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Sunrise & Birds in Spain – 6 Photos


Sunrise this morning in Spain


For some days we have seen big clouds of birds at our morning walk. It is Starlings and they fly in huge groups


As you see, they land at the cables and sit there to study, where now to fly


They fly down at the Artichoke fields in groups, stay there for short time and then up again


I tried my best to zoon to see them better and you can see all the colors as they also have


I hope that you enjoyed our little walk

I do have a cold and bronchitis at the moment and will not be much online, before I feel better again. It is a very bad time now in the middle of my move, but I hope the best.


Afternoon walk in Spain – 3 photos


Today I chosed to walk at another beach than usual with Odin.

There have been warm spring here today, some places up to 24 degrees C. which was very nice.

I enjoyed my coffee at the terrasse in the afternoon with no wind and just so much warm sun, really wonderful.


We walked at the rocks here and saw this giant stone with some big birds at. I zoomed so much as possible to show you these birds, because I found them very beautiful.


I hope that you enjoyed your visit


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