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Flowering Cactus in Spain – 6 Photos


Odin waited for me to take photos and he war really patient 😀


We have many kind of cactus in the nature in Spain. At the moment several of them are flowering and I find the flowers very beautiful

wpid-img_20150520_190013.jpg wpid-img_20150520_190044.jpg wpid-img_20150520_190047.jpg wpid-img_20150523_182148.jpg

This cactus has the red cactus fruits as are very tasteful, just you clean them for needles before enjoying 😉

I hope you enjoyed our cactus walk


The Spring is comming to Spain – 2 photos

At one of the walks here I found this beautiful Almond Tree. It is just started flowering and I really love to see this. It is the first sign here, that the Spring is on the way. 

Image There are two trees here, but the big one is the most beautiful right now.

Image Here you can see the flowers at the Almond Tree closer to.

It is possible to get a good close up at my nature photos by double click them.

I’m really looking forward to the Spring. The Winter has been very cold here, without snow, but a lot of wind and cold. I love the sunshine in the Spring here, not too warm or cold. Just very comfortable.

Tomorrow I will show you some of my new creative designs of Jewelry, working at them now.

Enjoy our nature, it is really beautiful, no matter the weather, just we look to find.



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