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Another walk in our area in Spain – 5 photos


Green area in Spain

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them.

As you know, I love to walk in the nature and I’m lucky this is possible here where I live in Spain. Odin and I walk several times at day, and he enjoy to explore new areas.


Odin are waiting for me, while I take photos for you


Here I found both Thyme and Rosemary, so now I know where to pick up, when they are ready for harvest next time. I love to use a lot of spices in the food and even more, when I can find them wild here.


You can see both Olive Trees and Carob Trees, they are growing wild here, so I don’t expect them to have a lot of fruits. Both need good care to give fruits.


Another old Olive Tree and behind an old plantage of Oranges. There were only few oranges to find this year, so I search in other empty areas for oranges for my fresh pressed juice.

I hope you did enjoy to visit my area in Spain.


Walks in our area in Spain – 4 photos


The most close mountain here

It is winter here in Spain and sometimes also very cold. In the morning I need to remember extra warm clothe not to freeze. In the middle of the day I can be lucky to be able to enjoy my coffee at the terrasse and if I’m lucky without a jacket.

It is possible to click at the photos and see them in big size.

Today I will show you one of the places where I walk and play with Odin. In the morning there were a lot of clouds, some of them very dark. They have promissed we should have cold weather from North Europe, but the snow should only reach the mountains in this area, which I feel happy for 🙂


Odin is waiting for me to play, while I take photos 


As you can see here, there were formation of clouds 


Here I took the photo against the sea, where the warm from Africa try to dissolve the clouds

Now there are a nice heaven without many clouds and a lot of wind again. I suppose that helped too.

This is one of the areas where Odin and I walk before we go to the beach. I hope you did enjoy to see.


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