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Following my dreams

I consider something, which one of my dreams will be the next to be realised.

For now I realised my dream about living in a country where the sun is shining much more than in Denmark, where I come from. So now I live in Spain.

Then a wonderful puppy, Odin, found a way to our hearts, and he is a wonderful and very intelligent puppy, easy to raise him with fun and joy. Photos at my About.

Next dream was about making a kind of business by using my creativity, which I did short time ago, when I started up selling at Etsy. For new readers see my post about Etsy, and you can also find a link about my shop HERE.

Now I would like to find a nice house, where both humans and animals will be able to enjoy a nice garden filled with beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits. This must be my next dream to follow, I think.

Today I will show you some earrings in copper and silver:


Copper hook earrings with white jade and carnelian


Silver hook earrings with Lovebirds


Copper hook earrings with malachite and white jade

I found those beautiful purple flowers at one of our walks outside today:


I find it very important to follow my dreams, sometimes it is a small dream and other times great dreams, but I do my best to follow my dreams.

Do you follow your dreams?

Maybe an idea for you too?

Have a wonderful day



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