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New Jewelry Creations – 7 Photos

Dear Reader & Follower

As you may know, I love creating and like to experiment with diffrent kinds of Jewelry. All the Jewelry you see here today, are available in my Etsy Shop at:


I will show you some of my latest creations here:

ImageSterling 925 Silver Bracelet with Glass Beads and Silver Charms


ImageSilver Hook Earrings with South American Orange Topaz


ImageSilver Anklet with Turquoise & Butterflies


ImageSilver Necklace with Pink Howlite Drops


ImageSterling 925 Silver Bracelet with Glass Beads & Silver Charms


ImageSilver Bracelet with Blue Rhinestones Teardrops


ImageSilver Bracelet with Green Howlite Drops


Remember to enjoy your life, tell the people you care for, about your feelings, while you are able to tell and they are able to listen. Nothing to regret.

Remember also to dream, and live your dreams out, even it is not always so easy to do, as to say, but important for yourself.

Wish all of you a nice day / evening










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