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Mixet Tuesday

Today I will show you several kinds of earrings and a necklace:

ImageSilver Gardian Angels Earrings with Snow Flake Obsidian & White Opal


ImageGoldplated Hook Earrings with Striped Gemstones


ImageSilver Hook Earrings with Blue Jade


ImageSilver Necklace with Tree of Life


I wish all of you a nice day







New Necklaces & Bracelets

Today I created some new Jewelry, as I would like to show you here:

All the days Jewelry are available in my Etsy Shop:

ImageGoldplated Necklace with Amber


ImageGoldplated Necklace with Purple Facetted Jade


ImageGoldplated Bracelet with Blue Jade


ImageGoldplated Bracelet with Ruby Hearts


ImageGolden Bracelet with Green Jade


Yesterday we were celebrating our wonderful cats, they became 10 years old and Odin, our puppy became 5 months. I baked special dog cookies for Odin and the cats did enjoy their tuna. I hope to keep them for many years more.


Today I found this wonderful roses:



I wish all of you an amazing day







Golden Jewelry

Dear Readers & Followers.

Today I will show you several new Jewelry created in Goldplated:

ImageGoldplated Jewelry Set, Necklace & Bracelet with Green Jade


ImageGoldplated Bracelet with Dark Blue Jade


ImageGoldplated Bracelet with Yellow Jade


ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Strawberry Quartz Drops


I receive so much inspiration in this time, so it is difficult to decide, what to do today, but okay, this is a positive problem, then I know what to do tomorrow too…..

You are welcome to visit my Etsy Shop at:


Today I will show you a photo of our little town here. I photographed up from a mountain in the morning.



Wish you a wonderful day, remember to enjoy your life.






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