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Morning in Spain – 8 Photos


While I was out in the nature with Odin, before we reached the beach in the morning, I saw this beautiful Sunrise and wished to share with you


It is Autumn/Fall here too and very cold in the nights. As you can see, the waves were big and there were many of them


Usually the Mediterranean Sea are more quiet and this beach a little protected because of, where it is. Only in very strong weather we see so much live here


Odin & I needed to jump for a big wave, as reached close to us at the beach


I love these waves and enjoy to stand and just watch the sea


After my meditation that morning I felt so clear in my mind


How is the sea reacting now, where you are living in our world?



I hope you enjoyed our morning too


Sunrise & Full Moon in November in Spain – 5 Photos


The Autumn or Fall is also arrived in Spain now. We have down to around 8 C. – 46 F in the nights and up to 22 C – 72 F in midday. When I’m lucky, it is possible to sit and enjoy my coffee or tea outside in daytime. Often it is more warm outside that inside, so one more good reason to stay outside ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I do also sit and create my jewelry outside in midday, when possible. Then I sit in directly sun and enjoy the warm, which also are gold for my health


I found this sunrise so beautiful, that I wished to share with you


Here you see the next day’s sunrise with a beautiful blue sky, clouds in the bottom, as disappear in few hours. That day, we had some wind and huge waves


I love my time in the morning at the beach, where I also do my meditation for the morning. The sound of these waves are so calming


Here you see, how the last Full Moon looked from my garden

I hope, that you enjoyed


Sunrise November in Spain Gel Mousepad

Today I will show you a Sunrise from my new collection:

Sunrise November in Spain

I would like to know, what you think, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Wish you a happy day


Beach Sunset Tote Bag

Today I will show you a Tote Bag from my Collection: Beach Sunset

I would love to hear, what you think about this, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Wish you a wonderful day



Beach in Spain Mug

Today I will show you a Mug from my Beach in Spain Collection and I would love to hear, what you think about this Mug, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Enjoy your day


My life in Spain – 6 Photos


As you might know, I love to stay close to the beach no matter the weather and the autumn is also coming to Spain now. We have had rain, thunder and lightning for some days now with few moments of sunshine.


The Mediterranean Sea show more big waves now, as you can see in these photos


The sky use to be so wonderful blue, but not at the moment


Bรธlle in my garden, he is very difficult to photograph, why the photo is not perfect


Hvide is keeping an eye with the area from the tree, Bรธlle & Hvide are brothers and now more than 13 years old


Odin would love to play with Hvide, but Hvide is the king here, which Odin knows and also respect. Hvide does never let Odin forget his status ๐Ÿ™‚

I use a lot of time in the nature walking with Odin. We are walking all around our area and now, where the tourist season is ended, we have more space to visit the beach too, which both of us enjoy a lot

Bรธlle & Hvide are mostly staying either in the garden or in the house in daytime, as they wish to, when I’m at home. Otherwise they are indoor. They are also indoor in the night together with Odin and I.

Since Hvide’s last visit in a neighbor garden, where he came to fight with a younger and strong male cat, where he was damaged too, he had stayed in our own garden. I just hope, he will continue to do that. More safe for all of us.

Wish you a smiling day


News from my Zazzle Shop

Today I will show you two new products and please tell me, if you like them, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Enjoy your day


Beach Sunset

Today I will show you two items from my Beach Sunset Collection, as I hope you will enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find more in my Zazzle Shop

Wish you a peaceful day


A walk close to the beach in Spain – 17 Photos


Today I will show you a little wild nature close to the beach areas here in Spain, where Odin and I use to walk daily














It was cloudy, while we had the last Fullmoon, but the shine in the water was so amazing, that I hope you enjoy it anyway



Sunset at the beach in Spain – 10 Photos


We have had a little more Winter temperatures, where I live in Spain. Around freezing in the nights and a little more warm in the afternoon. There have been some wind and waves here, where I appreciated my new place so much, because it is so well isolated. Not like my last house, where you could look out around the frames at the windows and doors.


I have sunrise from this place in the morning, so you look against East here and see the beautiful color caused the water in sunset. I sat at the beach to take these photos


In these last 2 photos you see the the sunset from our walk


I hope, that you enjoyed and were able to find peace in my photos


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