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Are you happy with your life, as it is now?

If yes, congratulations you found the light, continue that great way.

If not, have you ever thought about, what to do to change your life, so it comes closer to be a happy life for you?

First of all, you need to think and find your dreams. Write them down and use time to find out, which dreams you have for your life. Nothing is impossible, just remember everything takes time.

Do you have one big dream or many less big dreams? Which one do you feel is most important for you now? When you find this one, you have a place to begin from.

Now try to imagine, how you will feel, when you reach this goal, as was your dream. How do you feel? Satisfied? Disappointed? Happy? Or?


This topic will continue next weekend, where I will write more about, what is possible to do to realize your dreams.


ImagePhoto from my area in Spain

I hope you did think about, which dreams feel most important for you, since last weekend. Then we will continue;

We can all have the feeling, that the grass is greener in the neighbor garden. When we have this feeling, we need to look inside ourselves and see, what is wrong in my life now? What is possible to do to get a better feeling with my life? Try to think deeply about that, if you have this feelings.

Dreams are important, without them we are living deaths.

If you have a dream about buying your own house, you will need to find an economic solution for these. It can be everything from saving money, try to find one more job, be creative and sell your creations, offer your help to others best possible, then you will see, that you also will get help, when you need that. Not always in same order or with same humans, but everything we send out, will come back to us. The law about attraction are so very right, also here.

This was one part of the dream about buying your own house. There will be many goals to deal with, before you stand in your new house as an owner. This can take short time or it might take several years, but it is possible to fulfill your dream, if you really wish that.

First the money, then where in the world do wish to have a house? How big? Garden? Possibilities in the new area, are they good enough? And you can go on with all the small goals to reach your dream. All those small goals can lead you to your dream.

If you wish an education you will also need small goals to reach the dream. Different kind of schools etc.

Travelling require also planning. Economical and practical plans. If we try to split up our dreams in small goals, all is possible, when we look from our own life. Of course we need to be realistic too, but a dream can be reached in many ways.

What is your dream?

I will continue next weekend and hope, you will comment and join in here.



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Live out your dreams – no matter their colour

Sunset socs 150314


These topics are continued from the last weeks writing. You can read all of this at my page about Personal Development, where I continue writing about; How to live a happy life.

Did you find your dream, which you would really like to live out? You may have several, find the one, you feel is most important for you right now.

I will give you an example from my own life;

Through many years I had the dream about relocate from Denmark to a warm and sun rich country. For several years I thought these would be Malta, an island in South Europe, as I really do appreciate very much. I did prepare my family, friends and myself to leave Denmark, I just needed to be ready with everything of the planning, all the small goals.

The story in short terms: By a coincidence I met a Spanish man, as now is my boyfriend. I did visit him in Spain, he did visit me in Denmark and then we decided to move to Spain together. So I did relocate, but not to Malta, as I did dream about, but to Spain, where I live now and I’m happy to see much more to the sun here than I did in Denmark, as is a country in Scandinavia with not so warm weather.

Of course I needed planning to be able to relocate to Spain too, but small goals and many of them became reachable and then the dream could be lived out for me.

I feel, it is important to have dreams, and with a little realistic sense, it is possible to live out our dreams, just we are willing to give everything the needed time to work.

Do you know, what is needed for you to become happy with your life? Money alone makes no happiness. They will only give you a feeling of more freedom to realize your dreams, because they can help to reach your inner goals for your life.

Gratitude for all we have in our life is very important to remember to see. When we use gratitude, we will be more open for our inner selves and able to use The law of Attraction and The law of Abundance.

When we do our best to be good souls, treat other with love and give them the needed attention, help where we can help, maybe not economical but support other souls, who need support, then we open up for receiving ourselves too. It is rare, that we will receive in same way, as we give away, but that doesn’t matter, it is not important. What is important here is to look out and see the world as it is, both in the good and less good way. Just to forget our own little world and see our world as a part of our responsibility too and act best possible to other souls. To be the best edition of ourselves and by that way spread love and peace and be the good example to other souls.

