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Amber is a beautiful natural piece from our nature, even it is not a gemstone. It is old resin stored in the ocean for many years.

In Denmark, where I come from, we can walk by the beach and pick resin up in the morning. This is a very nice kind of exploring our nature, and I have tried many times. Sometimes with good luck and sometimes no luck.

Amber is very soft material, the colors goes from yellow to brown in many combinations. When I think at amber, I think at feeling safe and avoid negative vibrations. If I feel sad or have pain in my stomach, maybe nervous pain, I either hold a piece of amber or lay down and place the amber, where I have pain. I feel, it gives warm and helps me to get rid of pain.

Amber belongs to hara chakra, solar plexus. Amber use to be clearly and easy to look through. I have a tree with amber, as I show you here, just to look at these makes me feel good.

I often use amber in my personal jewelry, I find it beautiful, warming and helping me feel safe among other people.

Earlier when my kids were younger, I put amber down their pillow in the night, and they woke up in a great mood. If they were worried, it helped too.


Orange Brown Facetted Agate & Flowers in Gold

Orange Brown Facetted Agate & Flowers in Gold

The colors in this gemstones are really beautiful and warm. I choosed to use gold flowers, because those looks great together.
What do you think? I would really appreciate to know.

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Enjoy your weekend.


Natural Brown Striped Agate & Silver

Natural Brown Striped Agate & Silver

Those gemstones have so many beautiful nuances and are natural all over. Not 2 are equal, which make all so very special.

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Enjoy your life.


Beautiful Copper Earrings with Cateye

Beautiful Copper Earrings with Cateye

Beautiful Copper Hook Earrings with Light Brown Cateye

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