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Morning in Spain – 8 Photos


While I was out in the nature with Odin, before we reached the beach in the morning, I saw this beautiful Sunrise and wished to share with you


It is Autumn/Fall here too and very cold in the nights. As you can see, the waves were big and there were many of them


Usually the Mediterranean Sea are more quiet and this beach a little protected because of, where it is. Only in very strong weather we see so much live here


Odin & I needed to jump for a big wave, as reached close to us at the beach


I love these waves and enjoy to stand and just watch the sea


After my meditation that morning I felt so clear in my mind


How is the sea reacting now, where you are living in our world?



I hope you enjoyed our morning too


Autumn Sunrise in Spain Laptop Sleeve

Today I will show you a Laptop Sleeve from my new collection: Autumn Sunrise in Spain

It is possible to order this Laptop Sleeve in several sizes, just find the one, as you can use

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Enjoy your day


Autumn Walk in Spain – 10 Photos


Autumn in Spain is not as colorful, as I have seen in many other places of our beautiful world. In the first photo there is a rabbit sitting very quiet, to avoid our attention. We don’t hurt any one, but I was surprised to be able to take a photo, before it decided to run and hide 🙂


In the middle you find a blooming Thyme, they are possible to find with flowers in different colors as white, pink and purple, which I see here in Spain


There are many huge rocks here and they have saved me from falling several times, when the soil has been wet after rain. I did fall one time, where I stepped at the soil and didn’t see, how wet it was, it was clean mud. These rocks are not polished in any way, why they support us, when we walk at them


Here you see another Thyme


And one more Thyme to show you the different colors


Odin found something interesting


Odin love to explore this area, many wild animals are passing or living here


A happy Odin


There came others behind us to have a walk in same area, why we stopped to photograph and went on at our walk


Sunrise in Autumn in Spain

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Walk in Spain in November – 11 Photos

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1605

Happy Odin on the way at our late walk in the afternoon, before it becomes dark. There are no light out there, so we need to walk before it becomes dark.

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1655

Cactus with Cactus Fruits

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1656

Flowers at The Cactus

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1660

Flowers from one of the other Cactus, there are many different kind her

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1642

As you can see, the Orange are close to be ready for enjoying

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1641

The trees here without fence around use to be Orange for sour juice. You only taste them like they are once…

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1640 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1639 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1638 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1637 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1636

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Beach & Rainbow


It is really become Autumn in Spain now. We get more rain, heavy weather and the waves are very big


When the waves are so big, it is a little dangerous to come too close to them, why Odin and I kept ourselves in a little distance


There were heavy rain for short time and then I saw this rainbow


Just went out of the house to take these photos

I hope, that you enjoyed


No Internet – again

Dear Readers & Followers

Right now I’m not able to use my internet – again. We have some troubles with our internet, so I can’t update in here, before we find a solution for the troubles.

I hope, you enjoy your weekend and the autumn with so many beautiful colors.

Thank you very much for your patience,


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