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New Goals – This post is part of SoCS

Many of this weeks bloggers made me think a lot, deep thinking because of some great blogposts!

One of you, Sue from  It Goes On, came up with a great idea about Achievements and Gratitude for the coming week. Thanks for your inspiration Sue for this post 😀

Sue wrote about Achievements and Gratitude for the week, which inspired me to think about, how I maybe could be able to implement this in my life too.

Unfortunately, I need to think about a movement more in close future, so I have a lot in mind and some troubles about how to achieve anything at all, when I have so much to do and so little energy and abundance to get all done.

I will try my best to make an Achievement list here, and if I’m not able in the next week, some posts will go on to the week after again.


Achievements for the coming week:

Create new collection of beautiful jewelry

End sewing projects from bag no. 1 – and yes I have several

Practice yoga at least one time a day – great for both my physical and mental condition

Practice meditation every day – helps to keep my mind healthy

Walk, play and train with my wonderful dog Odin every day – he is still a puppy at now 18 month and he needs this attention and I need a great dog for his lifetime, as I hope to be for many years

Prepare healthy meals every day – it is not difficult with all the nice vegetables as are able to buy now, also local

Start to bake bread again – even it is very warm now


I will do my best to remember all, I have to show my Gratitude for:

I have a home, even I will need to exchange it

My good boyfriend, who knows when to give me space when I need so

My lovely daughter, as always try to be there for me, for many reasons – she knows

My wonderful pets, both Odin and my two wonderful cats as always are there for me, when I feel the need to stay close to them

I got a new customer in my Etsy Shop

I received a great review from a customer, as I have sold to several times, thanks Paula

I still have family and I feel very grateful for that


I think, this covered mostly of what I feel would be the right for my coming week. 

What is on your lists for the week?


I hope you enjoyed reading,



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