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Herkimer Diamond


Herkimer Diamond is very good for attunement, to connect to Mother Earth or to connect in fx a healing situation

Herkimer Diamond belongs to the Crown Chakra

Herkimer Diamond works with very high frequency and when I feel a need for a mentally kick, I use it, sometimes alone and sometimes together with other gemstones. Herkimer Diamond’s frequency is very easy to feel. When I sit with this gemstone, I can feel like a pulse in the stone, because of this high frequency

Herkimer Diamond live down New York and just like the pulse in NY, the Herkimer Diamond react. I use it often, when I give directly healing or send healing to other souls, it helps me to get through the barricades, as many have, when I try to get through to them

Wish you a beautiful day





Chrysocolla is a very beautiful gemstone. Either turquoise or green-blue. It is symbolizing beauty, love and balance. Chrysocolla is also called lovestone.

Even the colors, Chrysocolla works best at the Heart-, Solar Plexus- and Crown Chakras. It is helping us to open our Heart Chakra and clean bad things out, a very strong healer.

If I need my intuition to be better, I use Chrysocolla, very good for the feminine qualities.
Chrysocolla absorbs everything, use only one in the beginning, caused the energies are so strong. After a while if you feel good with the gemstone, you can use two.

I also use it as Anti-stress for my Solar Plexus Chakra. I lay Chrysocolla at my solar plexus for maybe 15 minutes, and I can feel the warm from the gemstone.

If you are working with spiritual development it is a perfect support.

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