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My new area in Spain

Orange Vinaros october

Orange Tree in October in Spain 2014

If you use to read my blog, you know I just moved again and this time from Catalonia to Spain, which is very different for an expat like me. Catalonia is yet a part of Spain even they wish independence and work for this. My first two years in Spain I lived in Catalonia and this time I choosed to go more south, why I left Catalonia and went to Castellòn in Spain.

The orange tree as you see here, I saw in the morning and wanted to show you, how far they are now. Not ready for enjoy yet.

Beach Vinaros 01 october

Here you can see a part of the beach with both houses, rocks & beach

After we have been playing with balls and practice how to behave with Odin in the morning, we walk to the beach, where we are able to follow the beach through the rocks, some places more easy to walk than others and very beautiful.

Beach Vinaros october

Another part of the beach seen short before sunset

We walk both in the morning and in the evening as the weather are here now. Still to warm in the middle of the day for Odin so we wait a little while yet with our walk in this hours.

Odin Vinaros night

Odin love the beach, no matter which hour, but in daytime he is allowed to swim after our playing

Sunset Vinaros 01

Close to sunset seen from the beach here

Sunset red Vinaros

Sunset few minuts after last photo

Nice moon Vinaros october

Full moon seen from the beach

I did photograph a lot more, but not all photos of the moon went out, as I would like to. They were moving, so it was difficult to see, if it at all was the moon, but I was lucky and got few good ones 😀

I hope you did enjoy to see a little from my new area in Spain. I enjoy the walks here so much. The beach is for me a wonderful place for meditation and just enjoy living.


Movement – This post is a part of SoCS

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

I think, that I’m getting in a better shape with all my movements. Now I have stairs up to my atelier, which give me a lot of exercise, when all my stuff need to find their new place. Boxes to carry up and down helps me to keep myself in a better shape.

I live now 300 meter from the Sea, so Odin and I walk there every day. We start our walks in nature areas, where he can run for himself without problems and we can play balls or practice how to behave. Then we continue to the sea, where he is allowed to swim, if he feel for that. There are not many tourists here now and there are beaches, where Odin are allowed to stay too, which we enjoy a lot. This help us to stay in a good shape.

I try to remember my camera, when we walk here and I have got some great photos as I will show you in few days, they need to be ready for print first. Here is beautiful with rocks and just to be able to view over the sea is so wonderful and peaceful. It is a special feeling to stand and look out over the sea and it just continue so far away.

I’m moved from Catalonia to Spain and yes it is very different, like two independent countries. I have only been here for about 3 weeks now so I still have a lot to learn.

I hope you did enjoy to read, it was fun to join.



Todays prompt is Shape

All are welcome to join, please visit Linda at

Photos from my life


Mr. Bølle (Mr. Bully) &; Mr. Hvide (Mr. White) enjoy their area and nice sunshine


Mr. Odin at a beach trip


Mr. Odin enjoy and take care of his area


Beautiful rose and some fallen abricots


Some of our grapes


Last a beautiful sunset from Spain

I hope you enjoyed the post and wish all of you a great weekend.

Deltebre – a beautiful part of Catalonia in Spain

In Deltebre they have a National Parc. As I explored this parc it is a green area with some special flowers and a beautiful area, where it is possible to swim from a very clean beach. As you can see, the sand takes a lot of space and there are the most pure turquoise water, as it is possible to look through.


Deltebre beach 1

After walking a little in the sea, where I could look just straight through the water and see fish swimming, it was a nice experience to swim around there. While I was swimming, I looked down and saw big fish who passed. At that time I wished, I had a waterproof camera, so I would be able to show you all those beautiful fish, as I saw.


Deltebre Beach 2

The beach are very friendly in the way, that you can walk a lot, before you come out, where it is really deep down. I saw kids enjoying the sea, they did play around and did not need to be worried, because we need to leave the coast area and swim a while, before we meet deep, deep water.


Deltebre Beach 3


In another part of Deltebre I discovered something quite new to me. Most of Catalonia are filled with beautiful mountains, one more beautiful than the other, but here in Deltebre, everything is straight, the fields – everything…

I learned that rice are growing here, yes here in Spain, I did really not know that before, I thought all kind of rice came from Asia, but now I know, this is not true.


Deltebre rice 1


The rice they grow here are used for paella, called Bomba Rice, which is possible to create with many different kind of fish, meat, shellfish and vegetables. Of course they use those rice for other nice meals too.

Where I come from, we prepare and use rice in a different way, so all this were very new for me to learn, after I relocated to Spain.



