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Dear Reader

Dear New Readers & Followers

I do remember, how it was as being a new blogger. We just wish to get many new followers and this very fast. There are many ways to find new followers and you can read about some of the better ways here:

Please read this post:

Sometimes we can think, that the best we can do to another blogger is to follow them, but no, this is not the case. I hope, that you understand better now.

Best Wishes and Welcome to my blog


Dear Readers & New Followers


Sunrise in a cloudy morning in October in Spain

Dear Readers & New Followers

For my readers, I will ask you a favor; I have experienced to get into WP’s spam jail in several cases in the last week, which I don’t understand, I use to write personal comments, also to avoid this jail. Will you kindly check out your spam mail and assure to free me from this jail, if you also find me in there? I appreciate my freedom so very much 🙂

For new readers, I have some advice, if you wish to get new readers and followers; Visit a lot of blogs, like and comment at posts before you just decide to follow a new blog. What I see, when you just become a new follower of my blog, without even have liked one single post, you just wish me to follow back, which I will not do in this way.

If you wish to connect with me, then comment at my posts and I will visit your blog too and maybe also like and comment at your posts, if I find something interesting.

I have been blogging since May 2013 and I do follow many blogs, more than 700, which are many blogs to try to follow up with. I do also sort out sometimes, because the blogger change their theme or they way of blogging, so I don’t find the blog interesting for me any longer. We are all developing by time, which is very natural.

I don’t follow new blogs very often any longer. I visit, maybe like and comment in many blogs, as I don’t follow, for a long time, before I decide to maybe follow this blogger. Of course there are few exceptions, if your blog are very attractive to me, maybe we share some interests or the blog is one, as I can’t resist to follow.

When you have been blogging for long time, you will get better understanding of, what I write about here. I find it rude not to visit the bloggers, as I do follow, at least sometimes. If I choose just to follow all of you back, I will never get a chance to visit the ones, as I already are following.

I do know and remember, how difficult it can feel to be a new blogger in our blogging world and just wish to get a lot of followers. This is something, as we need to earn, just like respect. Nothing is given by itself, we need to do something ourselves first.

If you write or create interesting posts, then visit and comment at others blog, you will start to connect in our wonderful community. From there you will get new followers by time. The better posts as you bring at your blog, the more followers you will get.

I do really hope to bring some understanding to new souls in our blogging world. You are more than welcome in here and we all love to connect with new souls.

Peace & Love to all of you


Dear Readers – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Dear Readers

As you might know, I have been away from blogging caused my Son’s visit here in May. Since then I have tried my best to catch up at all your blogs to follow, what has been going on, while I was away.

This seem to be very difficult for me and I found out why. There are so many wonderful blogs in here and I checked up, how many I was following, there are 721 blogs, then I understood why I found it difficult to reach all.

I still have problems by using my tablet and WordPress App, best as I sit and read your posts, it just lock and I need to restart the tablet, go to my Reader and UPS now there are new posts to read, where is this one, I just tried to read? Away…..

This is very annoying and I really do my best to catch all of you, but you will need to keep your patience for a long while, I think, because I don’t know, how to read so many blogs very often. I promise to do my best.

If you think it is long time ago, I visited your blog, then give me a visit and like or comment and I will be back. I have tried to search for some of the special blogs, as I often like to read, but I can’t find you. So much are changed here at WP, new updates all the time and not for the good, not always.

I don’t know from where, that WP sort out, what we can read from our PC, Tablet or Phones, but I could wish, that no one post more than few posts per hour, because if you do and I open my tablet in same time, I only get to read your posts, because they only show me the last 20 posts at time. This can be a reason for me to unfollow you, because I find it very difficult to catch up and read at all the blogs I follow, if you post many posts in one time. Not because I don’t like your blog, but I need to use my tablet for most of my reading, which gives me problems.

We have nice weather here in Spain now, which I also love to enjoy outdoor with coffee at my terrace.

Keep up your good mood and enjoy every day you get.



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ke.”  Use the letter combination at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the word you choose to base your post on. Heck, make up your own word if you’d like! Enjoy!


Welcome to all my new Followers & Readers.

If i didn’t visit you yet, please be patient, I will visit your blog 🙂 And maybe also follow, if I find we have something in interest to exchange and learn each other in a good way.

I don’t follow all back, because I do read your blog and your About. When I deside to follow a blogger, I do also read and comment, when I feel that I have something to say.

If you are writing about your religion and this is an important topic at your blog, I will not follow you. I am living spiritual and maybe I think and live in another way. Your blog is great anyway, it is yours 🙂

I would like to ask some of you, who are writing with very small letters at your blog, if it is possible to change your letters to a little more big? You are writing something as I find interesting, otherwise I would not follow you, but I find it very difficult to read those small letters and jump away fast, not to get headache caused the small letters. I would really like to read more at your blog 😉 

At the moment I have only PC access in the evening, because I need our generator to work to have electricity. The rest of the day I use my Tablet and I’m not able to do the same from this like I can by my PC. I think they still need to develope a lot to the Apps, as we are offered from many places.

My first language are not English, so please understand that I don’t write perfect, but do my best to improve myself every day.

Thank you for joining in here and have a wonderful day or evening up to, where ever you are in our world.


Dear Followers

Sunset seen in our area


Dear Reader & Followers

I have noticed that I have lost bloggers, as I used to follow. I do follow many blogs and not all are posting daily, so it takes a little time before I find out, who I am missing posts from in my Reader.

I think this might be a mistake from WordPress, but I don’t like to miss my good blogs, just because they make some mistakes.

If I did follow you before and don’t do it now, please give me a message, so I can follow you again.

I didn’t stop following any blogs and I try my best to read so much as possible and comment, when I have something to say. I appologize if I lost your blog in that way.


Dear New Followers

I’m very happy and feel honored to see so many new followers. I will visit your blogs so soon I have the time. I follow back, if your blog seems interesting for me. We can’t all have the same interests so please don’t feel bad, if I don’t follow back. I will still visit your blog again.

I hope for your patience, thank you and Welcome to IreneDesign2011.


I wish you a wonderful day/night after where you are in our world.


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