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My Granddaughter

Elin og Mor 1

Meet my daughter Claire and my new Granddaughter Elin

My daughter gave birth the 2. of March

Elin 1

Little Elin few days old

Elin 4

Elin arrives home

Elin 7

Life is good

Elin 2

Elin looks quite awake 😀 

Elin 6

Elin sleeps with the blanket from Grandma

Elin 3

Happy Elin

Elin 5

Thoughtful Elin


I hope, that you enjoyed to meet my Granddaughter. I feel privileged to get two Grandkids inside such short time and wish, that I was able to just travel and visit them, but this must wait a while yet

I have taken a break from blogging, I’m not away, but need time and abundance and will be back in short time again


My Grandson

Klaus og Milan 3

Here you see my son Klaus with his son Milan, short after the birth

Milan 1

Little Milan

Klaus og Milan 4

Just arrived home

Milan 4

Cute Milan

Klaus og Milan 2

Milan & Dad

Milan 3

Milan is growing so fast

Milan 2

Milan for his first Christmas

I haven’t visited my little Grandson yet, but it will come in the new year

I hope, that you enjoyed to see my Grandson and sorry for letting you wait for so long time

Happy New Year to all of you




Last News


Today I wish to share my joy with you 😀

Last night I became a Grandma. My son and his girlfriend got a little boy. This is really huge for me. This is my first Grand Kid and I feel so very happy

In short time, I will bring up some photos of the little boy

If you have followed my blog for longer time, you know, that I have two adult kids, a young man and a young woman. Both of them decided to get kids now, my daughter is pregnant and should give birth in February, so the happiness will be double up 😀

While I lay in ICU in the hospital, both of my kids visited me here in Spain. When I woke up, they both gave me these gifts by telling me, I would become 2 x Grandma, which absolutely gave me more to live and fight for. This I had in mind, while I did practice to learn everything from scratch again, like how to walk and eat by myself

Of course I wish to travel and visit the little new family in Denmark, when I can in near future

Live every day – tomorrow is never for sure



Citrine for Happiness

Citrine is good for supporting our soul and by that also our happiness. Citrine is often used to exams, because it helps us to focus and calm down. I created few different items with Citrine for you to choose, what you prefer. This Citrine is my own, as I photographed to share the beauty with you

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop and find more inspiration, both for gifts and for gifting yourself 🙂

Wish you a happy weekend


-ing – This post is part of SoCS

SoCS badge 2015

Living in an often tough world is really a challenge. Even with a positive attitude and mind it can feel like too much sometimes.

We do all need to face the daily challenges and with a positive mind it is more easy to get through and over. Positive people do also have problems, they just don’t let them take all the attention, while negative people almost go totally down, when they face new problems. They are not always able to see solutions, why it also becomes more difficult to go through.

For a great part we are responsible for our own health and do also need to work mentally with ourselves, when we become very sick. An inner soul wash can be necessary to find a way out of this sickness. What worse is, when some of our beloved ones become very sick, then we are not responsible for their life, unless it is our kids, as we still are responsible for. It is very difficult to see and hear beloved ones become serious sick, we can’t do much to support them, if they don’t wish to listen. Or other people work against our way of help and support for the sick one. My thoughts goes out to a very dear friend in here, who is really fighting now. You know, who you are and know, that you are very loved.

We do all choose our own path in life, how we wish to live and also do this for real. Like when we were young and were filled with dreams for our future. Back then not many of us were so sick, as we often see, when we become older.

Back then we had dreams and when we think back for serious, how many of those dreams were lived out? Or did we allow others to close down our dreams and live their dreams instead? It is never too late to live out our dreams and they do change by years, so your dreams are possibly different today. Who are limiting you? Often it is yourself and if not, it is time to take responsibility for your our life and happiness now.

When I look at myself, I do see those limits too and most of all, I set up those limits for myself. Then I ask myself; What prevent you from doing this right now? Not much, I just need to kick myself most of the times.

Dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. I do have dreams, as I wish to live out. One day it is too late and I wish to be in front of that.

What about you and your dreams? Do you live out your dreams? What are you dreaming?



