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Chrysocolla for Intuition

Today I will show you a Mug from my new Collection: Chrysocolla for Intuition

I would appreciate to know, what you think about this, thank you 🙂

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Wish you a happy day


Some/Sum – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Some relations is life are more healthy for us than others and it is not always easy to see the difference, while we stand in the middle of them. Some indicators there are, if we are awake to see them, what ever we are in love or just have found new souls in our lives.

I think that most of us know how it is to be in love. We are in a temporary crazy condition, where we don’t see the forest for trees. We do only see, what we wish to see and nothing else. After a while, for some a short while and other demand longer time, we start to see that not all are sugar coated as we felt in the very beginning.

We start to see the less attractive in our new partners, as we were not able to see in the beginning. If this is not too overwhelming, we can go on and learn to live with it. If it just seems to be too much, we should take a look deep inside ourselves and ask if we really are able to live with those conditions for next long time, maybe for the rest of our lives?

When we are in love, what ever it is in a partner or in a new friend, which is also a kind of love, we seem to get temporary blinded and not see anything but positivity. Then it is good to find out, if this relation really also is good to us, no matter what our heart are telling us right now.

It is a very good idea to learn to listen to our intuition and follow this, no matter we wish to or not. It is very rare, that our inner voice, the intuition, are wrong.

As it often are happening, we fall in love in our opposite, which should help us to be more complete, if this is a good and healthy relation for us. Often it is not, even we think so.

Instead of waiting in years to find out, it might be a good idea to wake up and find out, before we jump into this relation with all we have and are. Then we can save ourselves for more pain than necessary.

Sometimes we start to get physically ill, before we find out, that something might be wrong. We need to remember that our mind need to be feeded in a good way, otherwise our body react with illness and sometimes too late.

I do really hope, that you think twice, before you jump into your next relationsship, whatever it is in a partner or in a friend.

What is your experience in all this?

Wish you all good luck 🙂



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “some/sum.”  Use either or both words, or choose a word in which either are used as a prefix or suffix. Have an awesome time with it!

Bone – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

When I use the word Bone in my house, Odin is very ready, look at me and expect to have a chewing bone for him to enjoy. Then I don’t see my dog for a time, while he just enjoy his bone.

In this week I have been working in my garden. I like when it looks nice, then I enjoy to be out there so much more. There were and are still a lot to do, but it is okay, I just take my time. In the mid day it is too warm, so I need to work either early or late, unless I can do something in the shadow.

My roses are almost ended for this time, so I needed to cut them. Then I have the change to see them blooming in short time again.

I have also been sewing some more tops for the Summer and repaired some clothe.

I’m still cleaning up and out to prepare for my next movement. Uh all takes time and it is tough work, but nice when it is done. This time I will not travel with so much, as I use to, when I move. But how just to throw out my stuff? Not so easy, maybe I will need this and that etc. But no, this time I need to be better to throw out, what will not be used in short time.

I would really like to know, where I will be in my life in just 3 months, but right now I don’t know anything. I try my best, but it is not so easy. Sometimes life gives us some testings for us to see, if we are taking the right decisions in our life. I try to use my intuition best possible, but find it difficult to trust this sometimes, even I do know, this will be the best decisions, as I can take. The Future can sometimes seems difficult to predict.

I would really like to find my inner peace and then move on from there, but this is difficult for me right now, why I haven’t posted so much from the area, where I live in Spain, for a long time.

I miss my family, my friends and my life, as I once had. I don’t wish my life exactly the same as before, but then life would be a little more preditable than now. I think that I just need to find myself and find out, how I wish to live the rest of my life.

Are you satisfied with your life, as it is now?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “bone.”  Do with it whatever comes to mind. Have fun!

You can join too 😀

The Sixth Sense – This post is part of SoCS



By experience I did learn to trust my Sixth Sense. Many times in my life where I should take a descision and I was in doubt, I did not always use my Sixth Sense – also called intuition, but took my descisions in another way, because I did not feel trust to my intuition. 

This did sometimes bring me into situations where I never should have been and to meet other souls, even my inner voice told me, that it might be a bad idea, but I did do it anyway.

I have learned to trust my inner voice, the intuition so much now, that when I hear a doubt from this, I stop and mind what I’m going to do, because I don’t wish to stand in bad situations again. Our brain are function in several ways and it teases our mind. We can learn to control a lot about ourselves, but sometimes the brain try to take over our soul. Then it is up to us to take the power back and try to listen to the inner voice, we all have. 

When I feel in doubt about something new in my life, I sit and mind about this new and if I feel that anything can be wrong, I try to change the new in my life. Not because I feel scared, but because I try to follow my intuition as tells me what is good and right for me in this moment.

I did try to go for an agreement for a job, where I did feel sure, I could have the job, but it would be bad for myself to have it. And yes, after our talking they did offer me the job and I was bad enough to say: Thank you but No thanks, which they did not understand, but that day I did follow my intuition. I did have a feeling that I would end up in very bad situations in this job.

When I’m going out to meet new people, which is not happening so often, I try to meet other souls with an open mind. Sometimes I get the feeling, that Yes, this soul I would like to learn more to know. Other times I find out who I don’t wish to meet or talk to again, not because they are acting bad, but because I feel they will not be good for me to stay close to.

I think that all of us try this many times in our lives, but how many are aware about taking care of themselves in those situations. I think it would be good for all of us if we learn to use our Sixth Sense.

Do you ever use your Sixth Sense? If yes, how do you use it?


I hope you did enjoy reading. This topic will continue in next weekend.



The prompt for today is Senses

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