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Etsy selection of Jewelry

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Jewelry for the Autumn

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Jewelry Sale at Etsy

Today I will show you more of my jewelry, as I do sell at Etsy. I have some great offers, as you can find in the Jewelry Sales in my shop.


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Jewelry at Amazon

Today I will show you some of the jewelry, as I have for sale at Amazon


Beautiful Handmade Facetted Silver Earrings with White Crystal & Seahorses



Beautiful Handmade Gold Bracelet with Blue Frosted Vein Agate & Fairy


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I’m still not able to create new jewelry, but I miss blogging so much, also to show you some of the pieces of jewelry, as I already do have for sale. Today I will show you some of the jewelry, as I sell in my Etsy Shop



Beautiful Handmade Silver Hook Earrings with Pink Vein Agate & Silver Cats



Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet, European Style, with Glass- & Silver Beads



Beautiful Handmade Silver Necklace with Green Indian Agate


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Update at my life

Dear Reader

I’m home again after being at the hospital since the 8. of June. I came home late Monday and now I try to find a new rhythm in my new life

As many of you know, my daughter was so kind to update you about, what was going on with my health, for what I’m very grateful and huge thanks to my dear friend Amy for her kind help with posts, while I was away

I don’t have much energy or abundance yet, but I wish to let all of you know, that I feel very grateful for all your love, prayers and kind wishes for both my family and me

For describing my health simply, when I went into the hospital; I got an serious infection in my lungs and my other organs were close to shot down too. The doctors told me, that if I was coming the next day, I would have been death. There are much as I don’t remember from that time. My brain didn’t work well either

I went into ICU and in a respiratory machine, where I stayed for between 2-3 weeks in and out of coma. I was at ICU for 35 days. Then I went to Medical Department. After so long time just laying in a bed, my body didn’t function well. I needed to learn how to hold a pencil or other tools in my hands, how to walk etc. I do walk now by myself, just not very fast. I need to practice to train my muscles in the body, so my body will get strong again. This demands a lot of time, why I will not be much online in here

Still there are many things, as I’m not able to yet, fx. bowing myself down and come up again easily and stop shaking so much at my hands, so practice is needed, also so I will be able to create jewelry again

I do enjoy to be home again and together with my pets, as also became very happy to see me again after more than 8 weeks in the hospital. Now my real healing can go on in my own home and in my own speed. I enjoy the peace here, specially in the nights, where no one are disturbing

I thank you for your patience through all this long time. I will visit your blogs, when I feel the energy and abundance. I might not be commenting as much as usual, but I will show you, that I have been visiting by a Like

I wish all of you a lovely weekend


Dear Readers,

Thank you for leaving your beautiful and lovely messages for Mom (and us) to read. We are now very close to the time where Mom can read them for herself.

Both of the last posts were written after we had received positive news regarding Mom’s development. And shortly after I had published them her health took a turn for the worse again. A part of me wondered if I had been too quick to pass on the news of her improvements. I feel almost scared of writing a new positive update as a fear started growing in me. What if Mom would get worse again? I could not take another of the free falls in the roller coaster of emotions. I hope it will not be like that this time.

Mom has been at the hospital for well over a month. She is now awake and talks and seems better. She is longing to get out of the hospital and be with the animals again. Which brings me to my next point.

I noticed that I have left out to write much about the animals and for this I am sorry. Odin is feeling much better and though he is 4 years old, he is still acting like a puppy in many ways. He would like to cuddle and play all day long, at least until he needs sleep. Odin loves his Mom and we know he misses her but he is strong. He is done taking his medication and fools around like the big and loving dog he is.

The cats are older and have always had Mom at their side and to them other humans cannot make up for her not being home. Bully was never particularly fond of anyone else than Mom and has always been a bit moody. Sometimes he would graciously come by and expect to be cuddled for a minute or two, before he would find that this was enough and then leave again. And if the human he had specially offered the honour to cuddle him would not react promptly, he would make sure to indicates his dislike of our lack of thankfulness by biting us in the knee. As Mom has been away for so long he has decided to warm up to me and even came to bed to cuddle for a while. I was almost speechless to begin with.

Mr. White has been battling illness for the last years, so he seems older and not any longer like a young cat. He is mostly interested in humans when he can put his claws in their lap or get fed some of the extra delicious cat food that Mom has in her storage. He likes cuddling but prefers to spend most of his time laying in the shade, relaxing and enjoying the Spanish summer heat. He and I have always been friends and he comes by to cuddle whenever he feels like it. And Odin, the poor boy, gets jealous instantly and runs over like he has been starving for cuddles, and the cats flee to avoid being stepped on by this big, jealous, goofy Goliath.

Moms improvement has been very slow, which left me without news to share most days. If she was improving, most of the time she would be taking a small step towards the better; most of the time followed by half a step backwards. As you can imagine her recovery will take a while. She is slowly able to eat normal food, and she can sit in an armchair. She still needs a lot of support but she is awake and planning a plot on how to get out of the hospital soon 🙂

I have reminded Mom of the many people who have been sending her support, love and care. I know that many of you have been very worried, and yet you have offered us (the family) your support. This is nothing less than amazing. Mom will be allowed to read a bit on the internet tomorrow, so she will read your comments and I will send her the link to Amy’s blog post too. She has asked me to thank all of you for everything you have done to support us, and to make sure that you know how much she appreciates the care.

Someone has ordered a piece of her jewellery within the last few days. If the person reads this, please rest assured that it will be sent to you. But first Mom will need to get out of the hospital. And after such a long time in the hospital bed, she needs to relearn to walk before she can get home. Please do not leave a bad review because of the delay in the shipping. If wish to cancel the order, we will find a way to solve the matter.

Mom is still not having a lot of energy, so I do not expect her to reply to all messages so fast. But she will read it and she will think of you and be thankful for her network. You have all been so kind and loving. When she is ready to do so, she will write a blog post herself.

Take care and once again thank you for everything you have done to help all of us.


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