When we have kids, we also need to show them, how to act and not only by telling them this. It is easy to tell our kids, what is right and wrong to do, but they don’t just listen to us, they see what we are doing and do exactly the same, until they become teenagers and do the contrarily of what we stand for in our lives. That is natural for a teenager to behave like this – it is a part of finding themselves in this world.

Whatever we give away with an honest heart and soul will come back to us, maybe in another form, but the laws as described here are working. We just need to believe that we all are a part of each other and live in a holistic world, where we are much more strong when we stand together instead of standing alone.

Try to accept your inner feelings, if and when you have negative feelings. All feelings are allowed to have we just don’t need to react at them all. Because we can get angry at someone doesn’t mean we need to kill him. The feeling itself is okay and acceptable, we just need to realize that we have this feeling and try to use positive minding in the best possible way for ourselves.

If you feel jealous, try to look inside yourself and find out, why you have this feeling, where it comes from and then accept that you have the feeling. Often you will find, that there is a reason you did start become jealous once, when you find that reason, it will be much easier for you to handle in your future. Remember you don’t need to act to the feeling just accept it.

I hope you enjoy reading you are very welcome to join and comment.

The topic will continue in next weekend.



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Stop giving other control about your life


Sunset seen from my window


If you line up your life, you will see a pattern of your special way to react in your life. All of us are a product of both our family and our genetic. We learn how to react in situations by watching our parent’s way to do and by their reactions to our acting as kids. We do learn this from beginning of our lives, why many of us don’t put a question to, if this is the right way for us to live our lives.

Later in life, when we get experience about the possibilities, we may have, we maybe start exploring other ways to live. By education we learn a lot, also to be open to other souls view at life. When we are in the progress of learning, we take all in, minding what we feel are right for us, then sort out in our information’s. This is one of the really bad things that souls without education don’t learn. Yes, they are learning by doing, which can be very expensive both in feelings and economical. Education is the way for our mutual world.

When we have bad experiences in our lives, it is very easy to blame other souls for our mistakes. Right here we need to learn to be responsible for ourselves and for what might come out of those bad experiences. When we give away our responsibility, we also give away the control of our lives, which is fatal for our mentally health and for our personal development. More bad it becomes, when we don’t learn by our mistakes and just repeat them over and over again. Another example for these could be, when a woman find a man, who are treating her very bad, maybe are using alcohol or drugs too, and she finally find out how to escape from these very unhealthy relationship for her, then the next man she fall in love to, just repeat the same pattern. And then start to blame other for our bad lives, like “It is his fault that I’m so unhappy” or “she is destroying my life” etc. Do you recognize any of those?

If we really with to live a happy life, we need to take the control of our own lives and don’t blame other people for our bad lives. Put the spoon in the other hand and start being responsible for your own way to react and behave to yourself and to other souls.

Start your day with positive minding, every time you feel some negative come to your mind, blow it away and feel the power insight yourself, when you take the control over your mind. In the beginning it is very difficult just to stay positive all day long, but by practice it becomes more and more easy and you will feel it as a more natural way of living.

In the daytime you will meet challenges as will test your will to stay positive. Try not to express yourself in a negative way. If you don’t have any positive to say, then don’t say anything. Often silence tells much more, which you will find out by time. If anyone are provoking to you, walk away from those negative people and find yourself instead. Don’t waste your good life at bad human beings.

Before you end your day, find your inner gratitude and think, what did make your day good today? What did happen as did make you smile or laugh? Remember all the small things in your day. You can make a little diary where you write all the good things every day. Remember to put up the date every day. Later when you feel that you have a bad day, open your diary and read all the things you have to be grateful for.

By practice gratitude you will learn to attract all the good in life.

I hope you enjoy to stay here. The topic will continue next weekend.



LindaGHill describes: I was inspired by my photo of this morning to make this week’s prompt something to do with being aligned, lined up, or a drawn line. Please include this as a theme, or a word, or the title… whatever you want.

