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Inspirational Afternoon


Sunset in Spain

I had a great experience today, while I visited Facebook. Usual I only stay there for few minutes, but today I left after 2 hours, which were amazing 2 hours

I received a message about to join a Live Broadcast with H.H. Dalai Lama, as was sent from Milan, Italy in (for me) this afternoon, for many other in our world, in the morning

Dalai Lama was speaking about many interesting topics and ended up with answering questions from the people, who joined in there

It was a special experience to see Dalai Lama express his thoughts about our world and what he meant, that we all were able to do to join the goal for peace. He called this century for the Century for Compassion, which I found interesting

In here at WP, I find that we are good to show each other compassion and support each other in the most positive and beautiful way

Dalai Lama also spoke about many topics and I will not mention all here, just what I find important to share with you right now

We should promote Peace & Harmony, which are possible in several ways

Dalai Lama mentioned, when we practice Harmony and find our goals, the Compassion will be reachable

When I think about this and compare with my wonderful blogging friends in here, I think at all of you, as the reason for, why we are blogging and in same time also, how great and strong community, as we create in here

We are many, who are doing our best to be the best version of ourselves each and every day, practice love and send healing thoughts out in our world, which also end up with the Oneness, as Dalai Lama also mentioned. That we need to understand, we are all one, even we are different of skin, political view and religion

We are all equal livings and need to act like that, to respect all other kind of life, no matter, we can’t make money or profit in any way at them. We do all have same right to be here and no one are more than others

Instead of placing ourselves or others at a pedestal, we need to come down from there and be one with all others. This will reduce the distance between us and we will be better to relax and feel the Oneness

Tolerance is needed, no matter what kind of souls, as we meet. We do all have a past, with something we can feel good about and other things less good

To become more whole souls, it is great to remember, that a healthy mind and a healthy body help us to find Calmness and maybe also our purpose in life

What do you think?

Enjoy your day


Guestblogger: The lady with an eye for shiny things

Dear Readers and Followers,

today the blog entry is written by a guestblogger – Irene’s daughter 🙂

Creativity kind of runs in our family. We are from a line of women creating all sorts of fun projects. Irene is making jewelry, clothes, she knits some amazing scarfs (thanks, mama) – and she makes rolls so good that a daughter would go to Spain to get one. Meanwhile Granma is the queen of knitting, and no one could make as beautiful dresses out of pearls (!) for small mannequin dolls as Great Granma could. Me? Well, I am not mastering any of my creative talents yet, but I guess that it’s because I seek too many adventures at one time.

A little about me: I left to live in South Germany, where you find the most romantic towns and old, beautiful buildings. In other words I’m surrounding myself by architecture looking like this:


And this:


The German Christmas markets are famous all over the world for their wonderful atmosphere – and for their Glühwein (sweet, spicy, warm red wine). The season for these markets will start in just a couple of days, and then I’ll go there myself to pick up new inspiration.

Just like my mom, I also spend a lot of time on various hobbies. One day I might decide to start learning about how to make Japanese origami, and the next day I decide to sew a monster for a friend’s baby. And the day after I find out that there’s an amazing cake called Red Velvet Cheesecake that I have to try making (any excuse for baking is always welcome). Lately I am reading about how to brew beer. And guestblogging.

Irene on the other hand is putting a lot of time and effort into creating her beautiful jewelry. And she’s pretty good at it. She’s spending a long time on thinking about projects, letting the right ideas come to her. It can take a lot patience to make this. She has made it to more than a 100 followers already, which I find pretty impressive. Go mom!

It’s hard to pick favorites out of her collections, but as we all have our personal style, I also have my favorites. Like these cute, purple hoops: Image

Compliment them with the classic black dress, and a girl’s night out just started with lots of style! 😉

My mom loves gemstones – where I often choose the simplicity of the metal – and wear something like these sweet angels:


But we all have our preferences 😉

If you like these jewelry, and if you are in lack of good ideas what to give for Christmas, you should pay a visit to her store on Etsy:

Cyberhugs and best wishes to all of you – and wishes that you’re also living out your dreams, whatever they might be!

The daughter.


Silver Hook Earrings with Rock Crystal

Silver Hook Earrings with Rock Crystal

Do you prefer silver or gold for your jewelry? Or maybe something else?
Please tell me, I love to be inspired, thanks.

Did you buy all your Christmas Gifts?
You are welcome to visit my Etsy Shop at:

Enjoy your life,

Earrings & New Inspiration

Today I have, until now, had a different rhytme, than usual. I have been busy with creating new jewelry and in same time try to find out, which new materials, I would like to try out. I found several new and interesting crafts to buy, now I just need to wait for these to arrive here, which is more difficult, because I got so many new ideas for creating with the new crafts.

I created some earrings today, which I will show you here:

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Facetted Chalcedony

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with leaves

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Turquoise

I feel so filled with ideas at this time, and I’m looking very much forward to show you all of them. You are very welcome to comment, what you like og not.

At our walk today, I found this beautiful flower:Image


I hope, that you enjoy this time at the year too, I do indeed.

Have an amazing day.




Golden Inspiration

I have had a wonderful and active day today. Created new earrings, necklaces and a ring, as you can see in my Etsy Shop, check the link My Etsy Shop 

Of course I also will show you some of my new creations, you can look here:


Golden hoop earrings with dangle of Black Striped Agate

ImageGolden hoop earrings with dangle of Rhodocrosite

ImageSilver hook earrings with Old Chinese Jade

At one of our walks outside today, I found this nice fig tree. The figs are really big, already now. I’m looking forward to taste them, when they are ready.

ImageI wish all of you a wonderful day.






Positive visions

After some busy days and nights without sleeping, I have some more, I would like to show you here. As you know, I started up at Etsy’s and I think everything in there is going the right way, which I’m very grateful about.

Some hours daily outside with Odin in fresh air gives new oxygen to the brain. And the inspiration for new jewelry are coming easy to me at the moment. I’m happy.

Here you may see some of my new creations:

Tree of Life in a silver necklace

Golden hoops with facetted ruby

Silver hoops with new green jade


In the last photo for today, I will show you a part of the area, where I live in Spain

I walk in this area daily and I enjoy to see the almond trees and the olive trees, they are so really beautiful now, and the almonds are already now very big.

Have a wonderful day.


Sunshine and inspiration

I have been so inspired these last days, the sun is shining so wonderfully here in Spain. I created some new jewelry for you to see, and hope that you like them. It always makes me very happy to create beautiful and personal jewelry.


This is a set of golden butterflies


These earrings are made of golden hearts with amethyst hearts hanging in them.

I like to work with different kind of materials. For me the whole process of making them is exciting. To just give in, let the creativity take over and just see where the work brings me.


Here you see a bracelet of silver with pendants.


These earrings are creoles with hanging flowers, also in silver

Creols seahorse frame

And more creoles, this time with seahorses in silver 🙂

For me, the spring is just fantastic! I hope you enjoy the spring too. Today I found this beautiful thistle, I like these very much and I would really like to create some jewelry resembling this.

Tidsel med ramme

Wish all of you a nice day.


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