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Ready – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

A happy life

Many people think, that they need to do this or get this or have this etc. to be able to live a happy life. This is not necessary

To live a happy life demands that we decide for ourselves, that we will stay happy from we wake up in the morning, don’t think negative but transform the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This sound very easy, but it demand that we really have a wish to stay happy

For me it was a decision about living my life in a positive way and not let myself interrupt or disturb by negative surrounding people. We can’t agree with all about all things, this is not possible, if we are independent souls. Even the people we choose to live together with will have some other opinions, than we have and that is okay

When we learn a new partner to know, we are in love and temporary crazy, we don’t see the partners less attractive attitudes, but by time we find out, that no one is perfect. Don’t try to change your partner, but be the change you wish to see yourself

Maybe the one or other have a negative view at life. There can be many reasons for that, but we need to remember, that we can only live our own life and not our partners. So even we love our partner, it can be difficult to live with a person, which personality seems to be different from ours, why it can feel like necessary to do something good for ourselves

This could be to take the decision about to stay positive so much as possible

If you find this very difficult, then start with 5 minuts per day, where you don’t complain, talk or think negative. For every day you take 5-10 minuts extra with no complaining, negative talk or thinking. After a while your mind will start to think much more positive than before

Other ways to support our new life style could be to remember to be grateful. Write down for what you are grateful, remember to thank other people, when they do something for you or to help you. Also your kids, if they carry out their cup or plate after dinner. No matter what – be grateful

No one life are perfect and all of us have a bad day or a bad experience. When this happens it is very nice to think back for what we have to be grateful. We are alive, we get yet another day, we can eat every day, we have a bed, a place to live, a job, family, friends etc. Not all are so lucky – so be grateful

By time your life will transform to a more satisfying life, where your surroundings will see you grow as a flower and this is the best way to live for yourself. You need to live for you – not for others. We come to our earth alone – and we will leave alone. So live your life as you wish to live it. We can’t change all our life in one day, but dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. We can’t just be 30 years younger, but we can live a satisfying and happy life anyway.

Are you ready to live a happy life?



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One-Liner Wednesday

To stay happy is a choice – and it helps to keep up the good mood – also in bad days



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One-Liner Wednesday

Choose to stay happy and enjoy your time instead of staying mad and waste your life



One-Liner Wednesday by Linda, as you find here:

Life Quality


Beach photo from where I live in Spain

I have been thinking about my life quality for a longer periode, which I find healthy for the mind.

What is good life quality?

What do I wish for my life?

How do I wish to live my life?

Where are my dreams now?

Are they the same dreams as I had just few years ago?

Maybe new dreams and if so, which?

What can I do to live out my dreams?

What can limit me in my dreams?

How can I overcome the fear, as also follow when new goals come into my life?

Which souls are very important for me?

How do I handle all those questions?

Right now I really don’t know, but I feel that I need to find my inner dreams and try to live them out too.

If you have followed my blog for a while you may know, that I relocated to Spain 2½ years ago from Denmark.

I had several good reasons for this. My health needed more warm, than Denmark could offer

I found a boyfriend from Spain, as I wanted to get a chance to know much better than possible just by visiting each other

I had a dream about being expat, when I once would become a pensioner

I’m not so old, but got my pension years ago caused my life experiences and my health

My kids were adult and raised to be independent and responsable souls, so I felt it was time to live out one of my dreams about being expat, which I did

So now I ask myself, what is good life quality for me?

It is never too late to have dreams, sometimes we forget this in our daily life, there are no spare time for dreaming, but one day we find out, that something is missing and need to find out what it is

I often use my walks by the beach to think and meditate, which I find very powerful

How to be happy and stay happy?

What makes me happy?

Which thoughts and dreams did I have earlier?

It seems to be a big job to find answers at all those questions, but I think it is important to live a life, where I feel satisfied and happy etc.

To find my dreams and make them into goals

What is good life quality for you?

Wish you nice dreams


The Small Things – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

The Small Things in life is often the most unseen, which I think is sad, because it is those small things as make our lives to what seems to be lives with both happiness and sadness.

When I walk by the beach I try to notice all the stones, shells and what else to find at the beach. Every time we have tide, we can find new treasures from the sea. The sea is changing second by second, so the view I had today will be another for tomorrow, even I stay same place tomorrow.

For me this is to stay in the moment here and now and just enjoy. Nothing about the past or tomorrow, just now…

To get up in the morning, open the window and hear the birds happy singing is for me a nice way to wake up. When I get up, I have my two old cats and Odin who all wish to say good morning and get/give kisses and hugs. How can I wish for a better start at the day?

When I walk in the nature, I see a lot of nice and not so nice things around me. I choose to notice the beauty, because I am not able to change the not so nice things in my environment. Every day the nature show new kinds of beauty, I just need to be awake to notice them. A new flower has found the way up or show the beautiful flower today, an orange tree was green short time ago and now the oranges are ready for eating, hey where went that time? I must have been blind, when I didn’t notice that. It is not possible to notice all we see, but by giving attention to most possible helps a lot.

What do you do to notice the small things in life? Please share…

To receive a nice message, letter etc. make me very happy, special when it comes from a loved soul. What also can boost my happiness is to do something for other souls, humans or animals. By giving a smile we spreads joy and happiness. All need kindness and sometimes we don’t have the abundance to give kindness, then it would be nice to receive other souls kindness. We never know what a soul has been or are going through.

Be kind – it is always possible – yes it is, if you wish to.



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