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Act fair and right to yourself & other souls


Sunset seen from my house


I find it very easy to act fair and right to other souls, and more difficult to treat myself in same way. I think this did come after I gave birth to my now adult kids. I learned to mind about them first, then my partner and last myself, if I had more to give.

When we are kids, we learn by looking at our parents and our family. Then we become teenagers and do everything the contrary way, the way to find ourselves in this world, which is very normal. In the teenage time we act egoistic to try to find the path in life. Even we look a lot at our friends and other young people to see, how they are handling their lives, we still need to find our own way.

First time we find a partner, we will need to learn to mind in another soul than only ourselves. We need to learn to cooperate to create a good relationship, which is not easy. We need to learn to define ourselves in a relationship, not to lose ourselves. This is not easy either. Even we are two souls, who choose to share our lives together, we are still two individuals, who have the right to be independent too. In same time we also have the duty to act acceptable to our partner. With that I mean, we are not allowed to have a bad day and then hurt our partner, because we are frustrated, when we come home from job, education etc. That is not acceptable, not to our partner or to us. We don’t need to accept other treat us in a bad way, even they have had a bad day or experience. We are all responsible for our own acting and talking.

We are responsible for what we are saying – but we are not responsible for what the others are hearing.

I’m sure you did try to say something to another and then they hear something different from what you did mean to say. We need to learn to be open for, what other are telling us and not only hear, what we want to hear, but try to listen to the meaning behind. Then if we are in doubt, we are allowed to ask, so we are sure to understand the right meaning.

We need to remember, that no one are able to read our mind, not even our husband, wife or partner. If we have something we wish them to know, it is necessary to open our mouth in a positive and right way to let them know, what we have to say.

I have often seen people act in a bad way to their partner by expecting the partner to be able to read their mind. This is not fair acting to anyone. How to keep such a relationship and why do that at all?

Do you recognize anything in this pattern?

Mutual respect is necessary to create a healthy relationship. Without that there is no relationship, as can keep for years or lifetime. We need to behave to our partner, like we wish our partner behaving to us.

I know for sure, if I lose the respect for my partner, that relationship is dead, because there are nothing more to build these at. By life experience we learn, and it is not necessary to destroy a good relationship by acting in a bad way to our partner. For many people this is a very bad habit, but it is changeable if you wish to save your relationship, before it is too late.

Even if we choose to stop the relationship, we can do it by using mutual respect and talk in a decent way to our partner. If we have kids together, this will also help the kids through an eventual divorce, when we are able to treat each other with mutual respect. Remember our kids learn from us how to act and behave. We wish them to learn to act fair and right to themselves and others, also when they grow up. They learn best by seeing what we are doing and not from what we are saying. So be the right idol for your kids, they will never forget that in their lifetime.

This topic will continue next weekend, I hope you enjoyed your visit.



So without further ado, here is the week’s promt: Write or right, in any of its definitions. Either make this theme of your post, or just use the word somewhere. It’s up to you.

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Emotional Intelligence


Cherry trees from my new garden. We are in the middle of the movement now.


Emotional Intelligence is very much in need in our world today

We need to remember, that we are only responsible for what we are saying to other people, but not for what other people are hearing, that is their responsibility. We need to learn to talk clearly, so we make it easy for other people to understand, what we are trying to tell them.

There are many ways to communicate with other people. It is so very easy to misunderstand, what our partner, kids, family or co-workers are trying to tell us, if we are not awake to listen very good, often also behind the words. When we communicate with other people, we need to remember, that all of us come with a background from childhood, culture & family, as all had affected our way to mind in our life today.

Not all have been blessed to have a loving and caring family, who did give hugs and kisses for free.

Many did need to fight hard just to receive credit for what they did and not for just being themselves. It is important to learn from childhood, that you are good enough, even you did not do anything special. How many adults are fighting just to learn, that they are good enough, just as they are?  Without they do anything else than just being themselves?