Deltebre rice 2

Ricefield close


Deltebre rice 3

Ricefield, so you can see for yourself, this part of Catalonia are very straight. Perfect for growing rice, as need to grow in water. And we don’t get too much rain here at all. Here they use the El Ebro River to support for the needed water for the rice.

It was a very special experience for me to see, how to grow rice. I did really not imagine, this would go on in other places than Asia before. Now I learned to appreciate the Spanich Rice too.


I like to create our food from scratch and I try to serv good and healthy food every day. With that I mean some meat, if I can buy local, I buy both meat and vegetables, but it is not always possible. I would prefer to have a good contact with some farmers, where I know, they produce in a good way, both for us and the environment.

I hope, that you enjoyed to learn a little about Spain or should I say Catalonia 😀

If you feel like visiting the area, please tell me, and I will try to help you best possible.



Fire in Spain


We had a fire very close to our area in Spain yesterday around 500 meter from our house.
We could see the flames and smell the smoke. We needed to leave our house in hope of nothing would happend here.

At least I had time for packing our cats in their tranportation cages, get them into the car with seatbelts around their boxes. Then in and pack the most necessary as some cloths, papers, food for the cats and for our dog, our most valuable things as we could have in the hand and then leave the house.
When we did leave our house and came to the road, we saw that the police had closed for driving in our area. We were allowed to leave.

We drove a little around in the area, while we tried to figure out, what to do know. Stopped the car several places to see, how much the fire was spreading, but the police came and asked all to leave several times.
We ended up around one km from the house, where we waited together with others, who also had needed to leave their houses.
All this happend between 4 to 6 pm.

One good thing in the middle in the middle of this nightmare wsa that we came to meet a lot of people from our new area.

We were told that all started with a windmill which motor were burning and melted the plastic, which smelled very bad. As we now now about 25 – 30 hectar burned in our area. 

We live in the middle of the nature and wished to stay, if possible.

All of us waited to get to know either we could go home or we would need to find a place to stay for the night. After talking many times with the police we got to know, that we could stay in a public building in the town close to, where we live. A police man would escort us to there. We ended up with that he escorted us to our own house. The fire department used our road why it was closed for the public. So among the fire workers we were escorted home. We were home around 00:30 am. Our house was not burned. We feel very lucky.

The police man told us to be awake for the night, if the fire was spreading again caused the heavy wind, so we were up and check several times in the night to see, if we needed to leave our house again.

The fire department worked all night and are still outside here at the road. I hope they have control over the fire now. They had not, when we came home.

There are fires in many places here in Spain now. All is dry and it is very warm too. The heavy wind is not for any help either.

I hope that you are safe where you are in our world.


We didn’t know any people here and didn’t know, where to go. Not too far away, we needed to follow the fire and see how much was going to burn and if we were very lucky also get to know, when we were allowed to go back to our home, if it was not burned totally.

Purple Jade & Silver – 3 Photos

Handmade Silver Earrings with Purple Jade

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Purple Jade.

What do you think? I would like to know.

Find these and much more in my Etsy Shop

I will show you a photo more from the valley, where I walk with Odin in the mornings:

Image Sunrise in the valley

Image A palm field and sunrise. From our afternoon walk.

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Spring is comming to Spain – 2 photos

At one of the walks here I found this beautiful Almond Tree. It is just started flowering and I really love to see this. It is the first sign here, that the Spring is on the way. 

Image There are two trees here, but the big one is the most beautiful right now.

Image Here you can see the flowers at the Almond Tree closer to.

It is possible to get a good close up at my nature photos by double click them.

I’m really looking forward to the Spring. The Winter has been very cold here, without snow, but a lot of wind and cold. I love the sunshine in the Spring here, not too warm or cold. Just very comfortable.

Tomorrow I will show you some of my new creative designs of Jewelry, working at them now.

Enjoy our nature, it is really beautiful, no matter the weather, just we look to find.



Storm in Spain today – 3 photos

The last days, we have had a very mixed weather here in Spain. Yesterday evening and night silent rain, but for many hours. I will show you some photos from the area here photographed today. Enjoy…

ImageFrom the morning walk with Odin after all our rain, I found this scene.


ImageOdin keep his eyes at the trees in the forrest, as we have storm now.


Image The storm is pretty heavy here now, I was happy to be able to hold Odins line, while we walked in the open areas. Things are flying around in the streets and the animals are hiding themselves, which I do understand. I’m happy, that we don’t see this kind of weather too often here. We are used to wind, also a lot, but these storm is not for fun.

I hope, you enjoy to see a little from the area in Catalonia in Spain, where I live now.




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