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Emotions – This post is part of SoCS & Love is in da blog


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Love Is In Da Blog

Today’s prompt is not easy to start for me. What is emotions and the opposites in these? A lot of things happening in our world can turn my temper up in red, even I use to be a calm soul, when I tell it myself…..

I think back at this weeks post at WordPress and think at Cecilias poem about Abused Orphanes did make me so very sad. When kids live away from their home, if the parents are alive at all, at least we need to secure that they get the needed love and care, when they don’t have family to give them this. After being sad I thought about what we can do to change this behavior from adults, who really should show empathy and love to those kids and not abuse them.

I know this is happening to many orphans and it makes me so very sad and angry at the adults who can be so mean and destroy innocent kids life. Education is the way and more control, I think.

I did also reach my red light here in Spain this week. A lot of pets are not being treated like they deserve either. Many people look at their pets like a toy, they can throw away, when they get tired. This really harm me so much. There are dogs without owners in the towns and cities. When people get tired or can’t afford to feed them any longer, they just throw them out. If the pet is very lucky, there will be some other people with more kind hearts, who will take care of them, otherwise they can try to live as a wild dog or die by starving. And the same for the cats, they are so cute, when they are kittens, but people don’t think about they will grow up and still need a good home, food and love.

There is also kind souls here, who wish their pets the best. They keep my hope up. Education is the way – also here.

As you can see, my emotions have been at work in this week, what about yours?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

and Love is in da blog by Bee, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: opposites in emotion. If trying to come up with two opposites before you start is too much thinking, try writing about one emotion and see if the opposite comes out of your stream of consciousness naturally. Sounds like fun, eh? Give it a try!

Strange emotions – This post is a part of SoCS


Today I have spend reading blogs and some of them I needed to read again, because my concentration has been very bad. Yesterday we had a fire in the nature, close to our house. You can read more about the fire in my post from the morning today. I use to write this prompt Saturday, but were out of the house caused the fire.

My thoughts has been flying today. As another blogger wrote to me, you never know, how it is to stand in a situation with fire and need to escape, before you try it yourself. It is tough and my first post today was written very confusing, I was very much beside myself.

When something like this happen, the life come into a relief, where the most important things in life show their face.

I have been in bad life situations before, where panic and anxiety also showed their faces. Not fun, but I did learn a lot from all those situations, at least enough not to repeat them.

I have been so mad, that I saw red and needed to calm myself very much down not to do something really stupid. From that I learned patience and to avoid to come in that kind of situations again. But also not to show patience, when it was not necessary.

Earlier I was very patient, which I am not any longer. Patient yes, but not more than necessary. I have learnt to trust myself and my intuition, which has safed my life more than one time.

Linda gave us an extra challenge today, we could choose to write without editing at all, which I have done here.

I hope, that you enjoyed reading.



This post is part of SoCS:

The prompt this weekend: Read, Read or Red

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