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Cher wrote a post about Gratitude yesterday and asked us to tell about our gratitudes for the day, which I will answer her here:

I feel Gratitude for:

Being alive today – given one more day

To be able to take care of myself

To have a wonderful family – even we live far apart

To have my boyfriend

To see my two old cats feeling good

To see Odin become more mature day by day – he is now 2½ years, not adult yet

To have few good friends – with whom I have contact, when we have the abundance 

To be able to use my senses – so I can enjoy our beautiful nature

That my health not are going worse

That I can take photos to enjoy later – and maybe share in here

Enough for today

You should visit Cher, she has a great blog 😀


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A happy life

Many people think, that they need to do this or get this or have this etc. to be able to live a happy life. This is not necessary

To live a happy life demands that we decide for ourselves, that we will stay happy from we wake up in the morning, don’t think negative but transform the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This sound very easy, but it demand that we really have a wish to stay happy

For me it was a decision about living my life in a positive way and not let myself interrupt or disturb by negative surrounding people. We can’t agree with all about all things, this is not possible, if we are independent souls. Even the people we choose to live together with will have some other opinions, than we have and that is okay

When we learn a new partner to know, we are in love and temporary crazy, we don’t see the partners less attractive attitudes, but by time we find out, that no one is perfect. Don’t try to change your partner, but be the change you wish to see yourself

Maybe the one or other have a negative view at life. There can be many reasons for that, but we need to remember, that we can only live our own life and not our partners. So even we love our partner, it can be difficult to live with a person, which personality seems to be different from ours, why it can feel like necessary to do something good for ourselves

This could be to take the decision about to stay positive so much as possible

If you find this very difficult, then start with 5 minuts per day, where you don’t complain, talk or think negative. For every day you take 5-10 minuts extra with no complaining, negative talk or thinking. After a while your mind will start to think much more positive than before

Other ways to support our new life style could be to remember to be grateful. Write down for what you are grateful, remember to thank other people, when they do something for you or to help you. Also your kids, if they carry out their cup or plate after dinner. No matter what – be grateful

No one life are perfect and all of us have a bad day or a bad experience. When this happens it is very nice to think back for what we have to be grateful. We are alive, we get yet another day, we can eat every day, we have a bed, a place to live, a job, family, friends etc. Not all are so lucky – so be grateful

By time your life will transform to a more satisfying life, where your surroundings will see you grow as a flower and this is the best way to live for yourself. You need to live for you – not for others. We come to our earth alone – and we will leave alone. So live your life as you wish to live it. We can’t change all our life in one day, but dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. We can’t just be 30 years younger, but we can live a satisfying and happy life anyway.

Are you ready to live a happy life?



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 1/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ready.”  Have fun!

Friends – This post is part of SoCS


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Love Is In Da Blog

Badge by Bee

I feel very grateful for all the new bloggers, where many became friends by time, as I have met here at WordPress. Have been here since May 2013.

As you might know, I relocated to Spain in 2012 and to a very deserted area, which made it difficult to meet new friends. Later I found out, that many Spanish families have more than enough in themselves. Maybe because I lived far away from turist areas, turists use to prefer either beaches or big cities. So new friends here were more than difficult to find. I was close to give up, when my daughter who also is expat, but in Germany, gave me the idea to start a blog and maybe meet new friends this way. I’m her forever grateful for that idea.

I found it a little difficult in the beginning, because I spoke English in my daily life but long time since I used it for writing. This gave some funny posts at my blog, but all here were very kind to try to understand, what I tried to express.

Danish is my first language, then English and later German and since Spanish, which I still try to learn to express better. One thing is to learn another language, another thing is to use it often, otherwise we forget the taught. I have knowledge to some other languages too, but not enough to be able to use them.

Here at WordPress I have found several new friends, which has helped me to stay more mental healthy for my first years here without friends. Some of these blogger friends I got to know better and found out, that online friendships are very valuable for me, as I live here. They have taught me so much by both their writing and photos. I have seen much of the world through the blog and enjoyed this so very much.

Thank you to all my new blogging friends for being here and share your world, also with me.



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Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: acquaint and/or friend. Use one, use both, add prefixes or suffixes, but whatever you do, have fun!

New Goals – This post is part of SoCS

Many of this weeks bloggers made me think a lot, deep thinking because of some great blogposts!

One of you, Sue from  It Goes On, came up with a great idea about Achievements and Gratitude for the coming week. Thanks for your inspiration Sue for this post 😀

Sue wrote about Achievements and Gratitude for the week, which inspired me to think about, how I maybe could be able to implement this in my life too.

Unfortunately, I need to think about a movement more in close future, so I have a lot in mind and some troubles about how to achieve anything at all, when I have so much to do and so little energy and abundance to get all done.

I will try my best to make an Achievement list here, and if I’m not able in the next week, some posts will go on to the week after again.


Achievements for the coming week:

Create new collection of beautiful jewelry

End sewing projects from bag no. 1 – and yes I have several

Practice yoga at least one time a day – great for both my physical and mental condition

Practice meditation every day – helps to keep my mind healthy

Walk, play and train with my wonderful dog Odin every day – he is still a puppy at now 18 month and he needs this attention and I need a great dog for his lifetime, as I hope to be for many years

Prepare healthy meals every day – it is not difficult with all the nice vegetables as are able to buy now, also local

Start to bake bread again – even it is very warm now


I will do my best to remember all, I have to show my Gratitude for:

I have a home, even I will need to exchange it

My good boyfriend, who knows when to give me space when I need so

My lovely daughter, as always try to be there for me, for many reasons – she knows

My wonderful pets, both Odin and my two wonderful cats as always are there for me, when I feel the need to stay close to them

I got a new customer in my Etsy Shop

I received a great review from a customer, as I have sold to several times, thanks Paula

I still have family and I feel very grateful for that


I think, this covered mostly of what I feel would be the right for my coming week. 

What is on your lists for the week?


I hope you enjoyed reading,



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Body & Mind – This post is a part of SoCS

We need to treat our body and mind in a healthy way to live a life able to join life without health problems.

For my body I use to take walks with my dog and practice yoga, which helps me to be able to use my body also when I have pain by Osteoarthritis. If I just sit and don’t move around my body will get worse and worse. Instead I try my best with yoga, where I get stretched my body all the right places.

For my mind I use meditation and gratitude. I do use meditation two  times a day, if possible and when I go to bed I think about all the things I have to be grateful for. I try to find so much as possible and give my thanks to our universe.

In my daily life I do my best to stay positive, smile and don’t judge anyone. We do all have a history and I’m not the one to judge you.

All these ways of behavior help me to treat my body and mind in a healthy way, of course I can do a lot more, but I can’t do all in one time, so step by step.

What do yo do to treat your body and mind healthy? I would like to know, maybe we can inspire each other 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading. This topic will continue in next weekend,



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