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Sunset seen from my house

I find it a little difficult to get into the custom of blogging again. One week, I have lots of ideas and the last month, I haven’t found the feeling for blogging. I hope, this will become better again

Sometimes life interrupts our dreams and ideas for living and we end up in a place, where we didn’t expect to. Then it is good to remember, that we are always just, where we need to be

My personal life has also changed and so have my dreams

About 7 years ago, I followed my dream and went to live in another country, than the one, where I was born. I moved to Spain, as I wished to try to live with more sun and better weather in general, which came through

Now time is for changing again

I have got grand kids and I do miss my family a lot. I do also wish to become closer to my kids and grand kids. It isn’t possible to get close to the whole family, as we are now living in 3 different countries, but I can get closer to one and then I will be closer to see the others too

As you might know, my daughter is living in Germany and my son in Denmark. Both have kindly given me grand kids 😀

My health is so much better now, than it has been for more than the 2 last years. I went to a control yesterday and the doctor couldn’t find more of the bad illness Q-fever, as I was so very ill with. This is so very positive. I will need to continue my medication against the same until December, as is necessary with the treatment of this illness. Then it will be time get back into a more healthy life. The medications are very strong for the body and they take down my immunity system. This results in very little energy and abundance, also for blogging

When I lived in Denmark, I had challenges with my Arthritis, as there is very humid and very green. So Denmark will not be my next destination, but South Germany instead. The weather there is more in the middle of what Spain and Denmark have to offer

As you can think, it is expensive to move from one country and into another, so I’m now trying to save as much as possible to be able to go on to my next adventure

There for I have changed the prices to even better offers at mostly of my jewelry in my Etsy Shop. All will go directly into my savings for the move to Germany, so if you buy my jewelry, you will help me to fulfill my dream. Thank you kindly in advance

If you have special wishes for jewelry, you are welcome to contact me and I promise to do my best and still for fair prices


Remember to live your life and dreams, so you don’t have anything to regret…



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Amazing colors at sunset

This is my life – for now


Dear Reader

I haven’t been posting much since I came home from the hospital. Until now, I didn’t find either the needed inspiration or energy for creating new jewelry

In general, I don’t have much energy yet, which also mean, that I need to plan good, when there are things, as are necessary to get done, to save my power best possible, just to be able to do something

For this, I’m not much at WordPress yet, but I do visit and read so many posts, as I can every day

I do still go to control for my health at several doctors. They do all seem to be competent in each their areas. I have been told, that I will need to have much patience, it can take up to 2 years, before I will be in a good shape again. I find this as a really long time to wait and I don’t feel very patient either

The weather, where I live in Spain, is very good now. The last days, we have had up to 27 degrees C. I have been enjoying my garden together with my 2 old cats, Bølle & Hvide and my dog, Odin. It is really nice to be able to enjoy a blue sky and clearly sunshine 😀  It is also nice to sit and knit in my garden

I do my meditation, when I feel for this. I hope to get back to yoga again in short time, at least to some gentle yoga. I met my teacher few days ago and he offered me to come and get a single hour of gentle yoga with him, for what I became happy for. I do know, that both yoga and meditation will help me to feel much better again

I have been “catching” two different kind of new infections inside the last weeks and got antibiotic for both, which always make me feel tired, so of course there are reasons for not having so much energy yet

For now I try my best to boost my immune system by vitamins, minerals and healthy food daily. Do you have any special advice for boosting ones energy level? If so, please tell me and thank you in advance



Wish all of you a beautiful weekend


Update at my life

Dear Reader

I’m home again after being at the hospital since the 8. of June. I came home late Monday and now I try to find a new rhythm in my new life

As many of you know, my daughter was so kind to update you about, what was going on with my health, for what I’m very grateful and huge thanks to my dear friend Amy for her kind help with posts, while I was away

I don’t have much energy or abundance yet, but I wish to let all of you know, that I feel very grateful for all your love, prayers and kind wishes for both my family and me

For describing my health simply, when I went into the hospital; I got an serious infection in my lungs and my other organs were close to shot down too. The doctors told me, that if I was coming the next day, I would have been death. There are much as I don’t remember from that time. My brain didn’t work well either

I went into ICU and in a respiratory machine, where I stayed for between 2-3 weeks in and out of coma. I was at ICU for 35 days. Then I went to Medical Department. After so long time just laying in a bed, my body didn’t function well. I needed to learn how to hold a pencil or other tools in my hands, how to walk etc. I do walk now by myself, just not very fast. I need to practice to train my muscles in the body, so my body will get strong again. This demands a lot of time, why I will not be much online in here

Still there are many things, as I’m not able to yet, fx. bowing myself down and come up again easily and stop shaking so much at my hands, so practice is needed, also so I will be able to create jewelry again

I do enjoy to be home again and together with my pets, as also became very happy to see me again after more than 8 weeks in the hospital. Now my real healing can go on in my own home and in my own speed. I enjoy the peace here, specially in the nights, where no one are disturbing

I thank you for your patience through all this long time. I will visit your blogs, when I feel the energy and abundance. I might not be commenting as much as usual, but I will show you, that I have been visiting by a Like