All these about, we need to learn to love ourselves, before we are able to love another soul, is not very easy to learn, if we did not learn this from our childhood. It can be a very tough fight to come so far in our personal development, if we ever will at all.

Emotional Intelligence is most easy to learn, when you come from a childhood with a lot of love, where you were good enough, just because you were existing. Your company was appreciated, you were needed in the family and missed, when you forgot the time and did come home too late. Where your family was used to give hugs and kisses to say Hi and See you. In my family we did not use Goodbye, because I hoped, that it never would be necessary to say Goodbye to my kids – so we used See you, when we did need to apart for school, work etc.

First we need to be able to identify our own feelings and look behind and see, what we need f.x. attention from our partner, to create a close relationship by doing something together like just a mutual walk can do, it doesn’t need to be expensive excursions, less can do it.

Then we need to be able to identify our partners feelings and accept, that they maybe have another way to look at life than we have, but they are still good enough and not bad people, just because they are not acting or minding like we do.

Mutual respect is the code word for all relationships, without the respect, there are not so much to build at.

We are all different and have each our personal luggage with us, maybe our tools are different, but if we wish to, it is possible to learn to identify both our own and our partners feelings and then learn to act at those feelings in a positive way. We are allowed to open our mouth and talk together, try to find good ways for making our relationships more strong. To respect the others feelings is necessary. All feelings are allowed, we don’t need to act at all feelings, just accept that we have them. And also accept that our partner have their feelings, which are just so allowed as our own.

The way we are talking to each other show how healthy the relationship is. If you are able to talk silent and polite without screaming, even if you are really mad. Without to become hysterical, when you don’t get everything, as you would like to.

I’m sure you have also met leaders, who are cold and cynical. Try to tell them, that your kid is sick, so you have to go home now from your job. Then you will have the risk that you will need to look for another job very soon.

There are leaders, who have learned Emotional Intelligence. When you tell them, you need to go home caused the sick kid, they will ask you, what is wrong with your kid, what kind of sickness, then send you home very fast. Maybe also call you later same day or next just to hear, how it is going in your life now.

We can all act like small kids in kindergarten, who want the others toy or just their will, but we need to grow up mentally and act mature, when we leave our childhood and teenage periods.

Do you use Emotional Intelligence?

I hope you did enjoy your visit here. I will continue this topic in next weekend.



This week, the prompt is ‘do’ or ‘don’t.’ Write about any subject at all, but make it about something you feel strongly about doing or avoiding; whether it’s yourself or others, it doesn’t matter.

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I have met some souls in my life, who are really sucking out all my energy. By trying to find the background for this behavior I found out, that they are often self-focused souls, who have some problems about seeing other souls as equal living being. When I have been in their company for some hours, I feel so tired and exhausted like I did work hard in 12 hours.

I found out, that they often have a negative attitude and everything as are going on, always can be linked to other people. Not very often to themselves. They live in their own little world and have troubles about seeing much longer than to their tip of the nose.

The only way to change this way of living is to change their attituces from negative to positive, which is a big challenge to do and very difficult too. They are used to see the world through their own glasses and then they need to look so much away from themselves now.

We are all born with different qualities and our attitudes are for me to see a mix of these and our experiences in our early childhood. If we have had many bad experiences early, we are more predisposed to develop negative attitudes.

The way we are raised in our families do also have a meaning here. It is not always that this behavior come directly from the parents, maybe from other in the family, as they have spend much time together with.

Souls with negative attitudes are often attracted by the souls with positive attitudes. They wish their world also would be so easy, as they see the positive souls world are.

By experience I have found out, that the only way to try to change those negative souls minding is to show them, how we choose to live with a positive attitude and show them that life becomes much more fun, when we choose to see the good things instead of only give focus to all the bad things, as are going on in all souls life.

When we learn to focus at all the, maybe small, positive things, life looks more bright, becomes more fun and happiness are possible to find too in this world.

