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One-Liner Wednesday

Choose to stay happy and enjoy your time instead of staying mad and waste your life



One-Liner Wednesday by Linda, as you find here:

Life Quality


Beach photo from where I live in Spain

I have been thinking about my life quality for a longer periode, which I find healthy for the mind.

What is good life quality?

What do I wish for my life?

How do I wish to live my life?

Where are my dreams now?

Are they the same dreams as I had just few years ago?

Maybe new dreams and if so, which?

What can I do to live out my dreams?

What can limit me in my dreams?

How can I overcome the fear, as also follow when new goals come into my life?

Which souls are very important for me?

How do I handle all those questions?

Right now I really don’t know, but I feel that I need to find my inner dreams and try to live them out too.

If you have followed my blog for a while you may know, that I relocated to Spain 2½ years ago from Denmark.

I had several good reasons for this. My health needed more warm, than Denmark could offer

I found a boyfriend from Spain, as I wanted to get a chance to know much better than possible just by visiting each other

I had a dream about being expat, when I once would become a pensioner

I’m not so old, but got my pension years ago caused my life experiences and my health

My kids were adult and raised to be independent and responsable souls, so I felt it was time to live out one of my dreams about being expat, which I did

So now I ask myself, what is good life quality for me?

It is never too late to have dreams, sometimes we forget this in our daily life, there are no spare time for dreaming, but one day we find out, that something is missing and need to find out what it is

I often use my walks by the beach to think and meditate, which I find very powerful

How to be happy and stay happy?

What makes me happy?

Which thoughts and dreams did I have earlier?

It seems to be a big job to find answers at all those questions, but I think it is important to live a life, where I feel satisfied and happy etc.

To find my dreams and make them into goals

What is good life quality for you?

Wish you nice dreams


The Small Things – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

The Small Things in life is often the most unseen, which I think is sad, because it is those small things as make our lives to what seems to be lives with both happiness and sadness.

When I walk by the beach I try to notice all the stones, shells and what else to find at the beach. Every time we have tide, we can find new treasures from the sea. The sea is changing second by second, so the view I had today will be another for tomorrow, even I stay same place tomorrow.

For me this is to stay in the moment here and now and just enjoy. Nothing about the past or tomorrow, just now…

To get up in the morning, open the window and hear the birds happy singing is for me a nice way to wake up. When I get up, I have my two old cats and Odin who all wish to say good morning and get/give kisses and hugs. How can I wish for a better start at the day?

When I walk in the nature, I see a lot of nice and not so nice things around me. I choose to notice the beauty, because I am not able to change the not so nice things in my environment. Every day the nature show new kinds of beauty, I just need to be awake to notice them. A new flower has found the way up or show the beautiful flower today, an orange tree was green short time ago and now the oranges are ready for eating, hey where went that time? I must have been blind, when I didn’t notice that. It is not possible to notice all we see, but by giving attention to most possible helps a lot.

What do you do to notice the small things in life? Please share…

To receive a nice message, letter etc. make me very happy, special when it comes from a loved soul. What also can boost my happiness is to do something for other souls, humans or animals. By giving a smile we spreads joy and happiness. All need kindness and sometimes we don’t have the abundance to give kindness, then it would be nice to receive other souls kindness. We never know what a soul has been or are going through.

Be kind – it is always possible – yes it is, if you wish to.



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda at:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “t.” Think of a word that starts with it or includes it, and write away! Have fun!

Stop giving other control about your life


Sunset seen from my window


If you line up your life, you will see a pattern of your special way to react in your life. All of us are a product of both our family and our genetic. We learn how to react in situations by watching our parent’s way to do and by their reactions to our acting as kids. We do learn this from beginning of our lives, why many of us don’t put a question to, if this is the right way for us to live our lives.

Later in life, when we get experience about the possibilities, we may have, we maybe start exploring other ways to live. By education we learn a lot, also to be open to other souls view at life. When we are in the progress of learning, we take all in, minding what we feel are right for us, then sort out in our information’s. This is one of the really bad things that souls without education don’t learn. Yes, they are learning by doing, which can be very expensive both in feelings and economical. Education is the way for our mutual world.

When we have bad experiences in our lives, it is very easy to blame other souls for our mistakes. Right here we need to learn to be responsible for ourselves and for what might come out of those bad experiences. When we give away our responsibility, we also give away the control of our lives, which is fatal for our mentally health and for our personal development. More bad it becomes, when we don’t learn by our mistakes and just repeat them over and over again. Another example for these could be, when a woman find a man, who are treating her very bad, maybe are using alcohol or drugs too, and she finally find out how to escape from these very unhealthy relationship for her, then the next man she fall in love to, just repeat the same pattern. And then start to blame other for our bad lives, like “It is his fault that I’m so unhappy” or “she is destroying my life” etc. Do you recognize any of those?

If we really with to live a happy life, we need to take the control of our own lives and don’t blame other people for our bad lives. Put the spoon in the other hand and start being responsible for your own way to react and behave to yourself and to other souls.

Start your day with positive minding, every time you feel some negative come to your mind, blow it away and feel the power insight yourself, when you take the control over your mind. In the beginning it is very difficult just to stay positive all day long, but by practice it becomes more and more easy and you will feel it as a more natural way of living.

In the daytime you will meet challenges as will test your will to stay positive. Try not to express yourself in a negative way. If you don’t have any positive to say, then don’t say anything. Often silence tells much more, which you will find out by time. If anyone are provoking to you, walk away from those negative people and find yourself instead. Don’t waste your good life at bad human beings.

Before you end your day, find your inner gratitude and think, what did make your day good today? What did happen as did make you smile or laugh? Remember all the small things in your day. You can make a little diary where you write all the good things every day. Remember to put up the date every day. Later when you feel that you have a bad day, open your diary and read all the things you have to be grateful for.

By practice gratitude you will learn to attract all the good in life.

I hope you enjoy to stay here. The topic will continue next weekend.



LindaGHill describes: I was inspired by my photo of this morning to make this week’s prompt something to do with being aligned, lined up, or a drawn line. Please include this as a theme, or a word, or the title… whatever you want.

 “This post is part of SoCS: (”


Creativity flourishes


Today at our walk in the neighborhood I saw this beautiful olive-tree, filled with growing olives. So very life-affirming…  To sit and meditate close to the tree gives so much inner peace. We have so many nice flowers and trees here, it is difficult to choose the most beautiful of them to show you.

Yesterday I became so inspired, and created jewelry all the evening. You can see one of them here and some others will be visible under Jewelry.

Black heart

Golden earrings with snow obsidian

I did also photograph Odin again, he is growing so fast, soon he will be 4 months old. Odin is really a wonderful puppy, so happy, looking like a mountain goat, when he is jumping around. This photo you may find in About.

I wish you all a very nice Friday, remember to enjoy your life…

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