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Flying Emotions – This post is a part of SoCS


My emotions do often look like this sea


I feel, that I’m in a powerful personal development at this time. I try to remember everything as needed to be done, but it is not easy. My mind fly and my emotions follow in same way. It is sometimes very annoying.

I would like to be better to keep my concentration and to strength this I practise yoga and meditation.

I think that I have too many things going on in one time, so I need to slow down to avoid stress, which again creates bad concentration. I like to have a lot of projects going on, but sometimes I do have too many. It is not easy to admit, that I don’t have the same strength as when I was younger.

By age we become more mature, mostly of us, and with this do also follow more security and trust both to life and to ourselves. We have got to learn, what we are good to do and found some limits, where we never will be no. one.

I think this is okay, even I find it difficult to accept, when I can see, that this I’m not go at.

As some of you know, I love to be creative and produce a lot for myself.

  1.  It can be in the kitchen, where I prefer to bake my own bread and make our food from scratch, when I have the abundance
  2. Creating jewelry of many kinds
  3. Sew clothes and accessories
  4. Knitting, crochet and embroidery
  5. Paint pictures, where I have a lot to learn yet, but I love the process
  6. Work and learn new by help from my PC

I feel, that both my mind and my emotions are flying, I have so many things that I would like to do every day, but the day is not long enough and I don’t have either the needed energy or abundance for even half of my “wanted to make” projects. This result in some frustration, because I’m very good to write a list about, what I would like to have done, both for my house and to empty out in my taller, but of course also because I love to be creative.

Now I have started to make a list for a week or maybe for a month with what is needed to be done instead. Then I can make a mark, when I have done those things. This did help me a lot, so instead of feeling bad for what I did not do, I can just look at list and tell myself, that this list becomes shorter and shorter and feel satisfied for what is ended.

When I have something in my house, i really need to have done, I need not to go to my taller and start up anything, because I forget everything about time and place, when I work creative. So I use to do all the necessary things first and then I have free time for myself to do, what ever I feel for today.

So some days I create jewelry for many hours and make a collection of a kind and other times I create one jewelry that day. Up to my inspiration and abundance that day.

I think it is important to find a personal way for each of us to find out, how it is possible to use our days in the best way for us. I feel, that I have so many ideas, I would like to let out and try, but I need to end my old projects one by one first. Almost 😀

How do you plan your days, also to find time enough for doing what you really love to do? Speak out, maybe we can inspire each other and learn new. I would love to.

I hope you enjoyed reading. This prompt will continue in next weekend.



This post is part of SoCS:

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