When I wake up in the morning I try to smile and be happy, no matter I have troubles too. My cats and my big puppy come and want hugs and attention, a friendly good morning and animals live in the moment, which we can learn from. Not to worry about things, we can’t change anyway, just enjoy the moments we have. Then I open my door or windows and listen to the birds singing, really nice music from early morning. It helps  me to stress down and be grounded, which again helps me to get a great start at the day.

I’m grateful to be able to live my life every day and I do focus at my gratitude in the day and when I go to my bed in the evening, I try to find all things, as I have to be grateful for this day.

I believe in the law of attraction and by experience I found out, that this law works very well. If I wish for something deeply, it will happen in one or another way, when the time is right.

I hope, that you find some inspiration here today.



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Vulnerability – Part of Don Charisma’s Prompt

Beautiful lilies from my new garden

As humans we are Vulnerable. When we have kids as we wish to protect, we are very vulnerable. Every one soul we dare to love or care for make us vulnerable because we wish to protect them against everything bad in the world, even this is not possible.

I have been a parent for more than 29 years now. I have tried to protect my kids against being hurt in one or another way. When I did feel that my kids were hurt, it did also hurt my mother heart. Even small things as maked them feel sad, did also make me feel sad.

Today my kids are living far away from me, one in Germany and the other in Denmark. They are now old enough to take care of themselves. Even then I still feel sad, when the world go against them. I’m not able to protect them any longer, even I would love to.

Now I have my two old cats and a big puppy to protect. And I try my really best to do that job as good as possible.

When I focus at my life, I have been very vulnerable for many years. I could have chosen not to have kids or animals, which would have maked me less vulnerable. Then I only needed to be responsable for myself and would be able to just go or run, when I were in difficult life situations. I was not always able to just go or run…..

Then I needed to learn to face my challenges best possible. By experience I did become better to do that. It was not always easy, but much more difficult, than I ever thought it might be.

That was one way to grow mentally but also a way to find out, if life really could give me so many challenges as I needed to find a solution for. Sometimes it demanded much courage just to survive, but I did even I often thought, I would lose that chance.

By having many experiences I did grow and become to the soul I am today. Today I’m able to live and enjoy my life, for what I feel very grateful. Today I enjoy just to wake up every day, be able to breath, to live without fear and be able to love without limitations. So no matter how tough life experiences we have, if we survive those we do become much stronger both in heart and soul.


This post is a part of Don Charisma’s Prompt

If this link is not working well, you can go to Don Charisma’s blog here:

Entrance to my life – Part of SoCS

The sea seen from a beach close to my new house

I do love to walk by the beach no matter what time at the year. Sometimes it is very quiet and other times more alive like here at my photo. My emotions look much like the sea, sometimes in inner peace and other times flying around without being able to find myself. To walk by the beach help me to find my inner peace. It is so beautiful and the smell of saltwater helps to clean my mind.

As you may know, I did have a movement short time ago, my 4. here in Spain. I do really hope to stay in this new house for years. The other places was not optimal places to live, only for short periods of my life.

Here we have a big rustical house in the middle of the nature with more than one hectar soil, as need some good hands and a lot of work. No one needs to be bored by staying here, there are more than enough to do in this big garden. We have many kind of fruit trees and I will show you photos, when they are mostly beautiful to look at. We have a hens house here too with four hens and one cock, so we do also get some eggs and now one little new chicken and several on the way 🙂

My big puppy enjoy his new area with so much space and my cats love to explore their new area. Already now they have caught one ratt, several mice and one mole. I don’t like they are hunting the birds and it is rare, they are catching a bird, which makes me happy.

I enjoy to meditate in the nature here and are able to find my inner peace. Just to sit and enjoy the beauty in the nature helps me to came down. The birds music are nice to listen to and the cock take good care, that no one ever forget him and his wives.

I have lived and moved a lot in my life, it seems to be difficult for me to find a place, where I can feel right home and wish to stay in for a longer time. By experience I found out, that I did need to find the inner peace in myself, before I also was able to find it in a house. I think that was the most important reason to have so many movements in my life. Yes, I have also had movements because of a new job, but most of them did have other reasons.

