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Sunrise & Birds in Spain – 6 Photos


Sunrise this morning in Spain


For some days we have seen big clouds of birds at our morning walk. It is Starlings and they fly in huge groups


As you see, they land at the cables and sit there to study, where now to fly


They fly down at the Artichoke fields in groups, stay there for short time and then up again


I tried my best to zoon to see them better and you can see all the colors as they also have


I hope that you enjoyed our little walk

I do have a cold and bronchitis at the moment and will not be much online, before I feel better again. It is a very bad time now in the middle of my move, but I hope the best.


Artichokes in Spain – 6 Photos


Short time ago I showed you photos from the fields with Artichokes. Then there were no flowers to see and now they are almost ready for start harvesting again. The areas with Artichokes are very big and I did photograph from different places at our morning walk


Many people don’t know, how to prepare Artichokes, so they will be very delicious to enjoy. I bring one of my recipes, as use to be a nice way to enjoy them

If you can afford to buy many, while they are fair in price, I will recommend you to serve them alone as a first dish. Otherwise use them together with your other food

Bring a big pot to boil with water and 1 spoon of salt

When the water is boiling, put the washed Artichokes in the water, cover the pot and let it boil around 20 minutes. If your Artichokes are very big, boil for 30 minutes.

While the Artichokes are boiling, you prepare butter in slices for each to use beside the artichokes. If you like, you can create butter with green spices.

Let the Artichokes drip of in a colander and place them in a big plate.

I enjoy the Artichokes by taking one leaf a time, place a little butter at this and suck out, what is inside the leaf together with the butter. The bottom of the Artichokes is a delicatesse, enjoy this with butter too.

I hope, you will enjoy Artichokes, just as I do 😀 IMG_20151118_082230


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