it will give us luck in both love and career.

When we learn to share and cooperate with other in our world, then everything is possible. We just need to show our confidence to the world.

Some years ago, when I had a bad depression, I used to meditate with my Green Aventurine. And I had the gemstone close to me, no matter where in the house, I was. It was giving me hope and belief for a better world, than I knew at that time. Sometimes I did just sit and hold my Green Aventurine in my hands, looked at it, and felt the warm from it flow to my heart. After that time I take very good care of my Green Aventurine, it did help me so much.

When I feel economic down, I sit with the gemstone and mind exactly, what I would wish could be enough to help me out of this bad situation. In one or another way, I get the help. Of course I can wish a million Euro or Dollars, but I only get, what I need here and now. Sometimes a little extra. I find this fair enough. Many people in the world need help, so why only make one happy, when we can share the happiness in our world.

Other I know, write a note about their wish and leave it down the Green Aventurine. Maybe we wait long time for big wishes, but in one or another way, we will receive help.

Remember, you are always welcome to ask more specific about the gemstones, if you would like to know more.


Lace Agate

Lace Agate

Lace Agate is very beautiful and one of the gemstones, I prefer in tumbled condition. The rough don’t show so much beauty. Lace Agate belongs the the Throat Chakra.

Lace Agate is a beautiful blue gemstone. Like all other agates the Lace Agate do also support our self-respect.

When I look at the Lace Agate, I feel like looking at the sea with waves and movements. The vibrations from the Lace Agate teach us to flow and surrender.

If I feel like having a ball of pain in my stomach, I use Lace Agate. For me it seems like the energy helps us to get rid of blocked feelings. We can learn, what created this blocking of our feelings, get the problems up in the light, and then learn to go on with our lives.

Lace Agate is also usable when people have a heavy temper, it will help them to calm down. It learns us to see the difference between what we really want or don’t want. Take away the doubt.

Many years ago I gave my son a Lace Agate. He was often very worried about everything in his life and he did also have a heavy temper. It seemed like, he learned a lot from use his Lace Agate.

If we often have problems with our throat, it will help us to see why, so we can learn and go on.


Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is an amazing and beautiful gemstone. The most common is the single terminated,  6-sided and a pointer in one end.

Rock Crystal belongs to our Crown Chakra – and is useable for all our chakras. It seems like seeing the indefinitely for me, when I use this wonderful crystal. I see white healing light and if I hold it up to daylight, it is possible to see all colors inside it.

Rock Crystal is a perfect beginner’s gemstone, learn it to know and then use it together with all other gemstones. This is a very good help, because Rock Crystal help us seeing clearly, like seeing our soul in a mirror. By use it will change appearance, so try to take a photo, when you buy a Rock Crystal, and after using it for a long time, take another photo and try to compare the photos.

Rock Crystal is used in many kind of electronic too, because of its ability to transform energy.

I use Rock Crystal to open up my intuitive talents, when I feel, I need to see some specific things or just life more clearly or objective, which is not always easy. It helps me to just sit with the gemstone in my hands, close my eyes and then mind about my questions. The answers come, when I do it this way.


Sard Onyx – Carneol Chalcedony

Sard Onyx

Sard Onyx, also called Carneol Chalcedony belongs to Hara Chakra.

Sard Onyx has been used to clean the blood for many years. If we are damaged or have problems with our blood, it is a very helping gemstone. Lay down and place it at the Hara Chakra for 10 – 15 minutes and feel the change in the body.

If we are not balanced sexual, have menses pain or strong bleedings the Sard Onyx is also great for helping us. Sard Onyx helps with all kind of women problems.

Sard Onyx is a very protecting gemstone. Work in the Hara Chakra with happiness and creativity. If we feel lazy, stressed or uninspired, it can be a good help too.

I use it also, if I feel, that I’m too much living in my head and need to remember the body too. Then I place a Sard Onyx at my third eye, while I lay down for 10 – 15 minutes. It helps me to be grounded again, so I’m able to live with my body too.


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  2. Tim Anderson said:

    They say the guy who created the pet rock is worth millions. Love your creativity.

  3. Thank you for such a thorough explanation of the chakras and the corresponding crystals and gemstones.

    • If you read at my page about the gemstones, you can find much more. I have been a little late to update there, caused my limited internet connection, which should be better again from tomorrow for March month.
      I can’t explain about all chakras in the comments, it is a long way to learn them all to know. I tried just to give you a hint for, what is good for you right now.

  4. lol – – – another crystal lover! I am not surprised we found each other. 😉 We have a lot of turquoise (sobriety, dealing with stress, self awareness) in New Mexico and I recently made this cool necklace with a trilobite in it:

  5. Thanks for your interesting blog about Chakras and the properties of Gemstones. I also collect a few. Some of the ones you mention I haven’t heard of before. Very illuminating.

  6. WOW! This is fantastic – so informative and helpful. The more I learn about gemstones and Chakra energies, the more intrigued I am work with them more intimately. This is one of the best articles I’ve read!

    Peace, light, and thanks!


  7. The bounty of the Earth is amazing. I’m very interested in gemstones as agents of healing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice.Good analysis

  9. This is very helpful! I really love how you talk about your energy and how it effects everything! I need to read more about this in your blog! I am interested in the gem stones! Very nice!

  10. I really enjoy learning about crystals the Amber tree looks especially nice,

  11. JoHanna Massey said:

    Really enjoyed this essay on the gemstones. I have carried a rose quartz for many years. Thank you for this very clear and interesting explanation.

  12. […] Irene is from Denmark but moved to Spain with in 2012 with her Spanish boyfriend. Visitors to her blog will find not only her exquisite jewellery designs using gold and silver with wonderful natural stones, but some terrific posts about the properties of the stones themselves. […]

  13. This is so informative. Many of these gems I hadn’t even heard of before.

  14. Thank you for an interesting story about the stones. I have a favorite ring with rock crystal (a gift from my mother) Now I will ask for help from this stone 🙂

  15. Great to know about stones Irene. Have not completed reading it. Bookmarking this page to read later. I want to know about qualities of Sapphire and Emerald and the energies in it. Irene, Can you explain me? If you have posted anything related to this earlier, pl link me back to that page 🙂 🙂

  16. Wow, this is a great reference for me, Irene. I have often wondered about these gems’ associated energies. Thank you for putting together this great page xo

    • Thank you Christy. I haven’t been updating this site for a long time. I have really many gemstones, as are all over my house 😀
      I wish to photograph the most interesting and common for others to read about, but long time ago for now. When I find the energy, I will continue.

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