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Nice creations and beautiful roses


Golden hooks with striped agate

I was very happy when finding these wonderful agates, as you can see on the photo. They are so beautiful and can be used in many kinds of jewelry.

The spring with all it’s nice colors is so very inspiring. After seeing this tree with roses, I created some jewelry in happy colors, as you can see here.


As you might have noticed by now, I like to work with different kind of materials for my jewelry – and here you may see a pair of earrings in silver.


The hooks are in silver and the stones are from orange cat eye

In general all my earrings with silver hooks are made of Sterling 925, and the golden earrings are nickel- and leadfree.

If you find anything interesting, you are of course always welcome to contact me 🙂 !

Have a wonderful day !

– Irene.


Golden leafs

Here you can see some of my new creations, the golden color I found inspiration for in the nature, as right now are filled with the most beautiful colors.

I dream about to create my jewelry with all those colors in mind. Like an adventure with the most beautiful colors and forms.

I love all the possibilities, as the wonderful gemstones gives me for creating many kinds of jewelry.

I’m always open for finding new gemstones, both small and big, they are great to work with. I do also use them in my meditations and for healing, but that is another story.

You are very welcome to tell me, if you like my jewelry or come up med new ideas.

Have a nice Saturday and enjoy.

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