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Golden Tuesday

Today I will show you some earrings without gemstones:

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Moon


ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with leaves


ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Sun


The earrings today are a little different from usual, but I create many different kinds. I hope, that you like them anyway.


I found this beautiful red rose today:



Enjoy the Summer and have a nice day





A new weeks experiments

Today I  created some earrings, as you can see here:

ImageSilver hook earrings with orange striped Agate and white Cat eye


ImageSilver hook earrings with green Jade


ImageGolden hook earrings with facetted Ruby and Pearl


Today I created at new Facebook site, as you can find here:

I have a competition at my Facebook, you are welcome to join.


At one of the walks with Odin, I found this beautiful flower:



I wish all of you an exciting day.




Outdoor Wednesday

Today I have been outside most of the day. I enjoy to be able to be creative outside too. Then I’m able to enjoy the sun and let the inspiration work in same time.

Today I will show you some golden earrings:Image
Golden hook earrings with pink Seashell

ImageGolden hook with pink Bubble

Golden hooks with Strawberry Quartz and Rock Crystal

I feel happy, when I can see my creations take their form and become beautiful, and I really hope, that you like them too.

I will update at my Etsy Shop very often, so keep an eye, if you love beautiful jewelry too.

This funny flower I found today at a walk with Odin:


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


Golden Sunday

When Odin and I were out at one of our walks today, we found a beautiful Almond Tree, as you can see in the end of this blog today. The almonds are so big now, I wonder how big they will become, when we can harvest them in october. Exciting.

Here I will show you my latest creations in golden earrings:

ImageGolden hook earrings with malakite and white pearl


Golden hook earrings with white bubble coral

ImageGolden hook earrings with striped agate and green pearls

I hope, you also enjoy this nice and warm time at the year, I do, appreciate so much to see the sun and feel the sunshine, when I walk outside. Become so happy.


I wish all of you a wonderful day.





Golden Inspiration

I have had a wonderful and active day today. Created new earrings, necklaces and a ring, as you can see in my Etsy Shop, check the link My Etsy Shop 

Of course I also will show you some of my new creations, you can look here:


Golden hoop earrings with dangle of Black Striped Agate

ImageGolden hoop earrings with dangle of Rhodocrosite

ImageSilver hook earrings with Old Chinese Jade

At one of our walks outside today, I found this nice fig tree. The figs are really big, already now. I’m looking forward to taste them, when they are ready.

ImageI wish all of you a wonderful day.






Flying mind

Today my mind has been flying. Thoughts about travelling, the last times to Malta, which is a wonderful Island, worth visiting. Then to Barcelona to visit my boyfriend and now I live in Spain. Yes, life is exciting. We need to follow our dreams, then we don’t need regrets later in life…

I will show you some new jewelry:

ImageGolden hoops with pink cateye pendant

ImageLeather brachelet with glass beads and silver heart

ImageSilver hoops with blue cateye pendant

I love to travel and explore our World. Have seen a little part of it, and hope that I may see more and find new inspiration for use at my creative way.

I found some nice wild flowers, while I was out with Odin today, as you may see here:


Wish all of you a wonderful day. Remember to live, while you are able to do.






Happy New Creations

After a busy weekend, where I created new exciting jewelry and tried new experiments, now I’m ready to show you some of these.

ImageHere you may see a Golden chain with pendant of golden heart and a blue Vein Agate

Imageand here Golden hook earrings with pendant of facetted amethyst and golden leaves.

I’m very excited about my new shop at Etsy. I will upload new jewelry regulary, so you just visit, when you feel like. You are very welcome.

Imageand here you see a Peace Set, necklace and earrings in silver

One more photo from our beautiful nature in Spain:



Have a beautiful Monday






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