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The Beach – This post is part of SoCS


My daughter and I at visit in El Ebre National Park


I have had a wonderful week with my daughter who visited me. It is almost two years ago I saw her last time, after I moved to Spain. We enjoyed each others company and explored our new area. El Ebre National Park is really beautiful and the beach was so clean and nice. We didn’t bring clothes for swimming, but took away our shoes and enjoyed a little walk in the sea. There were only few stones and a lot of shells.


The beach at El Ebre National Park, I live in the mountain area, as you can see behind the sea


Both my daughter and I love to walk at the beach, no matter what time at the year. We enjoyed to be able to walk in the sand without shoes, which is also very healthy for our body and the muscles in our feets. The fresh air made us feel good and we had a very nice day filled with experiences. The water was very clear, as you can see here


The Sea at El Elbre National Park


I have always been very close with my kids and I must perceive that I have missed my kids a lot, since I left Denmark for almost 2 years ago. Even my daughter and I talk and write online often it took a short while for us to get close again. 2 years are very long time without seeing each other for real. I felt we found each other again in a new way, because both of us did leave Denmark and needed to learn new culture and languages and live far away from our earlier daily lives. This is not easy, no matter we moved because we wished to leave Denmark. It takes time to find yourself in a new and strange place in our world, even we thought, it would be more easy. Both of us have evolved and I got happy to see, how mature my daughter is now. 

The beach has always been special to me. When I needed to mind about my life, what to do now if crises, it has always helped me to walk by the beach and breath the fresh air filled with salt. I feel it is cleaning my mind and helps me to find the right solutions. 

How are you doing, when you need to find the right way for you to be able to continue your life?

Thanks to my wonderful daughter for her visit here, I’m looking very much forward to see you again 😀



This post is part of SoCS:

The prompt is “object” this time and my object is The Beach

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