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Good intentions

Short time ago I did deside to try being creative and wished to create a calendar for a very good friend.

Then I downloaded a free trial of a program to see, if it was worth buying.

I found photos from this friends website to use in the calendar and thought, when I did insert those photos, that they would be placed in total size, but NO they did not, the program cutted the photos in places, where I absolutely not wished them to cut.

Unfortunately I sent the calendar directly to my friend from the program without being able to see the mistakes, before I sent.

I bought new glasses just before Christmas for reading and I needed long time to get used to those much stronger glasses and had problems for long time to see very well. I suppose this was the reason, that I didn’t see the mistake.

So even we can have the best intentions to be good friends and wish to spread happiness, sometimes it goes wrong. One thing, as I learned by this was to check again and again, before I send anything to avoid mistakes in my gifts.



Silver Hook Earrings with Rock Crystal

Silver Hook Earrings with Rock Crystal

Do you prefer silver or gold for your jewelry? Or maybe something else?
Please tell me, I love to be inspired, thanks.

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Enjoy your life,

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