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Sunshine & Creativity

I feel so inspired in this amazing sunshine. Have created several new earrings today, some of them you can see here:


Silver hook earrings with white Jade and Strawberry QuartzImage

Silver hook earrings with blue Cateye

ImageSilver hook earrings with red and white Jade


I have updatet my Etsy Shop today, you can follow this link to see:


We live close to the nature and find many good places to have photos. At one of our walks outside today I saw this nice little mountain filled with Wild Rosemary. Very nice to be able to bring a little home for the daily cooking. 

ImageWild Rosemary


I hope, that you enjoy your life and creativity, what ever you have a passion about.

Wish all of you a very nice day.





Creativity flourishes


Today at our walk in the neighborhood I saw this beautiful olive-tree, filled with growing olives. So very life-affirming…  To sit and meditate close to the tree gives so much inner peace. We have so many nice flowers and trees here, it is difficult to choose the most beautiful of them to show you.

Yesterday I became so inspired, and created jewelry all the evening. You can see one of them here and some others will be visible under Jewelry.

Black heart

Golden earrings with snow obsidian

I did also photograph Odin again, he is growing so fast, soon he will be 4 months old. Odin is really a wonderful puppy, so happy, looking like a mountain goat, when he is jumping around. This photo you may find in About.

I wish you all a very nice Friday, remember to enjoy your life…


Adventure in my area

Adventure in my area

Amazing poppies all around me…

Today, when I was out walking with Odin, at one of our mountain areas. We live in the area og love to explore our surrounding nature here in Spain. Wonderful flowers and the light green almond-trees and olive-trees are showing their most beautiful clothes right now. Really spring – all over. A walk in our nature makes me very happy.

Those amazing poppies – their colors – inspired me to create a new pair of earrings. You can see them here:

Golden with red jasper

Our nature is really amazing, a lot of inspiration came to me today, I will use the rest of my day to create more jewelry, and show some of it to you tomorrow.

Thank you for your attention. Have a wonderful day – all of you.

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