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Fuchsite for Creativity Tote Bag

Today I will show you a Tote Bag from my collection:

Fuchsite for Creativity

I would like to know, what you think about these, thank you 🙂

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop for more ideas

Wish you a great day




Girasol are able to enhance and mirror our feelings, why it is great to use with Visualization. It belongs in the Throat Chakra and the Crown Chakra

Girasol helps us to find our inner light. If I’m in a bad mood and can’t find the reason, I sit with my Girasol and just look at it and listen to, what ever may come up. One thing is sure, my mood will be lifted after short time. Girasol is a very strong and kind gemstone

Girasol do also enhance all kind of creativity and if I need inspiration, I just look short at it and then the ideas come up, which I feel very grateful for

Smile every day


Fuchsite for Creativity

Today I will show you a Hoodie from my new Collection: Fuchsite for Creativity

I would love to know, what you think about this, thank you 🙂

This Hoodie are available for both men and women

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop for more ideas

Wish you a nice day


Good intentions

Short time ago I did deside to try being creative and wished to create a calendar for a very good friend.

Then I downloaded a free trial of a program to see, if it was worth buying.

I found photos from this friends website to use in the calendar and thought, when I did insert those photos, that they would be placed in total size, but NO they did not, the program cutted the photos in places, where I absolutely not wished them to cut.

Unfortunately I sent the calendar directly to my friend from the program without being able to see the mistakes, before I sent.

I bought new glasses just before Christmas for reading and I needed long time to get used to those much stronger glasses and had problems for long time to see very well. I suppose this was the reason, that I didn’t see the mistake.

So even we can have the best intentions to be good friends and wish to spread happiness, sometimes it goes wrong. One thing, as I learned by this was to check again and again, before I send anything to avoid mistakes in my gifts.


Guestblogger: The lady with an eye for shiny things

Dear Readers and Followers,

today the blog entry is written by a guestblogger – Irene’s daughter 🙂

Creativity kind of runs in our family. We are from a line of women creating all sorts of fun projects. Irene is making jewelry, clothes, she knits some amazing scarfs (thanks, mama) – and she makes rolls so good that a daughter would go to Spain to get one. Meanwhile Granma is the queen of knitting, and no one could make as beautiful dresses out of pearls (!) for small mannequin dolls as Great Granma could. Me? Well, I am not mastering any of my creative talents yet, but I guess that it’s because I seek too many adventures at one time.

A little about me: I left to live in South Germany, where you find the most romantic towns and old, beautiful buildings. In other words I’m surrounding myself by architecture looking like this:


And this:


The German Christmas markets are famous all over the world for their wonderful atmosphere – and for their Glühwein (sweet, spicy, warm red wine). The season for these markets will start in just a couple of days, and then I’ll go there myself to pick up new inspiration.

Just like my mom, I also spend a lot of time on various hobbies. One day I might decide to start learning about how to make Japanese origami, and the next day I decide to sew a monster for a friend’s baby. And the day after I find out that there’s an amazing cake called Red Velvet Cheesecake that I have to try making (any excuse for baking is always welcome). Lately I am reading about how to brew beer. And guestblogging.

Irene on the other hand is putting a lot of time and effort into creating her beautiful jewelry. And she’s pretty good at it. She’s spending a long time on thinking about projects, letting the right ideas come to her. It can take a lot patience to make this. She has made it to more than a 100 followers already, which I find pretty impressive. Go mom!

It’s hard to pick favorites out of her collections, but as we all have our personal style, I also have my favorites. Like these cute, purple hoops: Image

Compliment them with the classic black dress, and a girl’s night out just started with lots of style! 😉

My mom loves gemstones – where I often choose the simplicity of the metal – and wear something like these sweet angels:


But we all have our preferences 😉

If you like these jewelry, and if you are in lack of good ideas what to give for Christmas, you should pay a visit to her store on Etsy:

Cyberhugs and best wishes to all of you – and wishes that you’re also living out your dreams, whatever they might be!

The daughter.

Flowering creativity

Today the weather here started up very grey and boring, but now the sun are shining and we can hope for summer again.

I created several kind of Jewelry today, as I would like to show you here:


Jewelry Set, Necklace & Earrings, with Heaven Blue Cat Eye



Silver Jewelry Set, Necklace & Bracelet, with Green Agate Coins



Silver Bracelet with Lilac Swarowski Gemstones


At my walk today, I found this nice yellow flower:




I feel, that I’m developing myself and start creating several kinds of new jewelry, new styles etc. I really enjoy.

Wish all of you a nice day.




New Jewelry Set & Angels

I have been very busy with creating today. I made 2 Jewelry Sets and 2 pairs of Angel earrings. I have used a lot of time to try to create some new, beautiful jewelry sets. I hope, that you like them. Would really appreciate to know. Thank you.

Silver Seashell Set 1 frame Etsy

Silver necklace & Earrings with Pink Seashell

Silver Cateye Set frame Etsy

Silver Cateye Set, necklace, bracelet and earrings

Silver Angel Facetted Amethyst and White Crystal frame Etsy

Silver hook Angels with Faceted Amethyst and White Crystal

Silver Angel Snow Obsidian white crystal frame Etsy

Silver hook Angels with Snow Obsidian and White Crystal

I really felt inspired today and hope, that I can continue again tomorrow.

Today I will show you a photo from the area, where I live, here is beautiful.

Nature blog frame

Have a wonderful day.


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