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VIS – This post is part of SoCS


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I have thought about, how we are reacting, when we go through crisis. We are all individuals and our way to react often different from each other. What is working for one, will maybe not work for another.

If we are so lucky to have family or good friends, we may ask for their advise to handle our situation. Not all are so lucky to have family or good friends, which make them more sensitive for critic fx. online. Many people have only online friends and some of these are very positive and open-minded and other not. So if we ask for advises online, we must be prepared for different kind of answers. Sometimes the advises are usable and other times not. I use to say, that constructive advises always are welcome. Then we can listen and act like we feel will be the right for us.

In the area where I live in Spain there are many dogs and not all are treated well. At least there are new rules for how to behave to our pets and also punishment for the few, who behave bad. Good for the animals.

Two days ago when I went out for our morning walk with Odin, we came into a crisis because of another male dog, an old big dog at 12 years as has attacked Odin several times, when we have passed his house or just met him at our walk. The owner is an old woman at 80 years and she can’t control him, when he is a little away from her. Neither have him in a leash, he is much too strong. This dog has no problems with female dogs, only with the males. The owner let him out and walk with him without a leash and sometimes he is out for himself, which I am not able to change.

I had Odin in the leash because we were close to where the houses starts in our area and he use to get his leash on here. Odin did just play with another big dog without problems. Then this dog came running against us, first to me to see, if I would deliver a candy, which I didn’t. Then to Odin beside me and then the problems started. I needed to release Odin, so he was able to protect himself this time. Earlier he has been attacked, while we walked in the leash and without being able to protect himself, because I have been able to get the other dog to run home. He use to have respect for me, but this time it went really wrong. They fighted in several minutes before I were able to get the other dog to leave and got a close look at Odin. He had blood in his face and I was scared for other kind of damages, so we went home and got him cleaned. It seems like it was the other dog got damaged this time, maybe by Odins collar, he use to go for Odins neck first. Odin has a little damage in one ear, but nothing else. Now I just hope that the other dog got a little respect. Odin is not a small puppy any longer but 2½ years old and not adult yet.

I don’t wish to get an aggressive dog and have trained Odin to act good, but in a situation like this, it is necessary that he can protect himself also. It is almost one year ago, first time the other dog attacked Odin and this made Odin a little scared, which I fully understand. But I can also feel scared to think about my dog could become a biter, if he got scared another time. This time he was able to respond, which he also did and I hope it helps at his self confidence.

Odin is a very strong dog and very big too, so I feel it is important to have control with him and to raise him to behave good to other, both human and animals.

Do you have any advise to, how to handle a situation like this here?

Please tell me, thank you



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Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “vis.”  Use a word, or tie your post’s theme around a word, that contains the letters VIS, in that order. Enjoy!

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