I wish all of you a lovely weekend


Inspirational Afternoon


Sunset in Spain

I had a great experience today, while I visited Facebook. Usual I only stay there for few minutes, but today I left after 2 hours, which were amazing 2 hours

I received a message about to join a Live Broadcast with H.H. Dalai Lama, as was sent from Milan, Italy in (for me) this afternoon, for many other in our world, in the morning

Dalai Lama was speaking about many interesting topics and ended up with answering questions from the people, who joined in there

It was a special experience to see Dalai Lama express his thoughts about our world and what he meant, that we all were able to do to join the goal for peace. He called this century for the Century for Compassion, which I found interesting

In here at WP, I find that we are good to show each other compassion and support each other in the most positive and beautiful way

Dalai Lama also spoke about many topics and I will not mention all here, just what I find important to share with you right now

We should promote Peace & Harmony, which are possible in several ways

Dalai Lama mentioned, when we practice Harmony and find our goals, the Compassion will be reachable

When I think about this and compare with my wonderful blogging friends in here, I think at all of you, as the reason for, why we are blogging and in same time also, how great and strong community, as we create in here

We are many, who are doing our best to be the best version of ourselves each and every day, practice love and send healing thoughts out in our world, which also end up with the Oneness, as Dalai Lama also mentioned. That we need to understand, we are all one, even we are different of skin, political view and religion

We are all equal livings and need to act like that, to respect all other kind of life, no matter, we can’t make money or profit in any way at them. We do all have same right to be here and no one are more than others

Instead of placing ourselves or others at a pedestal, we need to come down from there and be one with all others. This will reduce the distance between us and we will be better to relax and feel the Oneness

Tolerance is needed, no matter what kind of souls, as we meet. We do all have a past, with something we can feel good about and other things less good

To become more whole souls, it is great to remember, that a healthy mind and a healthy body help us to find Calmness and maybe also our purpose in life

What do you think?

Enjoy your day


Entrance to my life – This post is a part of SoCS

The sea seen from a beach close to my new house


I do love to walk by the beach no matter what time at the year. Sometimes it is very quiet and other times more alive like here at my photo. My emotions look much like the sea, sometimes in inner peace and other times flying around without being able to find myself. To walk by the beach help me to find my inner peace. It is so beautiful and the smell of saltwater helps to clean my mind.

As you may know, I did have a movement short time ago, my 4. here in Spain. I do really hope to stay in this new house for years. The other places was not optimal places to live, only for short periods of my life.

Here we have a big rustical house in the middle of the nature with more than one hectar soil, as need some good hands and a lot of work. No one needs to be bored by staying here, there are more than enough to do in this big garden. We have many kind of fruit trees and I will show you photos, when they are mostly beautiful to look at. We have a hens house here too with four hens and one cock, so we do also get some eggs and now one little new chicken and several on the way 🙂

My big puppy enjoy his new area with so much space and my cats love to explore their new area. Already now they have caught one ratt, several mice and one mole. I don’t like they are hunting the birds and it is rare, they are catching a bird, which makes me happy.

I enjoy to meditate in the nature here and are able to find my inner peace. Just to sit and enjoy the beauty in the nature helps me to came down. The birds music are nice to listen to and the cock take good care, that no one ever forget him and his wives.

I have lived and moved a lot in my life, it seems to be difficult for me to find a place, where I can feel right home and wish to stay in for a longer time. By experience I found out, that I did need to find the inner peace in myself, before I also was able to find it in a house. I think that was the most important reason to have so many movements in my life. Yes, I have also had movements because of a new job, but most of them did have other reasons.

I use meditation to find myself and what I wish to bring into my life. The law of attraction as I did write about before, was working very well here. I did wish for a house in the nature, close to a beach, not too far away from a town, a big garden filled with different fruit trees and a lot of posibilities for development after own wishes. After a while we found this house. It is not perfect at all, but has it’s own charm and handicaps. But I love to stay here, which for me is the most important. I feel home and I really hope that feeling will continue for me.

I’m lucky to come from a country, where it was possible to get a pension, when I was not able to work any longer in my life, even I’m not so old. Because of my turbulent life circumstances with many challenges and last a bad depression after too much stress being independent with own company. I was lucky to be able to bring my pension and move to another country, from Denmark to Spain, where I enjoy the good weather with a lot more of sunshine, than I have lived with before. The weather here is also much better for my health and I enjoy to be able to go to the local market and buy frest vegetables and fruits, which keep me more healthy.

Now I can relax and use my time as I wish to. I try to find a new rhythm in my life in the new house, where I have time for daily meditations, to be creative in several ways and develop my new world filled with new posibilities.

By my life experiences I did learn how important it is to say stop for bad stress, the positive stress is okay, but when it goes to bad stress, it is important to take a break and find out, what to do with our lives. Something needs a change, if we don’t wish to be sick by stress, please remember this Dear Readers, I do really know, how much harm bad stress can do. Today I can’t stand any kind of stress, why I’m not able to take care of a job any longer. Where to find a job without any kind of stress??? Not easy, I promise I did try.

Take very good care of both your physical and mental health to have a good life, both are very important. If you don’t take good care of yourself and go down in one or another way, then who will take care of the ones you love and who should be the most important in your life???

I hope you did enjoy reading. This topic will continue next weekend.


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