I use meditation to find myself and what I wish to bring into my life. The law of attraction as I did write about before, was working very well here. I did wish for a house in the nature, close to a beach, not too far away from a town, a big garden filled with different fruit trees and a lot of posibilities for development after own wishes. After a while we found this house. It is not perfect at all, but has it’s own charm and handicaps. But I love to stay here, which for me is the most important. I feel home and I really hope that feeling will continue for me.

I’m lucky to come from a country, where it was possible to get a pension, when I was not able to work any longer in my life, even I’m not so old. Because of my turbulent life circumstances with many challenges and last a bad depression after too much stress being independent with own company. I was lucky to be able to bring my pension and move to another country, from Denmark to Spain, where I enjoy the good weather with a lot more of sunshine, than I have lived with before. The weather here is also much better for my health and I enjoy to be able to go to the local market and buy frest vegetables and fruits, which keep me more healthy.

Now I can relax and use my time as I wish to. I try to find a new rhythm in my life in the new house, where I have time for daily meditations, to be creative in several ways and develop my new world filled with new posibilities.

By my life experiences I did learn how important it is to say stop for bad stress, the positive stress is okay, but when it goes to bad stress, it is important to take a break and find out, what to do with our lives. Something needs a change, if we don’t wish to be sick by stress, please remember this Dear Readers, I do really know, how much harm bad stress can do. Today I can’t stand any kind of stress, why I’m not able to take care of a job any longer. Where to find a job without any kind of stress??? Not easy, I promise I did try.

Take very good care of both your physical and mental health to have a good life, both are very important. If you don’t take good care of yourself and go down in one or another way, then who will take care of the ones you love and who should be the most important in your life???

I hope you did enjoy reading. This topic will continue next weekend.

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The beach area close to, where I live

In my daily life, I do a lot for other souls, I like to help, where I’m able to do it. Sometimes I think, if those souls also are worth it, but most of the time, they are 🙂  All of us have both good and less good days and that is okay, so long time we remember not to blame other souls for our bad days. If we never try to have a bad day, how should we be able to appreciate the good days?

No one of us are perfect, we act or say sometimes things, where we should have breathed a time or two, before we acted.

It is very healthy to improve our personal development both for ourselves, our partners and kids. We can always learn something new. When we learn ourselves to know, we also find other ways to create solutions for problems, which can improve our life quality.

When we feel mad or disappointed with our partner or kids it is always good to think, before we open our mouth or send out a bad attitude, which will not help us at all.

Try to find out, what made you feel so bad and instead of accusing your partner, then tell that you feel hurt, when this and this happen or you feel sad, when other things happen. When you tell about your own feelings instead of accusing your partner for something, that either hurt you or made you feel mad, you will have a much better change to find understanding for your feelings.

For your teenagers it could be, that they don’t clean their room, even they know this is their duty, you can tell them, that you have enough to do with your other duties, maybe job, house keeping etc. so they need to understand, that it is necessary they take part in the “homework” there are in a house. Then they will feel, they are needed in the family, which are for alls best. That is very positive.

When we feel, we have too much to do, no matter it is about family life or jobs, we get stressed, which can destroy the whole family, it is time for a TimeOut, where we need to find a solution not to get sick both mentally and physical. Bad stress separate families.

If your kids are not small any longer, it is okay to ask them for help, so you can get a little more time for yourself. All kids like to help and feel needed in their family. When they grow up, it is okay to ask for more help than only the trash and the dish. This can also give you that extra time, as you might need to find yourself again.


I find it important to do something good for myself every day, even it is only for 15 minutes. It can be blogging, creating jewelry, sew or other kind of handwork, meditation to find myself often followed by relaxing music or just a walk in the nature. Those moments are gold for me, they give me the needed abundance, so I’m able to be kind and positive the rest of that day.


What do you like to do for yourself? Do you use to use time for yourself? If not, it is time now.


I hope that you enjoyed reading. The topic will continue in next weekend.



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The prompt today is Like

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