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Love has many different kind of definitions and we do all use the word Love in different ways, because we are different in mind

For one, Love can be the most important in life, if this person can be able to love one another more, than their own life

For another, Love has other definitions

I feel, that the most important must be to love one self, before we are able to love another soul with an open and honest heart. For me, this is some of a place to reach

I find it also very important to teach our kids to love themselves and that they always are worth loving. No matter, what they do, they are lovable. Sometimes we need to show our kids the way, which often works much better, than only by talking about it. Don’t be scared to tell and show your kids the way, then learn much more by, what they see, you are doing

We do all learn by life and learn by own experiences. We do acts, as are not the best choices, but they are ours, we own them, and we are responsible for these choices. If we are acting in less good ways, the only one, who are able to change this, is one selves

We are only responsible for our own life and can not blame others, if our life is going in a way, as we don’t wish it to. No one can read our thoughts, even many would like them to or even expect them to do so. Then we need to look inside and find out, which way will be the right one for us and then ACT at this. Everything else is just dreaming…

As I have mentioned before, life is, what we make out of it. Live out your dreams, don’t ever expect others to live out your dreams. No matter, how old we are, it is never too late to do something to change our circumstances. We just need to find out, what is most important for us in our life, then think deeply about this and find out, what is needed to do, for being able to change, so we can live our life, as we – until now – only have been dreaming about

Any relationship should be build at mutual respect and a kind of love. Without mutual respect it is difficult to build any kind of healthy relationship, whatever it is as a lover or a friend. The more long time, as we know each other, the more we get to know about each other. Something are very lovable and other things not

It is different, how we are developing inside a relationship. Either we are developing in same direction and the love are growing day by day, which is wonderful, when this is possible

In many relationships, we are developing in different ways, either because of job, more or new education, friends or interests. While we are young, the world seems to be open and full of possibilities. It is not always easy to choose the right path and other we change our path several times, before we find out, where we wish to stay and live in this life. While all this is going on, we can look at our friends and see, some are staying where they chose to be for many years ago, they are still there, others has been changing their path many times and some have still not found their way of life yet. When we are in a relationship for love, we do still learn new every day, if we wish to and sometimes we do develop in each direction by time. One day we might find out, that this relationship is not, what we would like it to be. We are now too different and might also have different ways of living our dream life. This can end up with a break in the relationship, which often will be the best of all involved, even there are also kids involved

If we wish to teach our kids to live and stay honest to themselves, we do also need to do exactly the same to ourselves. This is also, what they learn by and to stay in a relationship only because you have kids together, is often a bad solution

We wish all the best for our kids, this is also why, we need to teach them to live our life in love to ourselves and I don’t mean this in an egoistic way. If we teach our kids to love themselves, they will be strong enough to choose for themselves later in life, to live in a healthy and loving relationship and don’t stay in a place, where they are not able to feel alive any longer

I have been changing my path many times in my life. I have followed my dreams many times, not all went well, but I learned a lot by this, which I can use to take better choices for the rest of this life. I hope by this, to have taught my kids to live a loving life, where they are able to develop themselves and no one are allowed to stop them in this. To live and love with mutual respect


Journalism – This post is part of SoCS


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Journalism can be many things. Sometimes we can read articles, as were they found in the air of something not existing, which then lead us to think, why at all write an article, if nothing is true anyway.

There are good journalism too, the one that call for us to read all the article and not just some of it. Some have this ability to be able to catch us, just like a great author. They write what they think may be the truth and nothing else…

Years ago I worked with journalism, while I published first newspapers and since magazines, I found out how easy it was to be an honest writer and how unpopular I could be, if I was too honest, while I wrote reviews for books, restaurants etc.

I had the minding that I denied to write at all, if I did not like what I should write about. It could be a book, where the publisher send me a box with different books, as they would like me to write reviews about. Or a restaurant who wanted me to write they were the best, which I denied to do, unless they really did create great food.

Journalism can be a great way to keep track at our lives too, we can create our own kind of journal with goals, dreams and hope for our lives. To write what we dream about is also a great way to kickstart the mind about going for our dreams.

Do you go for your dreams?



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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-jour-“: add a prefix or suffix to complete it or use it as the French word for “day.” Have fun!

Go – This post is part of SoCS


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The last weeks have been busy, I have just announced my new shop open, and before that made a big job by creating many new jewelry, photos etc. before I was ready to say go go go with the new shop.

In the meanwhile I have tried to prepare myself for a more active life than usual. I walk more with my dog Odin, practice with him, because I want a good and well raised dog, as listen to me, because he know this will be the best for him.

As you might know, my health is not on the top. The doctors try to figure out, what more than rheumatism can give me the problems as I have. This takes long time with a lot of tests. Right now I need to wait few weeks more to get closer to their judgment. This is one of the reasons that I need to have raised Odin to behave good and walk nice, because I don’t know how fast my health can go worse than now.

Odin is a little boy at now two years, he acts like a teenager dog and need consequence in the raising of him. He weighs now around 45 kg, which is a little less than me, which demand that I use strategy with him.

I believe in raising without violence and screeming, I think love and kind treatment are the best for him and have worked hard the last two years to raise him to have a lot of self confidence, which I think is very important to have to avoid to get an aggressive dog.

As I told before I published my new shop today and I hope it will be possible to create a good shop there too. I have been selling at Etsy for almost two years now, so I found it could be fun to try something new as an extra chance for income.

In same time I have been thinking a lot about what to do more with my life. Which dreams I have, as I still have a chance to live out? Which souls are important to me? Which souls I miss here, even I live in the Sun in Spain with nice beaches, I still miss my family. I don’t wish to go back to Denmark, but I don’t feel sure if I wish to stay here for the rest of my life. This is some of the things, that I have in mind.

When I were younger, I had many dreams. One of them was to relocate and try to live in another country. This dream did come true. I wished to live with much better weather than Denmark could offer me, this came true too.

Now I just need to feel good, which of my dreams, I would like to live out, while I’m still able to do it.

What about your dreams? Do you live out your dreams? What kind of dreams do you have?

We need to live out our dreams, just don’t let them go…



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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “go.”  Ready, set, GO!

One-Liner Wednesday


Sunset seen from the beach in Spain

Dreams are possible to get fulfilled – if you are willing to pay the price



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Agate Heart & Brown Silk

Beautiful Brown Silk Necklace with Agate Heart, Adjustable

Beautiful Brown Silk Necklace with Agate Heart, Adjustable


Do you like it? I would love to know, thank you.

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Do you have any plans for your Summer or Winter times? Are you going to live out your dreams? If you can’t live out your dreams now, then when? We never know, how long time we have.


Are you happy?


White almond trees in blossom from my area in Spain


Are you happy with your life, as it is now?

If yes, congratulations you found the light, continue that great way.

If not, have you ever thought about, what to do to change your life, so it comes closer to be a happy life for you?

First of all, you need to think and find your dreams. Write them down and use time to find out, which dreams you have for your life. Nothing is impossible, just remember everything takes time.

Do you have one big dream or many less big dreams? Which one do you feel is most important for you now? When you find this one, you have a place to begin from.

Now try to imagine, how you will feel, when you reach this goal, as was your dream. How do you feel? Satisfied? Disappointed? Happy? Or?


This topic will continue next weekend, where I will write more about, what is possible to do to realize your dreams.


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