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This is my life – for now


Dear Reader

I haven’t been posting much since I came home from the hospital. Until now, I didn’t find either the needed inspiration or energy for creating new jewelry

In general, I don’t have much energy yet, which also mean, that I need to plan good, when there are things, as are necessary to get done, to save my power best possible, just to be able to do something

For this, I’m not much at WordPress yet, but I do visit and read so many posts, as I can every day

I do still go to control for my health at several doctors. They do all seem to be competent in each their areas. I have been told, that I will need to have much patience, it can take up to 2 years, before I will be in a good shape again. I find this as a really long time to wait and I don’t feel very patient either

The weather, where I live in Spain, is very good now. The last days, we have had up to 27 degrees C. I have been enjoying my garden together with my 2 old cats, Bølle & Hvide and my dog, Odin. It is really nice to be able to enjoy a blue sky and clearly sunshine 😀  It is also nice to sit and knit in my garden

I do my meditation, when I feel for this. I hope to get back to yoga again in short time, at least to some gentle yoga. I met my teacher few days ago and he offered me to come and get a single hour of gentle yoga with him, for what I became happy for. I do know, that both yoga and meditation will help me to feel much better again

I have been “catching” two different kind of new infections inside the last weeks and got antibiotic for both, which always make me feel tired, so of course there are reasons for not having so much energy yet

For now I try my best to boost my immune system by vitamins, minerals and healthy food daily. Do you have any special advice for boosting ones energy level? If so, please tell me and thank you in advance



Wish all of you a beautiful weekend


Dear Reader


Sunset seen against east yesterday in Spain

I’m sorry, that I don’t come so much around visiting blogs, as I use to. My energy level is very low at the moment, why I don’t do so much, as I use to, not either my nature posts. I will be back, when I feel the energy again. Know that you are in my mind and I try my best to visit as many blogs, as I follow and as I can.

In the meanwhile I do my best to recharge my energy in the nature and create new jewelry, when possible.

The weather here in Spain, where I live are going against autumn and my body is not so satisfied with this, even I feel, that it is now possible to walk long walks again without being exhausted by the heat. Like many people with rheumatism my body needs to warm up, before I’m able to do so much. This I almost forgot in the nice summertime, where I only had problems in very wet periods.

I wish all of you a great weekend



Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is an amazing and beautiful gemstone. The most common is the single terminated, 6-sided and a pointer in one end.

Rock Crystal belongs to our Crown Chakra – and are useable for all our chakras. It seems like seeing the indefinitely for me, when I use this wonderful crystal. I see white healing light and if I hold it up to daylight, it is possible to see all colors inside it.

Rock Crystal is a perfect beginners gemstone, learn it to know and then use it together with all other gemstones. This is a very good help, because Rock Crystal help us seeing clearly, like seeing our soul in a mirror. By use it will change appearance, so try to take a photo, when you buy a Rock Crystal, and after using it for a long time, take another photo and try to compare the photos.

Rock Crystal are used in many kind of electronic too, because of its ability to transform energy.

I use Rock Crystal to open up my intuitive talents, when I feel, I need to see some specific things or just life more clearly or objective, which is not always easy. It helps me to just sit with the gemstone in my hands, close my eyes and then mind about my questions. The answers come, when I do it this way.

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