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Entrance to my life – This post is a part of SoCS

The sea seen from a beach close to my new house


I do love to walk by the beach no matter what time at the year. Sometimes it is very quiet and other times more alive like here at my photo. My emotions look much like the sea, sometimes in inner peace and other times flying around without being able to find myself. To walk by the beach help me to find my inner peace. It is so beautiful and the smell of saltwater helps to clean my mind.

As you may know, I did have a movement short time ago, my 4. here in Spain. I do really hope to stay in this new house for years. The other places was not optimal places to live, only for short periods of my life.

Here we have a big rustical house in the middle of the nature with more than one hectar soil, as need some good hands and a lot of work. No one needs to be bored by staying here, there are more than enough to do in this big garden. We have many kind of fruit trees and I will show you photos, when they are mostly beautiful to look at. We have a hens house here too with four hens and one cock, so we do also get some eggs and now one little new chicken and several on the way 🙂

My big puppy enjoy his new area with so much space and my cats love to explore their new area. Already now they have caught one ratt, several mice and one mole. I don’t like they are hunting the birds and it is rare, they are catching a bird, which makes me happy.

I enjoy to meditate in the nature here and are able to find my inner peace. Just to sit and enjoy the beauty in the nature helps me to came down. The birds music are nice to listen to and the cock take good care, that no one ever forget him and his wives.

I have lived and moved a lot in my life, it seems to be difficult for me to find a place, where I can feel right home and wish to stay in for a longer time. By experience I found out, that I did need to find the inner peace in myself, before I also was able to find it in a house. I think that was the most important reason to have so many movements in my life. Yes, I have also had movements because of a new job, but most of them did have other reasons.

I use meditation to find myself and what I wish to bring into my life. The law of attraction as I did write about before, was working very well here. I did wish for a house in the nature, close to a beach, not too far away from a town, a big garden filled with different fruit trees and a lot of posibilities for development after own wishes. After a while we found this house. It is not perfect at all, but has it’s own charm and handicaps. But I love to stay here, which for me is the most important. I feel home and I really hope that feeling will continue for me.

I’m lucky to come from a country, where it was possible to get a pension, when I was not able to work any longer in my life, even I’m not so old. Because of my turbulent life circumstances with many challenges and last a bad depression after too much stress being independent with own company. I was lucky to be able to bring my pension and move to another country, from Denmark to Spain, where I enjoy the good weather with a lot more of sunshine, than I have lived with before. The weather here is also much better for my health and I enjoy to be able to go to the local market and buy frest vegetables and fruits, which keep me more healthy.

Now I can relax and use my time as I wish to. I try to find a new rhythm in my life in the new house, where I have time for daily meditations, to be creative in several ways and develop my new world filled with new posibilities.

By my life experiences I did learn how important it is to say stop for bad stress, the positive stress is okay, but when it goes to bad stress, it is important to take a break and find out, what to do with our lives. Something needs a change, if we don’t wish to be sick by stress, please remember this Dear Readers, I do really know, how much harm bad stress can do. Today I can’t stand any kind of stress, why I’m not able to take care of a job any longer. Where to find a job without any kind of stress??? Not easy, I promise I did try.

Take very good care of both your physical and mental health to have a good life, both are very important. If you don’t take good care of yourself and go down in one or another way, then who will take care of the ones you love and who should be the most important in your life???

I hope you did enjoy reading. This topic will continue next weekend.


This post is part of SoCS:

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