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Walk in our part of Spain – 12 Photos

Bourgonvilla 1

This time we started our walk in the shared garden, where we found this Bougainvillea

Odin 05

Happy Odin shows his patience, while I wish to photograph much today

Sunflower 1

This beautiful Sunflower lives in a private garden

Purple flowers 2

I chose to show you a lot of our wild flowers, as we find at our walks in our part of Spain

Pink flower and bee 1

We have also Bee’s here in Spain

Pink flowers 2

Pink Purple flowers 1

Bourgonvilla 5

Yellow flower 1

One more Bee 😀

Wild flowers 1

Odin 02

Yellow flowers 2

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Guest post by Bee



Today I have the pleasure to present one of my very good blogging friends Bee. If you don’t already know her, you should go and visit her. Thank you for being my guest today Bee.


I “met” Irene via Linda G. Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. It is of course not a meeting in person, but I firmly believe that meeting someone online can be as beneficial than meeting them in real life.
To be honest, I can’t really remember how we started talking. I suspect she was so kind to comment on one of my posts. Or her link was on top of Linda’s post comments, and I just ventured along. 
I liked what I saw on her brilliant blog. Beautiful Jewellery and pictures of Spain and her dog that made me sigh. A little later we had the idea to do a “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” post together. That was fun. 
Hey, Irene, we should do it again. But please not in February, you know “Love Is In Da Blog” :-).
What astounds me is how small the world can be.
Irene is from Denmark, and I have been to Denmark a few times and just love it. Her daughter lives in German where I am from. And we both love beaches and Crystals. 
If she lived closer by we would have coffee or tea together now and then. We would share our wisdom and cake recipes and would pat her dog. Maybe we’d go for a walk and I could show her our favourite beach.
Unfortunately, beaming has not been invented yet. So we go on reading each others posts and sharing as much of our lives as we find in our hearts to share.
Thanks Irene for being one of my faraway friends!”
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